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An integrated artificial vision framework for assisting visually impaired users 144
A dataset of stereoscopic images and ground-truth disparity mimicking human fixations in peripersonal space 142
The (in)effectiveness of simulated blur for depth perception in naturalistic images 142
A fast joint bioinspired algorithm for optic flow and two-dimensional disparity estimation 140
Virtual Reality to Simulate Visual Tasks for Robotic Systems 137
A systematic analysis of a V1–MT neural model for motion estimation 128
A cortical model for binocular vergence control without explicit calculation of disparity 125
Bio-Inspired Active Vision Paradigms in Surveillance Applications 124
The Perceptual Quality of the Oculus Rift for Immersive Virtual Reality 124
Natural perception in dynamic stereoscopic augmented reality environments 123
A neuromorphic control module for real-time vergence eye movements on the iCub robot head. 122
Assessment of stereoscopic depth perception in augmented reality environments based on low-cost technologies 121
Human-computer interaction approaches for the assessment and the practice of the cognitive capabilities of elderly people 121
A Neural Model for Coordinated Control of Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of the Eyes in Three-Dimensional Space 121
Human-Centric Machine Vision 119
A virtual reality simulator for active stereo vision systems 118
A stereoscopic augmented reality system for the veridical perception of the 3D scene layout 118
Calibrated depth and color cameras for accurate 3D interaction in a stereoscopic augmented reality environment 118
An affordable stereoscopic 3D augmented reality system for life-like interaction 116
An Integrated Virtual Environment for Visual-based Reaching 115
A Quantitative Comparison of Speed and Reliability for Log-Polar Mapping Techniques 115
Machine Vision - Applications and Systems 113
Assessment of the visuo-motor coordination in the peripersonal space through augmented reality environments 109
Embedding Fixation Constraints into Binocular Energy-based Models of Depth Perception 108
Adjustable linear models for optic flow based obstacle avoidance 107
Graphics processing unit-accelerated techniques for bio-inspired computation in the primary visual cortex 106
The Perspective Geometry of the Eye: Toward Image-Based Eye-Tracking 103
A Hierarchical System for a Distributed Representation of the Peripersonal Space of a Humanoid Robot 101
An Active System for Visually-Guided Reaching in 3D across Binocular Fixations 100
null 100
Real-time simulation of large-scale neural architectures for visual features computation based on GPU 99
Adaptive read-out mechanisms of disparity population codes: reaching the theoretical disparity-size correlation limit with minimal binocular resources 98
An integrated neuromimetic architecture for direct motion interpretation in the log-polar domain 98
A virtual holographic display case for museum installations 98
A space-variant model for motion interpretation across the visual field 98
A Computational Model for the Neural Representation and Estimation of the Binocular Vector Disparity from Convergent Stereo Image Pairs 97
Vergence control with a neuromorphic iCub 95
Motion interpretation using adjustable linear models 94
null 92
Local feature extraction in Log-Polar images 91
Read-out rules for short-latency disparity-vergence responses from populations of binocular energy units: the effect of vertical disparities 90
Population coding for a reward-modulated Hebbian learning of vergence control 90
Apparecchiatura per la visione olografica virtuale 90
Early Perception-Action Cycles in Binocular Vision: Visuomotor Paradigms and Cortical-like Architectures 90
Insert your own body in the oculus rift to improve proprioception 89
A virtual reality tool for disparity statistics in the peripersonal space 88
Bio-inspired Active Vision for Obstacle Avoidance 87
Going to a Virtual Supermarket: Comparison of Different Techniques for Interacting in a Serious Game for the Assessment of the Cognitive Status 86
Detection of 3D position of eyes through a consumer RGB-D camera for stereoscopic mixed reality environments 85
A visual computing approach for estimating the motility index in the frail elder 85
Recognition of Daily Activities by embedding hand-crafted features within a semantic analysis 85
A neural model for binocular vergence control without explicit calculation of disparity 84
Walking in Augmented Reality: An Experimental Evaluation by Playing with a Virtual Hopscotch 84
Adaptive Motion Pooling and Diffusion for Optical Flow Computation 84
Design strategies for direct multi-scale and multi-orientation feature extraction in the log-polar domain 84
Investigating Natural Interaction in Augmented Reality Environments using Motion Qualities 83
Interaction in an Immersive Collaborative Virtual Reality Environment: A Comparison Between Leap Motion and HTC Controllers 83
VRead Viewer 83
Perception and Action in Peripersonal Space: A Comparison between Video and Optical See-Through Augmented Reality Devices 83
AR ‘Sonny’ Levi 3D viewer: Augmented Reality app for Sonny Levi’s exhibition at Salone Nautico 80
Reading binocular energy population codes for short-latency disparity-vergence eye movements 79
A Virtual Reality Tool for Benchmarking Active Stereo Vision Systems in the Peripersonal Space 78
How embedding prior constraints improves coding and decoding strategies in a neural distributed architecture for depth perception 77
A cortical model for vergence control: advantages of space-variant geometry of the cortical domain 77
A Joint Bioinspired Architecture for Fast Optic Flow and Two-dimensional Disparity Estimation 76
Designing Assistive Tools for the Market 76
A geometric model of spatial distortions in virtual and augmented environments 75
Advances in Human-Computer Interactions: Methods, Algorithms, and Applications 74
Decoding MT motion response for optical flow estimation: An experimental evaluation 70
Rappresentazione stereoscopica tridimensionale perfezionata di oggetti virtuali per un osservatore in movimento 69
Studying natural human-computer interaction in immersive virtual reality: A comparison between actions in the peripersonal and in the near-action space 69
FFV1MT: A V1-MT feedforward architecture for optical flow estimation 68
Comparing real walking in immersive virtual reality and in physical world using gait analysis 68
A Biologically-Inspired Model to Predict Perceived Visual Speed as a Function of the Stimulated Portion of the Visual Field 68
A recursive approach to the design of adjustable linear models for complex motion analysis 67
Statistical disparity patterns experienced by an active observer in the peripersonal space 64
Grasping objects in immersive Virtual Reality 63
Evaluation of a virtual reality system for ship handling simulations 63
Improved three-dimensional stereoscopic rendering of virtual objects for a moving observer 62
Binocular Vision Statistics in the Peripersonal Space: The Active Observer Perspective 59
Stereoscopic fusion with gaze-contingent blur 59
Enhanced Log-Polar implementation of Blind-Spot model 57
Cortical architectures for early joint coding of 3D dynamic visual parameters: complex feature mapping and distributed representations. 53
Can Neuromorphic Computer Vision Inform Vision Science? Disparity Estimation as a Case Study 50
Systematic Phase-based interpretation of early vision processing 49
A study on the role of feedback and interface modalities for natural interaction in virtual reality environments 48
Context-Sensitive Recurrent Filters for Visual Motion Analysis 47
A Virtual Reality Game Design for Collaborative Team-Building: A Proof of Concept 46
Engineering Reliable Interactions in the Reality-Artificiality Continuum 43
Slow Rogaining: An Innovative Teamwork Model for Computer Science Education 39
A Mixed Reality system for the simulation of emergency and first-aid scenarios 38
A Computational Model for the Binocular Vector Disparity Estimation 35
Near-optimal combination of disparity across a log-polar scaled visual field 33
Visual computing methods for assessing the well-being of older people 32
Model of a tracheo-bronchial tree for the training of bronchoscopy examinations 30
Improving Obstacle Awareness to Enhance Interaction in Virtual Reality 29
Mitigating cybersickness in virtual reality systems through foveated depth-of-field blur 26
Sharing is caring: A multidisciplinary first aid program 23
Preface to 14th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, VISIGRAPP 2019 22
Modelling Foveated Depth-of-field Blur for Improving Depth Perception in Virtual Reality 22
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