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Stability and Robustness Analysis of a Two Layered Hierarchical Architecture for the Closed Loop Control of Robots in the Operational Space 154
A decentralized closed-loop solution to the routing problem in networks 148
A new approach to the performance analysis of closed queueing networks 143
Task priority control of underwater intervention systems: Theory and applications 143
Robust global stabilization of an underactuated marine vehicle on a linear course by smooth time invariant feedback 141
Nonlinear Time-invariant Feedback Control of an Underactuated marine Vehicle along a Straight Course 138
Design and analysis of a MAC-layer protocol for a car-to-infrastructure packet radio network 138
Manipulators Trajectory Tracking with Reduced Order Velocity Observers 136
On the Existence of Stationary Optimal receding-Horizon Strategies for Dynamic Teams with Common Past Information Structures 135
On stationary optimal strategies for team LQG control problems 135
Closed Loop Steering of Unicycle-Like Vehicles via Lyapunov techniques 135
Combined learning and identification techniques in the control of robotic manipulators 134
A task priority approach to cooperative mobile manipulation: Theory and experiments 133
A model for combined user premises/local exchange dynamic bandwidth assignment in broad-band communication networks 132
An adaptive multiple access protocol for a packet radio network of mobile and fixed stations 131
On a closed loop time invariant position control solution for an underactuated 3D underwater vehicle: implementation, stability and robustness considerations 131
Optimal strategies for real-time determination of the next job's class in a single machine with setup times and controllable processing times 130
Independent stations algorithm for the maximization of one-step throughput in a multiaccess channel 129
Closed Loop Control of 3D Underactuated Vehicles via Velocity Field Tracking 129
Analysis of deterministic discrete event systems via minimax algebra 129
Decentralized Scalable Dynamic Load Balancing among Virtual Network Slice Instantiations 129
Adaptive bandwidth assignment in a TDM network with hybrid frames 123
A decentralized team routing strategy among telecom operators in an energy-aware network 123
Hybrid learning control for Constrained manipulators 122
Decentralized optimal control of Markov chains with a common past information set 122
Perturbation Analysis of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems via Minimax Algebra 122
Stability and Convergence Properties of a Learning Technique for the Control of Robotic Systems 122
Coordination and control of a team of mobile robots 121
Approximate performance and sensitivity analysis of closed queueing networks 120
Decentralized supervisory control of a set of mobile robots 120
Performance evaluation and comparisons of the R-ISA multiaccess protocol for packet radio 119
Closed Loop Smooth Steering of Unicycle-like Vehicles 117
A parametric optimization approach to admission control and bandwidth assignment in hybrid TDM networks 116
Development of optimal routing policies in a queueing network 115
Smooth Attitude Feedback Control with Non-Holonomic Constraints 115
Application of Learning techniques in the hybrid control of mechanical manipulators 114
Decentralized strategies for input flow routing in computer communication networks 113
Threshold policies minimizing customer mean flow time in simple (out-tree) queueing networks 113
Multiple choices in assignment and sequencing for discrete event dynamic systems using minimax algebra 113
Dynamic routing, teams and neural networks in communications 112
A planar path following controller for underactuated marine vehicles 112
On dynamic control of transportation systems in a manufacturing environment 111
A Simple Class of Functions for the analysis/optimization of robotic motions 109
Contact Force canonical Decomposition and the Role of Internal Forces in Robust grasp Planning Problems 109
Use of neural networks in the solution of the control problem for a team of mobile robots 109
Attitude Feedback Control: Unconstrained and Non-holonomic constrained cases 109
On the existence of stationary team-optimal strategies for the maximization of the average expected throughput in a multiple access broadcast channel 109
Hybrid Learning Control techniques for the Manipulation of Rigid Objects 109
Radio_ISA_Net: a centralized single-hop packet radio network for PC-to-mainframe interconnection 108
Decentralized dynamic routing as a Markov chain optimization problem 108
Optimal Strategies for Multiclass Job Scheduling on a Single Machine With Controllable Processing Times 106
Guidance of 3D Underwater non Holonomic Vehicle Via Projection on Holonomic Solutions 105
Smoothness of a Feedback Control Law for a Nonholonomic 3D Vehicle 105
A Learning Procedure for Position and Force control for constrained manipulators 105
A multiaccess scheme for the maximization of one-step throughput 104
A hierarchical scheme for capacity reallocation in the ISDN access 104
Grasp planning for the coordinated manipulation of rigid objects 104
Decomposition of decentralized access strategies for a broadcast channel 104
Optimal routing of customers with general independent interarrival times in deterministic parallel queues 103
Dynamic control of legged locomotion via a combined use of Learning and Variable Structure Techniques 103
Planar motion steering of underwater vehicles by exploiting drag coefficient modulation 102
A simple Markov Chain for the extended Collatz problem 101
Analysis of the golf swing with a triple pendulum model 101
Dexterous Manipulation of rigid objects using Learning Hybrid Control Techniques 100
A feasible approach to dynamic routing in networks based on distributed computation 99
The dispatching problem for congested parallel queues 97
Optimization of capacity allocation among users and services in integrated networks 97
Task Space Robot Control: Convergence Analysis and Gravity Compensation Via Integral Feedback 93
I simulatori nei sistemi integrati di produzione 92
Perturbation analysis of discrete event dynamic systems for routing and scheduling optimization 91
Steering Marine Vehicles: a Drag Coefficient Modulation Approach 91
Optimal Decentralized Routing for a class of queueing networks 90
Contact Force Decomposition for the Grasping of Rigid Objects 89
Grasp force planning for the coordinated manipulation of rigid objects 89
Multiclass closed queueing networks with deterministic service times and finite local buffers: an approximate performace analysis method 89
A triple pendulum robotic model and a set of simple parametric functions for the analysis of the golf swing 87
Closed-Loop Control of Unicycle-like Vehicles via Lyapunov-Lyke Techniques 85
Coordination and Control of a Team of Mobile Robots 85
Combined scheduling and routing in discrete manufacturing systems 85
On closed-loop routing strategies in Flexible Manufacturing Systems with different priority classes of workpieces 84
A comparative analysis of real-time policies for scheduling and routing in discrete manufacturing systems 84
On the optimality of decentralized threshold quasi-stationary routing policies in complex deterministic networks 83
On the stabilization of the unicycle model projecting a holonomic solution 82
Motion Learning in robotized mechanical systems 82
Detaching Phenomena in the Learning Control of Rigid Objects 82
Closed-Loop Steering for Unicycle-like Vehicles: a Simple Lyapunov-Lyke Approach 82
Determination of optimal control strategies for TSP by dynamic programming 80
On the existence of stationary decentralized access strategies for a multiaccess channel 79
Vehicle Manoeuvring and Multiarm Motion Coordination within Grasping Operations 77
Dynamic routing policies in communication networks: the finite buffer case 76
Alternative assignment and sequencing selection in a deterministic discrete-event system by means of the minimax algebra approach 74
Reduced Order Velocity Observers for Stable Manipulator Tracking 74
Scheduling of different jobs in a single machine with controllable processing times 73
On team strategies for dynamic routing in packet-switched communication networks 72
Real time decentralized control of mobile robots 70
Minimizing the customers mean flow time in simple queue networks: upper and lower bounds 70
Optimality of threshold policies in a simple deterministic network 69
Optimal routing in a simple network with deterministic arrivals and service times 69
On closed-loop routing policies in discrete manufacturing systems modelled as queueing networks 67
Moving base multiarm systems: coordination within object manipulation 65
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