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Supercritical assisted process for the encapsulation of olive pomace extract into liposomes 112
Control of liposomes diameter at micrometric and nanometric level using a supercritical assisted technique 105
A versatile supercritical assisted process for the one-shot production of liposomes 99
α-Tocopherol nanosuspensions produced using a supercritical assisted process 96
Dependence of SAS particle morphologies on the ternary phase equilibria 93
Palmitoylethanolamide sub-micronization using fast precipitation followed by supercritical fluids extraction 90
Production of solid lipid nanoparticles with a supercritical fluid assisted process 89
Instantaneous coprecipitation of polymer/drug microparticles using the supercritical assisted injection in a liquid antisolvent 88
Supercritical CO2assisted liposomes formation: Optimization of the lipidic layer for an efficient hydrophilic drug loading 87
Efficient encapsulation of proteins in submicro liposomes using a supercritical fluid assisted continuous process 87
Injectable PLGA/Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Microcapsules Produced by Supercritical Emulsion Extraction Technology: An In Vitro Study on Teriparatide/Gentamicin Controlled Release 87
Synergistic effect of sustained release of growth factors and dynamic culture on osteoblastic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells 84
An Engineered Multiphase Three-Dimensional Microenvironment to Ensure the Controlled Delivery of Cyclic Strain and Human Growth Differentiation Factor 5 for the Tenogenic Commitment of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells 83
Supercritical assisted injection in a liquid antisolvent for PLGA and PLA microparticle production 83
Supercritical fluids applications in nanomedicine 81
Encapsulation of Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Compounds in Nanosomes Produced with a Supercritical Based Process 81
Polycaprolactone/nimesulide patches obtained by a one-step supercritical foaming + impregnation process 80
Production of liposomes loaded with antioxidants using a supercritical CO2assisted process 80
PVP microparticles precipitation from acetone-ethanol mixtures using SAS process: Effect of phase behavior 78
A Supercritical Fluid-Based Process for the Production of Fluorescein-Loaded Liposomes 76
Nanoparticle precipitation by Supercritical Assisted Injection in a Liquid Antisolvent 73
Liposomes preparation using a supercritical fluid assisted continuous process 72
Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) sub-microparticles produced by Supercritical Assisted Injection in a Liquid Antisolvent 70
Monodisperse biopolymer nanoparticles by Continuous Supercritical Emulsion Extraction 70
Solvent elimination from polymer nanoparticle suspensions by continuous supercritical extraction 70
Liposomes Size Engineering by Combination of Ethanol Injection and Supercritical Processing 69
Encapsulation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in PLA microspheres using supercritical emulsion extraction to produce bactericidal nanocomposites 67
Supercritical fluids based techniques to process pharmaceutical products difficult to micronize: Palmitoylethanolamide 66
Preparation of Stable Aqueous Nanodispersions of β-Carotene by Supercritical Assisted Injection in a Liquid Antisolvent 66
PLGA Microdevices for Retinoids Sustained Release Produced by Supercritical Emulsion Extraction: Continuous Versus Batch Operation Layouts 66
Supercritical assisted process for the efficient production of liposomes containing antibiotics for ocular delivery 61
Au-PLA nanocomposites for photothermally controlled drug delivery 61
Bioactives extraction from spent coffee grounds and liposome encapsulation by a combination of green technologies 55
A Supercritical assisted process for the production of amoxicillin loaded liposomes for anti-microbial applications 51
Operating Parameters Optimization for the Production of Liposomes Loaded with Antibodies Using a Supercritical Fluid-Assisted Process 48
Produzione e caratterizzazione di nanoparticelle polimeriche per il rilascio controllato di proteine modello 47
Antioxidant loaded emulsions entrapped in liposomes produced using a supercritical assisted technique 45
Lipid nanoparticles production by supercritical fluid assisted emulsion–diffusion 44
SuperLip process for the production of liposomes loaded with antioxidant compounds. 42
Bio-film antimicrobici per imballaggi attivi ottenuti attraverso il processo di electrospinning 42
Biopolymer particles for protein and peptides sustained release produced by supercritical emulsion extraction 41
Liposomes encapsulation of antioxidants from spent coffee ground extracts 41
Efficient gram-scale continuous production of near-infrared-sensitive liposomes for light-triggered delivery of polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid 41
Operative parameters optimization production of liposomes for the encapsulation of hydrophilic compounds using a new supercritical process 40
An Economic Analysis of SuperLip Process for the Large Scale Production of Liposomes 39
Encapsulation of hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds in nanosomes produced with a supercritical based processes 39
Liposomes Preparation using a New Supercritical Fluid Assisted Continuous Process 36
Continuous Supercritical emulsion extraction for the production of nanostructured PLA light-sensitive devices 36
Il processo di iniezione assistita da fluidi supercritici in antisolvente liquido per la produzione di sospensioni di nanoparticelle 36
Spent coffee grounds valorization for food packaging pouposes: non-conventional extraction, product stabilization and antioxidant activity evaluation 36
Bioactive alginate scaffolds and dynamic bioreactor for hMSC osteogenic differentiation 35
Supercritical fluid extraction of emulsions to produce biopolymers micro and nano particles 34
A supercritical assisted process for the production of dye loaded liposomes for leather treatment 34
Zein/luteolin microparticles formation using a supercritical fluids assisted technique 34
Biomaterials for food packaging: Innovations from natural sources 34
Tissue Engineering Using Supercritical Fluids Based Technology 33
Produzione di liposomi caricati con teofillina, studio e ottimizzazione della composizione del doppio strato lipidico 33
Studio comparativo di differenti tecniche di micro e nano-incapsulamento per la stabilizzazione dell’estratto di Hibiscus sabdariffa 32
Leather dyeing using a new liposome-based process assisted by dense gas technology 32
Liposome production using a new supercritical fluid based process: optimization of the composition of the lipidic bilayer for efficient theophylline encapsulation. 31
Zein/luteolin coprecipitated particles production using a supercritical fluids assisted processes 31
Liposomes Production by Ethanol Injection and Solvent Elimination by Supercritical CO2 30
PCL nanoparticle suspensions production by Supercritical Assisted Injection in a Liquid Antisolvent 30
Supercritical extraction of O/W emulsions for the production of biodegradable microcarriers for liposolubile vitamins delivery 30
Supercritical Emulsion Extraction Technology for the Production of "Smart" Micro and Nano Carriers 29
Preparation, Characterization and Stability Evaluation of Alpha-Tocopherol Nanosuspensions Produced using a New Supercritical Assisted Process 29
Bevacizumab encapsulation into PLGA nanoparticles functionalized with immunouteroglobin-1 as an innovative delivery system for atherosclerosis 28
Liposomes preparation using a new supercritical continuous technique 28
Produzione di liposomi caricati con fluoresceina usando un nuovo processo con fluidi supercritici 27
Bevacizumab-controlled delivery from polymeric microparticle systems as interesting tools for pathologic angiogenesis diseases 26
Supercritical Assisted Injection in a Liquid Antisolvent to produce micro and nanoparticles 25
Innovations in smart packaging concepts for food: An extensive review 25
Innovative nanotools for vascular drug delivery: The atherosclerosis case study 25
Rotor-Stator Emulsification in the Turbulent Inertial Regime: Experiments toward a Robust Correlation for the Droplet Size 22
Optimization of PCL polymeric films as potential matrices for the loading of alpha-tocopherol by a combination of innovative green processes 22
Zein electrospun fibers purification and vanillin impregnation in a one-step supercritical process to produce safe active packaging 21
Antioxidants entrapment in polycaprolactone microparticles using supercritical assisted injection in a liquid antisolvent 20
Economic analysis of a new business for liposome manufacturing using a high-pressure system 20
Spent coffee grounds extract for active packaging production 19
Zein and Spent Coffee Grounds Extract as a Green Combination for Sustainable Food Active Packaging Production: An Investigation on the Effects of the Production Processes 18
Polycaprolactone sub-micrometric fibers optimization for primary packaging loaded with fatty acids as natural phase change materials 18
Poly (Lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles and nanoliposomes for protein delivery in targeted therapy: A comparative in vitro study 18
A supercritical assisted process for the production of amoxicillin loaded liposomes for anti-microbial applications 18
Encapsulation of Hibiscus sabdariffa Extract into Zein Nanoparticles 17
Production of Vanillin-Loaded Zein Sub-micron Electrospun Fibers for Food Packaging Applications 17
Improvement of Natural Polymeric Films Properties by Blend Formulation for Sustainable Active Food Packaging 15
High-Pressure Technologies for the Recovery of Bioactive Molecules from Agro-Industrial Waste 15
Extraction and bioprocessing with supercritical fluids 14
Vapor–Liquid Equilibria of Quaternary Systems of Interest for the Supercritical Antisolvent Process 10
High sensitivity measurements of gas transport through films for food packaging and the O2 adsorption issue 10
Environmental and sustainability analysis of a supercritical carbon dioxide-assisted process for pharmaceutical applications 7
Potential Use of PLA-Based Films Loaded with Antioxidant Agents from Spent Coffee Grounds for Preservation of Refrigerated Foods 6
Liposomes: From bangham to supercritical fluids 6
Experimental Study of Water Jet Break-Up in an Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 5
Editorial Overview of the Special Issue "Innovation in Chemical Plant Design" 3
Effects of Different Cooking Methods on Glycemic Index, Physicochemical Indexes, and Digestive Characteristics of Two Kinds of Rice 3
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