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Gas permeation through rubbery polymer nano-corrugated membranes 193
Local nanostructuring of gold thin films through dewetting induced by Ga+ irradiation 172
Permeability thickness dependence of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Membranes 153
K44M ferritic stainless steel as possible interconnect material for SOFC stack operating at 600 °C: Characterization of the oxidation behaviour at early working stages 142
Fast three-dimensional nanoscale metrology in dual-beam FIB-SEM instrumentation 142
A liquid-like model for the morphology evolution of ion bombarded thin films 141
Selective protein detection with a dsLNA-functionalized nanopore 140
In situ Rheo-SALS experiments on LDPE nanocomposites: A preliminary study 136
DNA-functionalized solid state nanopore for biosensing 128
A simple instrument for measuring time intervals with subnanosecond resolution 123
Conformations of DNA in Triangular Nanochannels 121
Solid State nanopores for gene expression profiling 120
Modulating DNA Translocation by a Controlled Deformation of a PDMS Nanochannel Device 118
Infrared lensless holographic microscope with a vidicon camera for inspection of metallic evaporations on silicon wafers 116
“DNA-Dressed NAnopore” for complementary sequence detection 116
Symmetric curvature descriptors for label-free analysis of DNA 115
Focused-ion beam fabrication of nanometer orifices for leak detection 114
Mechanical squeezing of an elastomeric nanochannel device: numerical simulations and ionic current characterization 113
Size and functional tuning of solid state nanopores by chemical functionalization 113
Flow induced crystallization of LDPE nanocomposites. A rheological and morphological characterization 112
Ion induced spinodal dewetting of thin solid films 111
Stretching of DNA confined in nanochannels with charged walls 111
Anisotropic dewetting of ion irradiated solid films 110
Simultaneous Electro-Optical Tracking for Nanoparticle Recognition and Counting 109
Role of substrate morphology in ion induced dewetting of thin solid films 109
Proton form factors in the hypercentral constituent quark model 106
Nanotechnology for Life Sciences 105
Control of the micrometric scale morphology of silicon nanowires through ion irradiation-induced metal dewetting 105
The role of surfaces in gas transport through polymer membranes 105
DNA detection with a polymeric nanochannel device 102
Lensless digital holographic microscope with light-emitting diode illumination 102
Air Moulding for Planar Patch Clamp on Adhered Neuronal Networks 99
Comparison between video-camera Vidicon and camera Sony DSC-F 828 for IR reflectography applications 96
Gabor’s hologram in a modern perspective 96
Enhancing miRNAs Capture on Polydimethylsiloxane Surface with Nanostructuration 95
Nanofluidic Sensor for Antigen-Antibody Binding Detection 95
Electrical characterization of DNA-functionalized solid state nanopores for bio-sensing 92
Micro and nanofluidic platforms for advanced diagnostics 92
Substrate topography and heterogeneous nucleations in ion induced dewetting 90
Label-free, atomic force microscopy-based mapping of DNA intrinsic curvature for the nanoscale comparative analysis of bent duplexes 89
Tunable elastomeric nanochannels for separation and manipulation of long DNA molecules 86
A passive hydrophone for high-frequency applications 86
Fabrication of elastomeric nanofluidic devices for manipulation of long DNA molecules 86
Quantum oscillations in the SmFeAsO parent compound and superconducting SmFeAs(O,F) 83
DNA functionalized Si3N4 nanopore biosensors 81
Solid State nanopore devices for gene expression profiling 81
Air molding for planar patch clamp on adherent neuronal networks 78
FIB micro/nano fabrication of silicon master for biomedical applications 78
Nanotechnology applications in medicine 77
Study of the interaction between IL-10 and anti-IL-10 antibody by AFM:towards an antibody nanoarray. 76
Device and single-molecule analysis method by means of detection of the collisions of a target molecule on functionalized nanopores 76
DNA manipulation with elastomeric nanostructures fabricated by soft-moulding of a FIB-patterned stamp 76
Applications of Focused Ion Beam in material science 72
Manufacture of a nanochannel device 68
Planar Patch Clamp for Neuronal Networks by Air Moulding Technique 67
Design and field test of a 32-element all-fiber optic hydrophone system 67
Developing bioinspired 3D cell culture platforms for patient-specific disease modeling and drug testing 67
Planar Patch Clamping Technology 66
Nanofabrication strategies for influencing biomolecule behavior 66
Ion-induced self-organization of metal nanowires on a silicon template 65
Solid-state nanopore device for DNA detection 65
DNA-functionalized nanopores for single molecule analysis 63
Nanofluidic elastomeric structures for biomolecules manipulation 62
Fabrication and characterization of elastomeric nanofluidic device for nanoparticles’ sizing and counting 62
FIB-EDX-tomography in the study of works of art 61
Increased flexibility in lab-on-chip design with a polymer patchwork approach 61
Characteristic Fluences in ion induced dewetting of thin solid films 60
Stability of solid films under ion irradiation 60
Innovative micro-nano fluidic Lab-On-Chip devices and materials for biomedical, diagnostic and sensing applications 60
Geometrical Engineering of Giant Optical Dichroism in Rippled MoS2 Nanosheets 59
A prototype experimental chamber for patch clamp applicatioons 58
Nanochannel based elastomeric Lab On Chip for separation of long DNA molecules 58
Experimental set-up to characterize membranes for gas and vapor separation processes 56
Nanofluidic polymeric device for biomolecules sieving 56
High sensitivity miniaturized immunoassay sensor based on biomolecules concentration phenomena at nanoscale 54
Nanofluidic-based accumulation of antigens for miniaturized immunoassay 54
Nanofluidic devices for nano-plastics label-free detection 53
Polymeric nanofluidic platforms as innovative tools for research on chronic degenerative diseases 51
Integrating Microstructured Electrospun Scaffolds in an Open Microfluidic System for in Vitro Studies of Human Patient-Derived Primary Cells 51
Device for the separation of the DNA molecules having different lengths 49
Ion current rectification in extra-long nanofunnels 48
null 46
Junction gap breakdown-based fabrication of polydimethylsiloxane ionic rectifiers 44
A prototype experimental chamber for patch-clamp applications 42
Development of a TES for antenna-coupled bolometer for Cosmic Microwave Background Detection 39
Development of a polymeric microfluidic patch-clamp device 39
Air Moulding for Planar Patch Clamp on Adhered Neuronal Networks 38
Nanocorrugation of thin polymeric membranes to enhance CO2 capture and to reduce its emissions 38
High Vacuum set-up for Permeability P and Diffusivity D measurements of vacuum materials 35
Developing poly(dimethylsiloxane) planar chips for nano patch-clamp applications 35
Characterization of metallic interconnects extracted from Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stacks operated up to 20,000 h in real life conditions: The fuel side 35
High-vacuum setup for permeability and diffusivity measurements by membrane techniques 33
The role of Pseudomonas Fluorescens on the corrosion of Tin Bronze archaeological analogues: Morphology and mechanisms 30
A Monte Carlo calculation of the secondary electron emission in the backward direction from a SiO2 macro-capillary 27
The Effect of Pseudomonas fluorescens on the Corrosion Morphology of Archaeological Tin Bronze Analogue 25
Microfluidic polymeric device for improved planar patch-clamp 22
Realizzazione di Nuova Tecnologia Microfluidica per lo Sviluppo delle Indagini Cellulari Elettrofisiologiche su Chip Polimerico 22
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