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Integrated tools for improving the resilience of seaports under extreme wind events 435
Actions monitoring as an alternative to structural rehabilitation: Case study of a river bridge 208
Wind Science and Engineering 188
3-D wind-excited response of slender structures: Closed form solution 151
Characteristics of thunderstorms relevant to the wind loading of structures 147
Gust buffeting. II: dynamic alongwind response 141
A numerical algorithm for the aerodynamic identification of structures 140
Long-term simulation of the mean wind speed 140
The wind forecast for safety management of port areas 139
Gust buffeting of long-span bridges: Double Modal Transformation and effective turbulence 138
Closed form prediction of the alongwind-induced fatigue of structures. 138
A generalized definition of gust factor 136
A web-based GIS platform for the safe management and risk assessment of complex structural and infrastructural systems exposed to wind 135
Dynamic crosswind fatigue of slender vertical structures 134
null 131
Evaluation and role of damping and periods for the calculation of structural response under wind loads. 128
Hybrid simulation of thunderstorm outflows and wind-excited response of structures 127
Equivalent wind spectrum technique: theory and applications. 126
Modal transformation tools in structural dynamics and wind engineering 126
On the formulation of ASCE7-95 gust effect factor. 125
Mathematical model to predict 3-D wind loading on buildings. 124
A refined model for calculating 3-D equivalent static wind forces on structures 124
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in wind engineering. Part 1: A state-of-the-art and some prospects 124
Bimodal alongwind fatigue of structures 124
Short-term wind forecasting for the safety management of complex areas during hazardous wind events 122
Wind climate analysis in complex terrains 122
Probability distribution and statistical moments of the maximum wind velocity 122
Serviceability criteria for wind-induced acceleration and damping uncertainties 121
A simple and efficient procedure for the numerical simulation of wind fields in complex terrain 120
3-D wind-induced effects on bridges during balanced cantilever erection stages. 120
Generalized equivalent spectrum technique 119
Gust buffeting and turbulence uncertainties 119
3-D gust effect factor for slender vertical structures 119
Effective wind actions on ideal and real structures 118
Wind Tunnel Experimentation on Stationary Downbursts at WindEEE Dome 117
Statistical analysis of high return period wind speeds 117
Analysis of the wind loading of a bridge deck box section using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition 116
Probabilistic modelling of maximum wind pressure on structures 115
null 114
Closed form solution of the alongwind-induced fatigue damage to structures 114
A turbulence model based on principal components 113
Monte Carlo simulation of wind velocity fields on complex structures 113
An evaluation technique of vibration modes of structures interacting with soil 112
A refined analysis and simulation of the wind speed macro-meteorological components 112
The role of analytical methods for evaluating the wind-induced response of structures 112
Investigation of wind actions and effects on the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 112
Alongwind response estimation: closed form solution. 111
Mixed Climatology, Non-synoptic Phenomena and Downburst Wind Loading of Structures 111
Closed form prediction of 3-D wind-excited response of slender structures. 110
Wind Loading of Structures: Framework, Phenomena, Tools and Codification 110
The Davenport Medal: A tribute from the International Association for Wind Engineering to Alan Garnett Davenport. 108
null 108
Wind-induced fatigue collapse of real slender structures 108
Experimental investigation of the aeroelastic behavior of a complex prismatic element 108
Field data analysis and weather scenario of a downburst event in Livorno, Italy on 1 October 2012 108
Monte Carlo simulation of wind velocity fields on complex structures 107
Analytical estimation of the alongwind response of structures. 107
3-D Wind-excited fatigue of slender structures 106
Seismic Response of Multi-supported Structures by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition 106
Directional wind-induced fatigue of slender vertical structures 106
3-D response of buildings to wind action 106
Wind-excited response of structures with uncertain parameters. 105
Gust buffeting and aeroelastic behaviour of poles and monotubular towers 104
Alongwind load effects on free-standing lattice towers 104
Damping measurements of steel poles and tubular towers 103
null 103
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in Wind Engineering: Part 2: Theoretical Aspects and Some Applications 102
Double modal transformation and wind engineering applications 101
The wind forecast for safety management of port areas 100
Response to the further discussion on “The annual rate of independent events for the analysis of extreme wind speed, by N. Cook” 100
Wind-induced fatigue of structures under neutral and non-neutral atmospheric conditions 99
Stochastic analysis of the linear equivalent response of bridge piers with aseismic devices 99
Turbulence modeling for gust loading 99
Serviceability criteria for wind-induced acceleration and damping uncertainties 99
Wind speed statistics 99
The wind forecast for operating management and risk assessment of port areas 99
Monitoring, cataloguing, and weather scenarios of thunderstorm outflows in the northern Mediterranean 98
A pilot study of the wind speed along the Rome-Naples HS/HC railway line. Part 1 – Numerical modelling and wind simulations 97
Gust Buffeting of Slender Structures and Structural Elements: Simplified Formulas for Design Calculations and Code Provisions 97
Statistical analysis of extreme wind speeds 95
Wind and waves numerical forecasting for safety access to port areas: the "Wind, Ports, and Sea" project 95
Equivalent static wind actions on structures 94
Statistical analysis of extreme wind speeds in the Straits of Messina 94
Separation and classification of extreme wind events from anemometric records 94
A 60 years old, 100 m high steel tower: limit states under wind actions 93
Aspects of the dynamic wind-induced response of structures and codification 93
Steenbergen, R.D.J.M., Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M., Geurts, C.P.W., 2012. The use of Eurocode EN 1991-1-4 procedures 1 and 2 for building dynamics, a com-parative study. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 107-108, 299-306, Discussion contribution 93
Dynamic approach to the wind loading of structures: Alongwind, crosswind and torsional response 93
null 93
Integrated procedures in wind engineering 93
Some critical issues on the distribution of the maximum value of the wind-excited response of structures 93
Modeling and nonlinear seismic analysis of bridges with aseismic devices 92
Equivalent static wind actions on vertical structures 92
Aeroelastic stability and wind-excited response of complex lighting poles and antenna masts 92
Wind response spectrum. 91
Preliminary elements for an innovative eolic map of Italy 91
A first step towards a map of Italian extreme winds. Part 2: Results, ripercussion on standards, design implications 91
The Annual Rate of Independent Events for the analysis of the extreme wind speed 91
A comparison of approximate techniques for non-linear seismic soil response. 91
Crosswind Response Induced Fatigue Of Slender Structure 90
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