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Flexible human–robot cooperation models for assisted shop-floor tasks 164
Widely scalable mobile underwater sonar technology: An overview of the H2020 WiMUST project 163
Advanced ROV autonomy for efficient remote control in the DexROV project 159
DexROV project: Control Framework for Underwater Interaction Tasks 156
A new Software Architecture for Developing and Testing Algorithms for Space Exploration Missions 154
Manipulation and Transportation With Cooperative Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems 150
Underwater intervention robotics: An outline of the Italian national project Maris 145
Underwater Floating Manipulation for Robotic Interventions 143
Task priority control of underwater intervention systems: Theory and applications 143
Underwater vehicle manipulator systems: Control methodologies for inspection and maintenance tasks 140
Autonomous Underwater Intervention: Experimental Results of the MARIS Project 140
A Three-Layered Architecture for Real Time Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Surveillance USVs Operating in Harbour Fields 138
A Novel Practical Technique to Integrate Inequality Control Objectives and Task Transitions in Priority Based Control 138
Floating Underwater Manipulation: Developed Control Methodology and Experimental Validation within the TRIDENT Project 134
A task priority approach to cooperative mobile manipulation: Theory and experiments 133
Whole body control of a dual arm underwater vehicle manipulator system 129
Overview and first year progress of the Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology H2020 project 129
Experimental Results on Obstacle Avoidance for High Speed Unmanned Surface Vehicles 124
RT2: Real-time Ray-tracing for Underwater Range Evaluation 122
ISME activity on the use of autonomous surface and underwater vehicles for acoustic surveys at sea 122
Dexterous Undersea Interventions with Far Distance Onshore Supervision: the DexROV Project 119
ISME research trends: Marine robotics for emergencies at sea 118
On autonomous cooperative Underwater Floating Manipulation Systems 117
A Task Priority and Dynamic Programming Based Approach to Agile Underwater Floating Manipulation 115
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Teams for Adaptive Ocean Sampling: a Data-driven Approach 114
Cooperative Underwater Manipulation Systems: Control Developments within the MARIS project 114
Impact of LBL Calibration on the Accuracy of Underwater Localization 110
Dexterous Underwater Manipulation from Onshore Locations: Streamlining Efficiencies for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles 109
Experimental Results on Task Priority and Dynamic Programming Based Approach to Underwater Floating Manipulation 108
Distributed Control and Coordination of Cooperative Mobile Manipulator Systems 106
On cooperation between autonomous underwater floating manipulation systems 106
A task-priority based control approach to distributed data-driven ocean sampling 106
Interleaved online task planning, simulation, task allocation and motion control for flexible human-robot cooperation 106
Development of the Guidance Navigation and Control System of the Folaga AUV for Autonomous Acoustic Surveys in the WiMUST Project 106
Towards the Use of a Team of USVs for Civilian Harbour Protection: the Problem of Intercepting Detected Menaces 104
Civilian Harbour Protection: Interception of Suspect Vessels with Unmanned Surface Vehicles 103
Robotized underwater interventions 101
Cooperation between autonomous underwater vehicle manipulations systems with minimal information exchange 99
Real-time ray-tracing for underwater distance evaluation with application to distributed localization of AUV teams 96
Towards the use of a team of USVs for civilian harbour protection: USV interception of detected menaces 95
On Autonomous Robotic Cooperation Capabilities within Factory and Logistic Scenarios 95
Underwater communication requirements in coordinated autonomous manipulation: The MARIS project 94
Hydro-acoustic communications and networking in contemporary underwater robotics: instruments and case studies 94
Decoupled Sampling-Based Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Marine Vehicles 93
Distributed Task-priority Based Control in Area Coverage & Adaptive Sampling 91
Archimede: Integrated Network-Centric Harbor Protection System 91
Development and implementation of algorithms for advanced rover guidance navigation and control 90
Space Robotics Supporting Exploration Missions: Vision, Force Control and Coordination Strategy for Crew Assistants. 90
Development of Modular USVs For Coastal Zone Monitoring. Two New USVs to Monitor Geophysical, Environmental Parameters 90
Self-Organizing Control of Reconfigurable Manipulators: a Distributed Dynamic Programming Based Approach 89
Simulative Validations of RT2: A Real-Time Ray-Tracing Technique for Acoustic-based Range Evaluation 89
ISME trends: Autonomous surface and underwater vehicles for geoseismic survey 88
RT2: A Real-Time Ray-Tracing Method for Acoustic Distance Evaluations among Cooperating AUVs 85
Analysis of the Accuracy of a LBL-based Underwater Localization Procedure 85
Self-Organizing Control of Reconfigurable Manipulators: a Distributed Dynamic Programming Based Approach 84
Experimental validation of the modeling and control of a multibody underwater vehicle manipulator system for sea mining exploration 84
A task and subsystem priority based control strategy for underwater floating manipulators 82
Marea project: UAV Landing procedure on a moving and floating platform 82
Protecting Assets within a Civilian Harbour through the Use of a Team of USVs: Interception of Possible Menaces 81
Agility for Underwater Floating Manipulation Task and Subsystem Priority based Control Strategy 81
Harbour protection strategies with multiple marine vehicles 80
Experimental Validation of an Acoustic-based Localization Technique for AUVs in the Absence of Information on the Speed of Sound Profile 80
Towards the Use of a Team of USVs for Civilian Harbour Protection: Real Time Path Planning with Avoidance of Multiple Moving Obstacles 79
USV-Based Security System For Civilian Harbors 78
Satellite-Based Tele-Operation of an Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator System. Preliminary Experimental Results 78
AUV navigation, guidance, and control for geoseismic data acquisition 76
Improving Visual Odometry Performances via Additional Image Processing and Multi-sensor Integration 74
Distributed Control and Coordination of Cooperative Mobile Manipulator Systems 68
Geotechnical Surveys with Cooperative Autonomous Marine Vehicles: the EC WiMUST project 68
Real Time Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Security Related USVs Operating in Harbour Fields 67
A Portable Object Oriented Software Framework for Real Time Control of Robots and Multi-Robot Systems 67
A robotic platform for underwater assisted manipulation 67
WiMUST: A cooperative marine robotic system for autonomous geotechnical surveys 63
Towards a real time obstacle detection system for unmanned surface vehicles 62
Distributed Self organizing Control and Coordination of Cooperative Mobile Manipulator Systems 61
An adaptive human-robot cooperation framework for assembly-like tasks 59
ROBUST project: Control Framework for Deep Sea Mining Exploration 58
Planetary Rover Navigation via Visual Odometry: Performance Improvement Using Additional Image Processing and Multi-sensor Integration 53
Underwater acoustic source localization using a multi-robot system: the DAMPS project 53
Motion optimization strategy for Bearing-Only Tracking performed with a team of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles navigating in formation 52
Control and Perception Framework for Deep Sea Mining Exploration 50
A Unifying Task Priority Approach for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Integrating Homing and Docking Maneuvers 50
A flexible human-robot cooperation architecture with online planning and task allocation 49
A Hierarchical Architecture for Human–Robot Cooperation Processes 49
Visual Servoed Autonomous Landing of an UAV on a Catamaran in a Marine Environment 43
Visual Servoed Autonomous Landing on a Surface Vessel 40
Underwater Intervention with Remote Supervision via Satellite Communication: Developed Control Architecture and Experimental Results within the Dexrov Project 39
Control oriented modeling of a twin thruster autonomous surface vehicle 35
Autonomous Deep Sea Mining Exploration: The EU ROBUST Project Control Framework 31
Design and kinematic analysis of a novel 2-DOF closed-loop mechanism for the actuation of machining robots 29
Sea Mining Exploration with an UVMS: Experimental Validation of the Control and Perception Framework 28
Kinetostatic Optimization for Kinematic Redundancy Planning of Nimbl'Bot Robot 22
Analysis of Hybrid Cable-Thruster actuated ROV in heavy lifting interventions 20
Task priority based design optimization of a kinematic redundant robot 14
Shock Absorption Capacity of High-Performance Polymers for Dental Implant-Supported Restorations: In Vitro Study 7
Towards the use of a team of USVs for civilian harbour protection: The problem of intercepting detected menaces 5
Autonomous Underwater Intervention 3
Experimental validation of an acoustic-based localization technique for AUVs in the absence of information on the speed of sound profile 1
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