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A dataset of stereoscopic images and ground-truth disparity mimicking human fixations in peripersonal space 127
null 116
Assessment of stereoscopic depth perception in augmented reality environments based on low-cost technologies 111
A cortical model for binocular vergence control without explicit calculation of disparity 111
Vergence control learning through real V1 disparity tuning curves 111
null 111
A neuromorphic control module for real-time vergence eye movements on the iCub robot head. 110
A Neural Model for Coordinated Control of Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of the Eyes in Three-Dimensional Space 110
A stereoscopic augmented reality system for the veridical perception of the 3D scene layout 109
Autonomous learning of disparity-vergence behaviour through distributed coding and population reward: Basic mechanisms and real-world conditioning on a robot stereo head 97
How a Population-based Representation of Binocular Visual Signal Can Intrinsically Mediate Autonomous Learning of Vergence Control 96
Assessment of the visuo-motor coordination in the peripersonal space through augmented reality environments 96
Learning Eye Vergence Control from a Distributed Disparity Representation 96
Vector Disparity Sensor with Vergence Control for Active Vision Systems 95
Embedding Fixation Constraints into Binocular Energy-based Models of Depth Perception 93
The Perspective Geometry of the Eye: Toward Image-Based Eye-Tracking 91
Population coding for a reward-modulated Hebbian learning of vergence control 88
Learning a compositional hierarchy of disparity descriptors for 3D orientation estimation in an active fixation setting 88
A Hierarchical System for a Distributed Representation of the Peripersonal Space of a Humanoid Robot 87
Veridical Perception of 3D Objects in a Dynamic Stereoscopic Augmented Reality System 87
Adaptive read-out mechanisms of disparity population codes: reaching the theoretical disparity-size correlation limit with minimal binocular resources 85
null 85
null 85
Read-out rules for short-latency disparity-vergence responses from populations of binocular energy units: the effect of vertical disparities 81
null 80
Early Perception-Action Cycles in Binocular Vision: Visuomotor Paradigms and Cortical-like Architectures 80
Empirical horopter explained by the statistics of disparity patterns in natural space 78
A neural model for binocular vergence control without explicit calculation of disparity 74
Reading binocular energy population codes for short-latency disparity-vergence eye movements 74
A cortical model for vergence control: advantages of space-variant geometry of the cortical domain 65
Statistical disparity patterns experienced by an active observer in the peripersonal space 56
Binocular Vision Statistics in the Peripersonal Space: The Active Observer Perspective 51
Emerging spatial competences: From machine perception to sensorimotor intelligence 12
The saccade main sequence revised: A fast and repeatable tool for oculomotor analysis 10
Calibrated depth and color cameras for accurate 3D interaction in a stereoscopic augmented reality environment 9
The active side of stereopsis: Fixation strategy and adaptation to natural environments 8
Convolutional Network for Vergence Control 6
A Portable Bio-Inspired Architecture for Efficient Robotic Vergence Control 1
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