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A statistical study on temporary work and occupational accidents: specific risk factors and risk management strategies 228
Risk assessment and decision making strategies in dangerous good transport. From an Italian case study to a general framework 142
null 130
Experimental study of hydrogen kinetics from agroindustrial by-product: optimal conditions for production and fuel cell feeding 126
Using non-equilibrium biosorption column modelling for improved process efficiency 125
Analytical modelling of hydrocarbon pool fires: Conservative evaluation of flame temperature and thermal power 125
Experimental study on thermal and toxic hazards connected to fire scenarios in road tunnels. 125
Coal dust emissions: From environmental control to risk minimization by underground transport. An applicative case-study. 125
The extension of the shelf-life of "pesto" sauce by a combination of modified atmosphere packaging and refrigeration 122
Process development of continuous hydrogen production by Enterobacter aerogenes in a packed column reactor 121
Thermodynamic study and optimization of hydrogen production by Enterobacter aerogenes 120
A study of the relationship between occupational injuries and firm size and type in the Italian industry 120
Biodiesel Production via Transesterification: Process Safety Insights from Kinetic Modeling 119
null 119
A critical approach to safety equipment and emergency time evaluation based on actual information from the Bhopal gas tragedy 119
Mathematical modelling and optimization of hydrogen continuous production in a fixed bed bioreactor 117
A unified short-cut model approach to size safe venting stacks and other blow-off devices for hazardous vapours 116
A perspective on Seveso accident based on cause-consequences analysis by three different methods 116
Macro-kinetic investigation on phenol uptake from air by biofiltration: influence of superficial gas flow rate and inlet pollutant concentration 115
Occupational injuries in Italy: risk factors and long term trend (1951-98) 115
Systematical analysis of chemical methods in metal nanoparticles synthesis 114
From land- to water-use-planning: A consequence based case-study related to cruise ship risk 114
Towards the Fabrication of Polyelectrolyte-Based Nanocapsules for Bio-Medical Applications 111
From a survey on accidents in the downstream oil industry to the development of a detailed near-miss reporting system 110
null 108
Use of inverse modelling techniques for the estimation of heat transfer coefficients to fluids in cylindrical conduits 106
A framework for risk assessment and decision-making strategies in dangerous good transportation 105
A propane fire connected to dumping procedure in a process plant 104
Dangerous good transportation by road: from risk analysis to emergency planning 102
Corrosion in a sugar refinery 102
Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries 102
Theoretical and experimental investigation into the explosive boiling potential of thermally stratified liquid-liquid systems 102
Risk analysis problems in transportation and handling of L.P.G. in urban port area 100
A short-cut analytical model of hydrocarbon pool fire of different geometries, with enhanced view factor evaluation 100
Monte Carlo modelling of wet-chemical lithography with masks 99
A combined approach to improve safety performance on existing process plants. Practical application according to Seveso II 99
Simplified Modelling for Risk Assessment of Hydrocarbon Spills in Port Area 98
Theoretical and experimental investigation into an unusual tank explosion 98
null 97
Cocoa quality and processing. A study by solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography analysis of methylpyrazines 96
A study into the explosive boiling potential of thermally stratified liquid-liquid systems that result from runaway reactions 96
HazMat transportation by heavy vehicles and road tunnels. A simplified modelling procedure to risk assessment and mitigation applied to an Italian case-study 96
null 95
A review of the past, present and future of the European loss prevention and safety promotion in the process industries 95
Membrane processes for water recovery and decontamination 95
An eco-friendly process for zerovalent bismuth nanoparticles synthesis 95
Scaling effects and front propagation in a class of reaction-diffusion equations: From classic to anomalous diffusion 95
A review on hydrogen production from hydrogen sulphide by chemical and photochemical methods 93
Development of a theoretical framework for the evaluation of risk connected to accidental oxygen releases 92
null 92
Microbiological Induced Corrosion and Inhibition 91
Microbiological corrosion in aerobic and anaerobic waste purification plants: safety and efficiency problems 91
Ethylene-air mixtures under flowing conditions: A model-based approach to explosion conditions 91
An advanced Lagrangian puff model, with emphasis on low wind speed conditions 90
Analysis and quantification of methylpyrazines formed during cocoa beans roasting process 90
Safety and environmental impact reduction. a case-study applied to coal dry distillation industry 90
Bismuth oxide-related photocatalysts in green nanotechnology: A critical analysis 90
Kinetic analysis of batch ethanol acetylation in isothermal non-stationary multiphase systems by lyophilized mycelium of Aspergillus oryzae 87
Hazardous materials transportation by road: trends and problems in risk assessment and emergency planning 87
Generalized mathematical modelling of spray barriers 86
Modelling and wind tunnel experiments of water barriers with chemical reaction; fluid dynamics characterization 84
null 84
A century of accidents in the Italian industry - Correlation with the production cycle 83
Human factor and inherent safety project of road tanker loading station 82
null 82
Analytical use of biosensors in the determination of biochemical oxygen demand 82
Oil spills: from statistical analysis to quantitative risk assessment 81
Limiting values of the thermal power and flame temperature from hydrocarbon pool fires. 81
Synthesis of copper nanoparticles in ethylene glycol by chemical reduction with vanadium (+2) salts 81
Industrial Waste Management: The Italian Situation and Perspectives 80
CFD analysis of regenerative chambers for energy efficiency improvement in glass production plants 80
Safety opportunities for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles and short-cut approach to workplace risk evaluation 80
Safety to the consumer of food products: Risk assessment in the food industry. Storage time and failure modelling 79
Hazmat Liquid Release Following a Tank Truck Accident: Cross-check Modelling and Field Data Validation 79
A methodological approach to antifire crew optimization. An oil refinery case-history 78
Theoretical and experimental study on the transition fire-deflagration in pyrotechnics 78
null 78
Modelling of canned artichoke pasteurization 78
Modelling approach to the evaluation of explosion limits of ethylene-air mixtures at flowing conditions for industrial process optimisation 78
Discrete modelling of a multiparticle diffusion process and front propagation: Dynamics and source effects 77
null 76
Experimental study on thermal and toxic hazards connected to different accident scenarios in road tunnels. 75
Scaling Effects and Front Propagation in a Class of Reaction-Diffusion Equations: from Classic to Anomalous Diffusion 75
A theoretical approach to risk evaluation in connection with oxygen releases 74
Trends, problems and outlook in process industry risk assessment and aspects of personal and process safety. 74
Modelling Ignition Probabilities within the Framework of Quantitative Risk Assessments 74
Feasibility study on biological abatement of odorous substances from coffee roasting processes 74
Explosion at an acetylene plant: a methodological approach to accident analysis 73
null 72
Effectiveness of Reacting Spray Curtains Mitigating Toxic Releases of High Solubility Gases 72
Antifire emergency planning in a petrochemical plant. 72
Tropospheric NO2, SO2 and O3 long path measurements by a DOAS system in a polluted urban area. 70
Plant design and risk assessment of syngas molten carbonate fuel cells 70
null 70
Assessment of Environmental Impact connected to Process Industry Dust Emission 69
Coffee roasting by medium sized plants: a consistent solution to abate atmospheric emissions with a low olfactory threshold 67
Chemical Engineering Transactions 31 67
An innovative unified model for the rate of air mixing with releases from high velocity sources 67
Distillation of radioactive waste for wet oxidation purpose 66
Mathematical and experimental modelling of fluid curtains to mitigate chlorine jets and releases 66
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