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Novel polytetrafluoroethylene tubular membranes for membrane distillation 206
Microporous layers based on poly(vinylidene fluoride) and sulfonated poly(vinylidene fluoride) 150
Long-range dispersion and induction coefficients for the homodimers of Li2, Na2 and K2 145
Wetting of polypropylene membranes by aqueous solutions in CO2absorbing devices 143
ChAMBRe: a new atmospheric simulation Chamber for Aerosol Modelling and Bio-aerosol Research. 140
Rate of CO2 transfer to loaded MEA solutions using a membrane contactor device 138
On the principle of maximum overlap in valence bond theory 134
Linear response theory of the dipole-dipole dispersion interaction between H(1s) atoms 132
Numerical simulation of CO2 diffusion and reaction into aqueous solutions of different absorbents 123
Piperazine and methyldiethanolamine interrelationships in CO2 absorption by aqueous amine mixtures. Part I: Saturation rates of single-reagent solutions 112
Short-range interaction energy for ground state H2+ 110
Two-centre Coulomb integrals over STOs from analytical evaluation of k-integrals by contour integration in the complex plane 107
On the damped multipole expansion of the induction energy in H2+ 105
Perturbation calculations of nonexpanded interactions in small atomic and molecular systems 104
A simple and fast method for evaluating the athermal limit of semirigid liquid polymers 100
Exploring CO2capture from pressurized industrial gaseous effluents in membrane contactor-based pilot plant 100
Size characterization of airborne SiO2 nanoparticles with on-line and off-line measurement techniques: an interlaboratory comparison study 100
Multi-phase catalytic membrane reactors 100
On the reduction of the number of unknowns in Flory-Huggins calculations of polymeric equilibria 97
CI calculations of long-range C6 dispersion coefficients for BH-BH 94
Long-range dispersion coefficients for like centrosymmetric linear molecules and an application to H2-H2 93
Long-range second order interactions and the shape of He – HF and Ne – HF complexes 90
Effect of Absorbent Type and Concentration on CO2Capture from a Gas Stream into a Liquid Phase 90
Properties and membrane distillation performance of polypropylene porous membranes 89
Keesom coefficients in gases 88
Coexisting thermotropic phases within semirigid polymer/solvent binary systems 87
Understanding Van der Waals bonding 86
Partitioned orbitals for the perturbative evaluation of ground state hydrogen atom induction energies 85
Long-range coefficients for molecular interactions. II 85
Electrostatic interactions and the shape of Van der Waals dimers 85
On the angular shape of Van der Waals dimers of small polar molecules 84
CO2 Removal from Biogas as Product of Waste-Water-Treatments 82
Perturbation calculations of non-expanded interactions in small atomic and molecular systems 82
On the penetration energy of slightly overlapping closed-shell molecules 82
A fast and simple approach to the evaluation of the athermal limit for liquid semirigid polymers 81
Optically anisotropic polymer blends: hydroxypropylcellulose/polyvinylpyrrolidone 81
Long-range induction coefficients for like centrosymmetric linear molecules and an application to H2-H2 80
Novel hydrophobic PVDF membranes prepared by nonsolvent induced phase separation for membrane distillation 80
Linear pseudostate calculation of the partial-wave components of second-order energy for the ground state of atomic two-electron systems in hydrogenic perturbation theory 77
Frozen-core full-CI calculation of imaginary frequency-dependent dipole polarizabilities of ground state BeH2 and the C6 dispersion coefficients of its homodimer 76
Long-range coefficients for molecular interactions 76
Synthesis and characterization of polyurethanic proton exchanges membranes 75
A minimal basis bond-orbital investigation of the linear water dimer 75
Linear pseudostate calculation of the partial wave components of second-order energy for the ground state of atomic two-electron systems in hydrogenic perturbation theory 74
A fast way of evaluating the transition temperature for a liquid semirigid polymer 73
C6 dispersion coefficients from reduced dipole pseudospectra 72
A model for the elementary prediction of the angular geometries of Van der Waals dimers 72
The introduction of polarization functions in the single-zeta bond-orbital method and an applica-tion to the ground state of the water molecule 70
On the convergence rate of a cusp-corrected damped multipole expansion for the second-order H – H+ induction energy 68
Ternary systems involving rod/coil/solvent: Poly(p-benzamide)/poly(2-phenylene(5-benzimidazole)isophthalamide)/dimethylacetamide plus LiCl 62
A fast way of solving Jonah and coworkers' equations to evaluate anisotropic-isotropic transition temperatures of semirigid polymers 60
Polymeric liquid crystals: cholesteric superstructure from blends of hydroxypropyllcellulose esters. 58
Second order effects in the calculation of atomic and molecular interactions 55
On the convergence rate of an improved multiple expansion for H-H+ induction energy 54
Processo ed impianto per la rimozione di CO2 da correnti gassose, e recupero della stessa 50
Methane Dry Reforming In Catalytic Membrane Reactors 50
Membrane a conduzione protonica a matrice poliuretanica funzionalizzata per celle a combustibile 46
One-centre cusped gaussians calculation of H(1s) – H(1s) dispersion coefficients 45
Damping coefficients for Coulombic molecular interactions 45
Chapter 1 - Wastewater treatment by membrane distillation 44
Introduzione allo scambio elettronico del secondo ordine nel calcolo ab-initio delle forze molecolari 43
Piperazine and methyldiethanolamine interrelationships in CO2 absorption by aqueous amine mixtures. Part II—Saturation rates of mixed reagent solutions 43
Forze intermolecolari: teoria perturbativa ed applicazioni 42
Treatment of olive mill wastewater through integrated pressure-driven membrane processes 42
On the evaluation of the transition volume fraction for a semirigid polymer 40
A generalized multipole expansion of intermolecular interactions 40
ChAMBRe: studi su bio-aerosol in camera di simulazione atmosferica 40
Bioaerosol investigation: new experimental activity in ChAMBRe, an atmospheric simulation chamber 40
Electron microscopic characterization of airborne micro- and nanoparticulate matter 39
Uno studio teorico preliminare del dimero lineare dell'acqua 39
Silanization of tubular ceramic membranes for application in membrane distillation 38
Polarizability pseudospectra and dispersion coefficients for H(1s)-H(1s) 36
Characterization of the Chambre atmospheric simulation chamber 35
An atmospheric simulation chamber to investigate dust-borne microbiota composition and viability 34
Long-range interactions and the shape of Van der Waals dimers 32
Development of composite palladium membranes on porous stainless steel modified with a sol gel ceramic barrier layer 31
Hydrogen sulfide adsorption by iron oxides and their polymer composites: A case-study application to biogas purification 28
Effect of support on PVDF membranes for distillation process 22
Carbon Black/Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nanocomposite Membranes for Direct Solar Distillation 22
Influence of carbon based nanofillers addition on the properties of microporous layers prepared via phase inversion 22
Source-specific light absorption by carbonaceous components in the complex aerosol matrix from yearly filter-based measurements. 20
A Single Step Preparation of Photothermally Active Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membranes Using Triethyl Phosphate as a Green Solvent for Distillation Applications 19
Influence of carbon-based fillers on photoactive mixed matrix membranes formation 18
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