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Risk assessment and decision making strategies in dangerous good transport. From an Italian case study to a general framework 154
Analytical modelling of hydrocarbon pool fires: Conservative evaluation of flame temperature and thermal power 141
Coal dust emissions: From environmental control to risk minimization by underground transport. An applicative case-study. 140
A critical approach to safety equipment and emergency time evaluation based on actual information from the Bhopal gas tragedy 136
A unified short-cut model approach to size safe venting stacks and other blow-off devices for hazardous vapours 135
Experimental study of hydrogen kinetics from agroindustrial by-product: optimal conditions for production and fuel cell feeding 133
Experimental study on thermal and toxic hazards connected to fire scenarios in road tunnels. 129
Process development of continuous hydrogen production by Enterobacter aerogenes in a packed column reactor 128
A simple analytical method for determining the atmospheric dispersion of upward-directed high velocity releases 127
Accidental Continuous Releases from Coal Processing in Semi-Confined Environment 126
Mathematical modelling and optimization of hydrogen continuous production in a fixed bed bioreactor 125
A framework for risk assessment and decision-making strategies in dangerous good transportation 125
A short-cut analytical model of hydrocarbon pool fire of different geometries, with enhanced view factor evaluation 118
Evaluation of diffusional resistances in the process of glucose isomerization to fructose by immobilized glucose isomerase 112
Simplified kinetics and thermodynamics of geraniol acetylation by lyophilized cells of Aspergillus oryzae 111
Development of a theoretical framework for the evaluation of risk connected to accidental oxygen releases 108
From laboratory simulation to scale-up and design of spray barriers mitigating toxic gaseous releases 104
HazMat transportation by heavy vehicles and road tunnels. A simplified modelling procedure to risk assessment and mitigation applied to an Italian case-study 104
A study on road tunnel fires using hazmat, with emphasis on critical ventilation velocity 103
Simplified Modelling for Risk Assessment of Hydrocarbon Spills in Port Area 101
Ethylene-air mixtures under flowing conditions: A model-based approach to explosion conditions 100
Kinetic analysis of batch ethanol acetylation in isothermal non-stationary multiphase systems by lyophilized mycelium of Aspergillus oryzae 99
Modelling and wind tunnel experiments of water barriers with chemical reaction; fluid dynamics characterization 95
Generalized mathematical modelling of spray barriers 95
Safety and environmental impact reduction. a case-study applied to coal dry distillation industry 94
Ethanol and geraniol microbial acetylations in organic solvent. Kinetic and thermodynamic study 91
Generalized linearization of kinetics of glucose isomerization to fructose by immobilized glucose isomerase 90
Theoretical and experimental study on the transition fire-deflagration in pyrotechnics 89
Limiting values of the thermal power and flame temperature from hydrocarbon pool fires. 89
n-Compartment mathematical model for transient evaluation of fluid curtains in mitigating chlorine releases 88
Syngas Fuel Cells: from Process Development to Risk Assessment 88
Ethanol acetylation by mycelium-bound carboxylesterase of Aspergillus oryzae: estimation of thermodynamic parameters and integral productivity 87
Modelling approach to the evaluation of explosion limits of ethylene-air mixtures at flowing conditions for industrial process optimisation 87
Toluene and styrene removal from air in biofilters 87
Fermentation of hardwood hemicellulose hydrolysate by Pachysolen tannophilus, Candida shehatae and Pichia stipitis 87
Feasibility study on biological abatement of odorous substances from coffee roasting processes 87
Evaluation and Mitigation of Risk Connected to Lighter than Air Gaseous Releases in Confined Environment 84
Effectiveness of Reacting Spray Curtains Mitigating Toxic Releases of High Solubility Gases 84
Experimental study on thermal and toxic hazards connected to different accident scenarios in road tunnels. 84
A theoretical approach to risk evaluation in connection with oxygen releases 82
An analytical model to solve the ventilation problem in sloped tunnels. 80
A simple analytical method for determining the extension and shape of flammable releases from high velocity sources 79
Hydrocarbon pool fire modelling: a novel conservative approach to evaluate flame temperature and thermal power 79
Experimental and theoretical investigation on road tunnel fire 78
An innovative unified model for the rate of air mixing with releases from high velocity sources 78
A study on risk assessment of road tunnel fires by full-scale testing 77
Mathematical and experimental modelling of fluid curtains to mitigate chlorine jets and releases 77
Coffee roasting by medium sized plants: a consistent solution to abate atmospheric emissions with a low olfactory threshold 76
Biofiltrazione di emissioni gassose contaminate da sostanze organiche volatili 72
Hydrolysis and thermophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge and organic fraction of municipal solid waste 71
A study on road and tunnel fires by full-scale and laboratory experimental testing 71
A study on road and rail tunnel fires from hazmat, with emphasis on critical ventilation velocity 71
Hydrogen and butanediol production by Enterobacter aerogenes under microaerobic conditions 71
Safety problems in biotechnology. The case of citric acid production 70
Reactivity and stability of mycelium-bound carboxylesterase from Aspergillus oryzae 68
Liquid spray curtain design to contain and mitigate toxic and flammable jets and releases 67
Safety in road tunnels and ventilation: an approach to transient pollutant concentration during accidental conditions. 67
Experimental study on thermal and toxic hazards connected to different accident scenarios in road tunnels. 65
Mathematical modelling of fluid spray curtains to mitigate accidental releases 65
Tunnel ventilation modelling in sloped tunnels. 63
An analytical model of carbon dioxide jet from pressurized systems for safety distance evaluation 61
A novel index based framework for assessing hazards of toxic and flammable gaseous releases in process plants 59
Simulation, design and scale-up strategy of curtains mitigating toxic gaseous releases 57
A study on the determining role of timely emergency management based on Bhopal accident 57
Generalized Mathematical Model of Reacting Spray Curtains Mitigating Hazardous Releases 57
Kinetic study of multistage bioreactors: application to real scale design problems 53
Multicomponent hydrocarbon pool fire: Analytical modelling and field application 52
Large scale carbon dioxide release: Short-cut analytical modelling and application 52
Prodotti della Chimica Fine ottenuti per via Fermentativa partendo da Residui Agroindustriali 51
Resilience engineering strategy applied to an existing process plant 50
Oil spills in harbour area: a conservative approach to risk assessment and emergency planning 44
Environmental and accident risk connected to road tunnel fires: experimental and theoretical investigation 43
Linearization of the kinetics of glucose isomerization to fructose by immobilized glucose isomerase 42
PM10 secondario ed emissioni di NOX 36
Critical Issues in Short-cut Modelling of Massive Carbon Dioxide Releases 25
Correction to Palazzi, E.; Currò, F.; Fabiano, B. Accidental continuous releases from coal processing in semi-confined environment. Energies 2013, 6, 5003-5022 7
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