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Dexterous Underwater Manipulation from Onshore Locations: Streamlining Efficiencies for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles, file e268c4ca-5a43-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 362
Manipulation and Transportation With Cooperative Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems, file e268c4c8-93ef-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 353
Autonomous Underwater Intervention: Experimental Results of the MARIS Project, file e268c4c8-b965-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 340
Flexible human–robot cooperation models for assisted shop-floor tasks, file e268c4c8-931a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 338
Widely scalable mobile underwater sonar technology: An overview of the H2020 WiMUST project, file e268c4c8-c669-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 337
Floating Underwater Manipulation: Developed Control Methodology and Experimental Validation within the TRIDENT Project, file e268c4c8-d330-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 333
Advanced ROV autonomy for efficient remote control in the DexROV project, file e268c4c8-c66d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 326
Satellite-Based Tele-Operation of an Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator System. Preliminary Experimental Results, file e268c4ca-5c10-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 324
Whole body control of a dual arm underwater vehicle manipulator system, file e268c4c8-92d2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 298
A Novel Practical Technique to Integrate Inequality Control Objectives and Task Transitions in Priority Based Control, file e268c4c8-9555-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 279
Underwater intervention robotics: An outline of the Italian national project Maris, file e268c4c8-c66b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 257
Interleaved online task planning, simulation, task allocation and motion control for flexible human-robot cooperation, file e268c4ca-5a3f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 256
DexROV project: Control Framework for Underwater Interaction Tasks, file e268c4c8-992a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 248
A task priority approach to cooperative mobile manipulation: Theory and experiments, file e268c4ca-d311-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 248
Underwater vehicle manipulator systems: Control methodologies for inspection and maintenance tasks, file e268c4c8-9372-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 235
ISME research trends: Marine robotics for emergencies at sea, file e268c4c8-b97a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 222
Experimental Results on Obstacle Avoidance for High Speed Unmanned Surface Vehicles, file e268c4c8-d39d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 213
A task-priority based control approach to distributed data-driven ocean sampling, file e268c4c8-b96a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 201
Robotized underwater interventions, file e268c4c8-92c9-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 185
On cooperation between autonomous underwater floating manipulation systems, file e268c4c8-ba0e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 181
On autonomous cooperative Underwater Floating Manipulation Systems, file e268c4c8-b973-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 178
Impact of LBL Calibration on the Accuracy of Underwater Localization, file e268c4c8-d336-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 178
Decoupled Sampling-Based Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Marine Vehicles, file e268c4ca-5c12-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 176
Distributed Task-priority Based Control in Area Coverage & Adaptive Sampling, file e268c4c8-a20d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 169
Underwater Floating Manipulation for Robotic Interventions, file e268c4c8-d329-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 168
Development of the Guidance Navigation and Control System of the Folaga AUV for Autonomous Acoustic Surveys in the WiMUST Project, file e268c4ca-5a41-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 164
Cooperation between autonomous underwater vehicle manipulations systems with minimal information exchange, file e268c4c8-b971-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 158
Task priority control of underwater intervention systems: Theory and applications, file e268c4c8-f6ff-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 152
On Autonomous Robotic Cooperation Capabilities within Factory and Logistic Scenarios, file e268c4c8-9935-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 146
Dexterous Undersea Interventions with Far Distance Onshore Supervision: the DexROV Project, file e268c4c8-954f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 139
Cooperative Underwater Manipulation Systems: Control Developments within the MARIS project, file e268c4c8-b975-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 121
ISME activity on the use of autonomous surface and underwater vehicles for acoustic surveys at sea, file e268c4c9-0328-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 120
Overview and first year progress of the Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology H2020 project, file e268c4c8-9317-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 108
Marea project: UAV Landing procedure on a moving and floating platform, file e268c4c8-a572-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 61
Harbour protection strategies with multiple marine vehicles, file e268c4c8-d33b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 60
Underwater communication requirements in coordinated autonomous manipulation: The MARIS project, file e268c4c8-b9da-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 52
ROBUST project: Control Framework for Deep Sea Mining Exploration, file e268c4c8-92c2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 32
An adaptive human-robot cooperation framework for assembly-like tasks, file e268c4c8-b96c-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 29
ISME trends: Autonomous surface and underwater vehicles for geoseismic survey, file e268c4c8-faa8-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 24
Visual Servoed Autonomous Landing of an UAV on a Catamaran in a Marine Environment, file e268c4ce-b962-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 22
Autonomous Underwater Intervention: Experimental Results of the MARIS Project, file e268c4cb-7062-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 20
Geotechnical Surveys with Cooperative Autonomous Marine Vehicles: the EC WiMUST project, file e268c4cc-e070-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 9
A Unifying Task Priority Approach for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Integrating Homing and Docking Maneuvers, file e268c4ce-ad57-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 7
A Unifying Task Priority Approach for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Integrating Homing and Docking Maneuvers, file a0762b57-9ca6-47fd-bf39-3ef453e43a50 3
Motion optimization strategy for Bearing-Only Tracking performed with a team of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles navigating in formation, file 3703e4e6-82fd-4379-b21d-835158a19957 2
Visual Servoed Autonomous Landing on a Surface Vessel, file e268c4cc-9a73-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Analysis of Hybrid Cable-Thruster actuated ROV in heavy lifting interventions, file 0bc78bec-6cd5-4273-ba06-c9711127b313 1
Shock Absorption Capacity of High-Performance Polymers for Dental Implant-Supported Restorations: In Vitro Study, file 99a307b2-e726-40b6-95dc-ab2734450cd8 1
Analysis of the Accuracy of a LBL-based Underwater Localization Procedure, file e268c4c7-0ee8-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
A robotic platform for underwater assisted manipulation, file e268c4ca-5c14-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Geotechnical Surveys with Cooperative Autonomous Marine Vehicles: the EC WiMUST project, file e268c4cc-d3e8-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
WiMUST: A cooperative marine robotic system for autonomous geotechnical surveys, file e268c4cd-0c89-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Experimental validation of the modeling and control of a multibody underwater vehicle manipulator system for sea mining exploration, file e268c4cd-0c8b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Underwater acoustic source localization using a multi-robot system: the DAMPS project, file e268c4ce-446a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
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