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Multilayered polyelectrolyte microcapsules: Interaction with the enzyme cytochrome c oxidase 163
Paclitaxel-containing nano-engineered polymeric capsules towards cancer therapy 144
Self-assembly and recrystallization of bacterial S-layer proteins of Bacillus sphaericus and Bacillus thuringiensis on silicone, mica and quartz crystal supports. 136
Langmuir-Blodgett films of lipase for biocatalysis 135
Application of monolayer engineering for immobilization of penicillin G acylase 133
Functionalised AFM Probes for the Investigation of Integrin Distribution on the Surface of Osteosarcoma-Derived Osteoblasts 131
New in-situ synthetized hydrogel composite based on alginate and brushite as a potential pH sensitive drug delivery system 131
Combined far-field, near-field and topographic imaging of nano-engineered polyelectrolyte capsules 130
Self-assembled polyelectrolyte capsule for drug delivery: In vitro evaluation of their interaction with cell 129
Development of nanostructured magnetic capsules by means of the layer by layer technique 128
Collagen containing microcapsules: Smart containers for disease controlled therapy 127
Permeability Variation Study in Collagen-Based Polymeric Capsules 127
Soft chitosan microbeads scaffold for 3D functional neuronal networks 127
Investigation of integrin expression on the surface of osteoblast-like cells by atomic force microscopy. 126
On The Decoration of Layer-By-Layer Films for the X-Ray Reflectivity Study at the Solid-Liquid Interface 124
Towards the Fabrication of Polyelectrolyte-Based Nanocapsules for Bio-Medical Applications 123
Nanofunctionalisation for the treatment of peripheral nervous system injuries. 121
Functionalised AFM Probes for the Investigation of Integrin Distribution on the Surface of Osteosarcoma-Derived Osteoblasts 119
Development of a piezoelectric immunosensor for matrix metalloproteinase-1 detection. 119
Layer by layer self assembly of Polyelectrolytes and S-layers 118
Chitosan/dextran multilayer microcapsules for polyphenol co-delivery 118
Functionalized biocompatible polyelectrolyte multilayers for drug delivery: In situ investigation of mechanical properties by dissipative quartz crystal microbalance 117
Nanostructured thin films for the development of piezoelectric immunosensors. 116
Osteoblast-like cells response to layer by layer self assembled biomimetic coatings 114
Oriented collagen nanocoatings for tissue engineering 114
Peroxidated olive oil nanoemulsion for cancer targeted therapy 114
Nanoengineered polymeric S-layers based capsules with targeting activity. 114
Nanoengineered polymeric capsules as elements of unconventional computing systems 113
Nanotechnology based targeted drug delivery. 112
Fabrication and Characterization of Chitosan and Pectin Nanostructured Multilayers 112
Characterization of alginate-brushite in-situ hydrogel composites 111
Biomimmetic structures: Incorporation of active bio-molecules in polyelectrolyte shells 111
Stereocomplex poly(lactic acid) nanocoated chitosan microparticles for the sustained release of hydrophilic drugs 109
Smart Nanoengineered Polymeric Capsules as Ideal Pharmaceutical Carriers 109
3D Porous Gelatin/PVA Hydrogel as Meniscus Substitute Using Alginate Micro-Particles as Porogens 108
Biomimetic polyelectrolyte multilayer ultrathin films to promote osseointegration 107
Drug delivery for nerve tissue regeneration 106
Nanofunctionalisation for the Treatment of Peripheral Nervous System Injuries 106
Hyperbranched PDLA-polyglicerol: A novel additive for tuning PLLA electrospun fiber degradation and properties 106
Polyelectrolyte based molecular carriers : The role of self-assembled proteins in permeability properties. 106
Data modeling for Tools and Technologies for the Analysis and Synthesis of NANOstructures (TASNANO) project 105
Hydrothermal synthesis of pectin derived nanoporous carbon material 105
Osteoblast-like cells response to nanostructured biomimetic coatings 104
Poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) nanoparticles as protein carriers 104
Human osteoblast-like cells response to nanofunctionalized surfaces for tissue engineering. 102
Nanoengineered polymeric capsules for bio-computing 101
Polyelectrolyte multilayers and capsules: S-layer functionalization for improving stability and biocompatibility 101
Lipase-catalyzed degradation of poly(ε-caprolactone) 101
Encapsulated functionalized stereocomplex PLA particles: An effective system to support mucolytic enzymes 101
Polyelectrolyte multilayers for cell and tissue engineering 99
Engineered CaCO3nanoparticles with targeting activity: A simple approach for a vascular intended drug delivery system 99
Single Integrin Detection on the Surface of Osteosarcoma Derived Cells by means of Functionalized AFM probes 98
Ultrathin films by LbL self-assembly for biomimetic coatings of implants 98
A New Technological Tool to Manage Edible Flowers for Health Purposes: The INTERREG ALCOTRA ANTEA project 98
Increase of catalytic activity of lipase towards olive oil by Langmuir film immobilization of lipase 96
Fabrication and characterization of novel multilayered structures by stereocomplexion of poly(D-lactic acid)/poly(L-lactic acid) and self-assembly of polyelectrolytes 95
Enzyme-induced pore formation in smart polymeric micro-containers for drug design and programming of biochemical computers 95
Polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings for implant osseointegration 94
Biocatalytic Langmuir-Blodgett assemblies based on penicillin G acylase 93
Letter to editor for supporting “Characterization of alginate-brushite in-situ hydrogel composites” 92
Complex catalytic colloids on the basis of firefly luciferase 91
Adhesion and proliferation of osteoblast-like cells on anodic porous alumina substrates with different morphology 89
Nanostructured polysaccharidic microcapsules for intracellular release of cisplatin 89
Release kinetics of gold nanoparticles from collagen microcapsules by total reflection X-ray fluorescence 84
Effects of association of lipoperoxide nanoemulsion and cisplatinum for a cancer targeted therapy in DLD-1 human colon adenocarcinoma cells 84
Electrospun chitosan nanofibers for tissue engineering 83
Fabrication of alginate modified brushite cement impregnated with antibiotic: Mechanical, thermal, and biological characterizations 82
Multi applicable stereocomplex PLA particles decorated with cyclodextrins 81
Disassembling the complexity of mucus barriers to develop a fast screening tool for early drug discovery 80
Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotubes based coatings for the repair of cartilage tissue 79
Permeability of S-layers coated polyelectrolyte capsules 78
Development of nanostructured biosensors by means of the Layer by Layer Self-Assembly technique 77
A genomic and proteomic based approach to pharmacotherapy for cardiovascular diseases 77
Detection of integrin β1 subunit on the surface of MG-63 human osteosarcoma cells by Atomic Force Microscopy 75
Drug design and nanosensing for cardiovascular diseases 74
Development of a piezoelectric immunosensor for Paclitaxel measurement 74
Nanostructured capsules for the controlled release of paclitaxel 73
On the degradation properties of electrospun fibers based on PLLA: The effect of a drug model modification 72
Oriented collagen thin films for biomedical application 70
DMA characterization of colloidal microparticles for biomedical applications 70
Nanoengineered Polymeric Capsules for Cancer Therapy 69
Full Fabrication and Packaging of an Implantable Multi-Panel Device for Monitoring of Metabolites in Small Animals 67
Nanoengineered polymeric capsules for cancer therapy 64
Image-Based Tracking of Anticancer Drug-Loaded Nanoengineered Polyelectrolyte Capsules in Cellular Environments Using a Fast Benchtop Mid-Infrared (MIR) Microscope 63
Composite hydrogels of alginate and brushite cement for biomedical applications as drug release 63
Alginate microbeads with internal microvoids for the sustained release of drugs 63
Coherent X-ray diffraction imaging of nanoengineered polymeric capsules 62
Osteoblast-like cell response to Layer by Layer self assembled biomimetic coatings 61
Assembly of chitosan-graphite oxide nanoplatelets core shell microparticles for advanced 3D scaffolds supporting neuronal networks growth 55
pH-Triggered Release of Paclitaxel from Nanoengineered Polymeric Capsules 54
Layer-by-Layer self assembly for nerve tissue regeneration 53
Dynamic mechanical analysis of in-situ synthetized alginate-brushite hydrogel beads 51
Polyelectrolyte multilayers and capsules for tissue engineering 50
Brushite/alginate microbeads for sustained drug delivery 50
Preliminary Electrochemical characterization of cytochrome P4501A2-clozapine interaction, 47
Human-Derived Cortical Neurospheroids Coupled to Passive, High-Density and 3D MEAs: A Valid Platform for Functional Tests 46
Driving neuronal network connectivity with a modular alginate mask 45
Fabrication and packaging of a fully implantable biosensor 44
A new approach to the deposition of nanostrructured biocatalytic film 44
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