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Biogas production and valorization by means of a two-step biological process 143
Treatment of benzene-contaminated airstreams in laboratory-scale biofilters packed with raw and sieved sugarcane bagasse and with peat 131
Synthesis of ethyl phenylacetate by lyophilized mycelium of Aspergillus oryzae 130
Batch liquid-liquid extraction of phenol from aqueous solutions 128
Effects of glycerol on alcohol fermentation. Inhibition mechanism and diffusion limitations 127
Toluene and styrene removal from air in biofilters 125
The fluidized bed reactor in the anaerobic treatment of wine wastewater 122
A new enzymatic process for the treatment of phenolic pollutants 122
Hydrogenolysis of organochlorinated pollutants: Kinetics and thermodynamics 122
Macro-kinetic investigation on phenol uptake from air by biofiltration: influence of superficial gas flow rate and inlet pollutant concentration 120
Toluene vapour removal in a laboratory-scale biofilter 120
Batch phenol removal from methyl isobutyl ketone by liquid-liquid extraction with chemical reaction 120
Biotrickling air filtration of 2-chlorophenol at high loading rates 116
Effects of carbon dioxide feeding rate and light intensity on the fed-batch pulse-feeding cultivation of Spirulina platensis in helical photobioreactor 116
Metabolic study of the adaptation of the yeast Candida guilliermondii to sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate 113
Simplified kinetics and thermodynamics of geraniol acetylation by lyophilized cells of Aspergillus oryzae 113
Kinetics of alcohol fermentations carried out in Rotating Biological Surface Reactors 112
Batch kinetics of Pseudomonas sp. growth on benzene. Modeling of product and substrate inhibitions 112
Inhibiting factors in the continuous production of ethanol from molasses 112
Anaerobic digestion of the vegetable fraction of municipal refuses: mesophilic versus thermophilic conditions 110
Fly ash disposal and utilization 109
Sugarcane bagasse as alternative packing material for biofiltration of benzene polluted gaseous streams: a preliminary study 108
Acid hemicellulose hydrolysates: physical treatments and continuous immobilized-cell fermentations 107
Evaluation of phenol diffusivity through Pseudomonas putida biofilms: application to the study of mass velocity distribution in a biofilter 107
Lead removal from petrol in accordance with EEC perspectives: main potential environmental consequences 106
Macrokinetic and quantitative microbial investigation on a bench-scale biofilter treating styrene-polluted gaseous streams 105
Esterification of phenylacetic and 2-phenylpropionic acids by mycelium-bound carboxylesterases 102
The effects of temperature and viscosity on glucose diffusivity through Saccharomyces cerevisiae biofilms 102
Lipase-catalyzed degradation of poly(ε-caprolactone) 101
Toluene and styrene removal from air in biofilters 99
Laboratory-scale experiments with a powdered compost biofilter treating benzene-polluted air 97
Applications of luminous bacteria on environmental monitoring 97
Estimation of viscosity of highly viscous fermentation media containing one or more solutes 95
Microbial succession in a compost-packed biofilter treating benzene-contaminated air 94
Treatment of toluene and styrene-polluted air by biofiltration 93
Ethanol and geraniol microbial acetylations in organic solvent. Kinetic and thermodynamic study 93
Mycelium-bound carboxylesterase from Aspergillus oryzae: an efficient catalyst for acetylation in organic solvent 93
Diversity of the microflora of a compost-packed biofilter treating benzene-contaminated air 92
Biological degradation of phenol in a one-stage biofilter using different Pseudomonas strains 92
An example of final disposal in Ligurian Region (Italy) 91
Vanillin bioproduction from alkaline hydrolyzate of corn cob by Escherichia coli JM109/pBB1 91
Phenol removal from waste gases with a biological filter by Pseudomonas putida 90
Industrial Waste Management: The Italian Situation and Perspectives 88
Ethanol acetylation by mycelium-bound carboxylesterase of Aspergillus oryzae: estimation of thermodynamic parameters and integral productivity 88
Toluene and styrene removal from air in biofilters 86
Influence of nutrient concentration in new operating criteria for biological removal of phosphorous from wastewaters 86
Feasibility study on biological abatement of odorous substances from coffee roasting processes 85
Continuous alcohol production from hardwood lignocellulose hydrolysates in immobilized cell reactors 84
Thermal utilization of urban solid wastes and biological sludges. State of the art in Italy 84
Thermodynamics of starch hydrolysate fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae 84
Simultaneous disposal of the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes and wastewater treatment sludges by hydrolysis and thermophilic digestion 83
Control of 2-chlorophenol vapour emissions by a trickling biofilter 80
Biofilters 78
Hydrolysis and synthesis of ethyl-phenylacetate and ethyl-phenylpropionate by lyophilised mycelia of Rhizopus oryzae and Aspergillus oryzae 78
Use of spongy support for cell entrapment in fixed-bed column 77
Air pollution problems due to the urban solid waste treatments 77
Wood hydrolysis and hydrolysate detoxification for subsequent xylitol production 76
Continuous citric acid fermentation in a supported biomass reactor 75
Biofiltrazione di emissioni gassose contaminate da sostanze organiche volatili 74
Biofilters, Air Pollution 74
Use of sugar cane vinasse to mitigate alluminium toxicity to Saccharomyces cerevisiae 72
Biological elimination of acetone in a one stage biofilter using P. fluorescens strains 71
Dynamics of biological removal of phosphorus from wastewaters during the alternating aerobic/anaerobic process 70
Continuous alcohol production from starch hydrolysate 70
Evaluation of a new inlet gas system for the biodegradation of benzene in airstreams 69
Simplified kinetics of isopropylideneglycerol esterification by lyophilized cells of Rhizopus oryzae 69
Biofiltração: Uma tecnologia já afirmada no tratamento de emissões gasosas 68
Processi fermentativi nel trattamento dei residui dell'industria alimentare 68
Bioprocesses for the degradation of organic pollutants and carbon dioxide removal 68
Biofiltration of benzene vapours in gaseous streams from soil-venting 67
Safety problems in biotechnology. The case of citric acid production 67
Kinetics of the esterification of arylpropionic acids by lyophilized mycelia of Aspergillus oryzae and Rhizopus oryzae 66
Application of biofiltration for the deodorization of phenol gaseous emissions 66
Biotechnological H2S gas treatment with Thiobacillus ferrooxidans 63
Controllo di emissioni gassose di fenolo dell'industria alimentare mediante sistema biologico di filtrazione 62
Estudo termodinamico da produçao de Spirulina platensis utilizando uréia como fonte de nitrogenio 62
Trace metals in atmospheric particulates characterized of aerosol emitted by industrial and urban sources 61
Effect of cell maintenance on fed-batch ethanol production from sugarcane blackstrap molasses 60
Innovative solution in the continuous submerged production of citric acid by Aspergillus niger 60
Solubilization of lignin components of food concern from sugarcane bagasse by alkaline hydrolysis 60
Cellulose hydrolysate conversion to ethanol in Rotating Biological Contactor 58
Microbiological and plant engineering aspects of phosphate biological removal 57
Biodegradação de benzeno em meio aquoso por Pseudomonas sp. NCIMB 9688 57
Kinetic investigation of the removal of styrene-contaminated air streams with a peat biofilter 57
Aria/biofiltrazione 56
Produzione di enzimi microbici intracellulari: come contenere le emissioni atmosferiche 56
Fly ash as sorbent for COD and suspended solid abatement from industrial wastewaters 55
Digestione anaerobica termofila di miscele preidrolizzate di rifiuti solidi agricoli ed urbani 54
Microbial investigation on a lab-scale biofilter treating waste gases contaminated by styrene 53
Successioni microbiche durante un processo di biofiltrazione di aria contaminata da benzene 53
Start-up dynamics of an immobilized-cell system for alcohol fermentation 53
Determination of phenol diffusion coefficient through Pseudomonas putida biofilms 52
Eutrofizzazione di invasi destinati ad uso potabile. Popolazioni algali e metodologie di trattamento 51
Matrici porose e intrappolamento cellulare in processi fermentativi continui 50
Diversità di specie e diversità di geni catabolici nella microflora di un biofiltro per la depurazione di vapori di benzene 49
Studio delle condizioni processo-biologiche ottimali nel trattamento fermentativo dei residui della lavorazione del legno 48
Studio macrocinetico e microbiologico della biofiltrazione di vapori di stirene 47
Influenza della viscosità sulle grandezze termodinamiche della fermentazione alcoolica di idrolizzato d'amido 47
Biological removal of toluene vapor from air streams 46
Determinazione del coefficiente di diffusione del fenolo attraverso biofilm di Pseudomonas putida 46
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