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Particle filters for the magnetoencephalography inverse problem: increasing the efficiency through a semi-analytic approach (Rao–Blackwellization) 156
A comparative analysis of algorithms for the magnetoencephalography inverse problem 152
Dynamic filtering of static dipoles in magnetoencephalography 135
Bayesian multi-dipole modelling of a single topography in MEG by adaptive sequential Monte Carlo samplers 130
Identification of Multiple Hard X-Ray Sources in Solar Flares: A Bayesian Analysis of the 2002 February 20 Event 125
A Rao-Blackwellized particle filter for magnetoencephalography 124
Modulation of brain and behavioural responses to cognitive visual stimuli with varying signal-to-noise ratios 124
Sequential Monte Carlo samplers for semi-linear inverse problems and application to magnetoencephalography 122
Expectation maximization and the retrieval of the atmospheric extinction coefficients by inversion of Raman lidar data 111
Highly Automated Dipole EStimation (HADES) 107
Iterative algorithms for a non-linear inverse problem in atmospheric lidar 96
Particle filtering, beamforming and multiple signal classification for the analysis of magnetoencephalography time series: a comparison of algorithms 95
null 90
Bayesian smoothing of dipoles in magneto-/electroencephalography 86
Computational validation of a particle filtering approach to the solution of the meg inverse problem 85
Sparse bayesian imaging of solar flares 80
A simplex method for the calibration of a MEG device 79
Bayesian multi-dipole modelling in the frequency domain 77
Forward simulation and inverse dipole localization with the lowest Raviart-Thomas elements for electroencephalography 72
Bayesian multi-dipole localization and uncertainty quantification from simultaneous EEG and MEG recordings 70
Particle filters: a new method for reconstructing multiple current dipoles from meg data 69
Statistical Approaches to the Inverse ProblemMagnetoencephalography 67
A Comparative Study of the Robustness of Frequency-Domain Connectivity Measures to Finite Data Length 62
Particle filters and rap-music in meg source modeling: a comparison 54
On the two-step estimation of the cross-power spectrum for dynamical linear inverse problems 54
Dynamical MEG source modeling with multi-target bayesian tracking 49
Bayesian Tracking of Neural Activity in Biomagnetic Data 48
Simultaneous human intracerebral stimulation and HD-EEG, ground-truth for source localization methods 36
Towards the Automatic Localization of the Irritative Zone Through Magnetic Source Imaging 31
Compressed sensing and Sequential Monte Carlo for solar hard X-ray imaging 28
A Bayesian parametric approach to the retrieval of the atmospheric number size distribution from lidar data 26
The role of spectral complexity in connectivity estimation 17
EEG in extreme conditions: An advanced analysis pipeline for the human electroencephalographic signals recorded in space during the ALTEA experiment 14
Particle Filters for Magnetoencephalography 10
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