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Interfacing 3D engineered neuronal cultures to micro-electrode arrays: An innovative in vitro experimental model 140
A novel algorithm for precise identification of spikes in extracellularly recorded neuronal signals 126
Identification of excitatory-inhibitory links and network topology in large-scale neuronal assemblies from multi-electrode recordings 121
Axon-somatic back-propagation in detailed models of spinal alpha motoneurons 120
Functional connectivity and dynamics of cortical–thalamic networks co-cultured in a dual compartment device 119
Self-organized criticality in cortical assemblies occurs in concurrent scale-free and small-world networks 118
Binary matrices and simplicial complexes: an algebraic-statistics tool to analyze co-activation of electrophysiological signals in cortical cultures 113
Interfacing in silico and in vitro neuronal networks 109
ISFET-neuron junction: circuit models and extracellular signal simulations 108
Soft chitosan microbeads scaffold for 3D functional neuronal networks 108
From functional to structural connectivity using partial correlation in neuronal assemblies 106
3D engineered neural networks coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays: development of an innovative in-vitro experimental model for neurophysiological studies 104
Evaluation of the Performance of Information Theory-Based Methods and Cross-Correlation to Estimate the Functional Connectivity in Cortical Networks 101
Criticality as a signature of healthy neural systems 101
null 99
Modeling CarbonNanoTube-ISFET junction to investigate Electrophysiological Neuronal Activity 98
Effects of short-term synaptic plasticity mechanisms on the dynamics of the network conductances 98
null 97
Emergence of critical dynamics in large-scale in vitro cortical networks 97
Functional connectivity in cultured cortical networks during development: Comparison between correlation and information theory-based algorithms 96
An automated microdrop delivery system for neuronal network patterning on microelectrode arrays 95
An experimental approach towards the development of an in vitro cortical-thalamic co-culture model 95
Helix neuronal ensembles with controlled cell type composition and placement develop functional polysynaptic circuits on Micro-Electrode Arrays 93
Acoustic stimulation can induce a selective neural network response mediated by piezoelectric nanoparticles 93
A Neuromorphic Prosthesis to Restore Communication in Neuronal Networks 93
Activity modulation elicited by electrical stimulation in networks of dissociated cortical neurons 92
In vitro studies of neuronal networks and synaptic plasticity in invertebrates and in mammals using multielectrode arrays 92
Interfacing cultured neurons to microtransducers arrays: A review of the neuro-electronic junction models 92
Network plasticity in cortical assemblies 91
Extracellular recordings from locally dense microelectrode arrays coupled to dissociated cortical cultures 91
SpiCoDyn: A Toolbox for the Analysis of Neuronal Network Dynamics and Connectivity from Multi-Site Spike Signal Recordings 91
ToolConnect: A Functional Connectivity Toolbox for In vitro Networks 90
Editorial: Closed-loop systems for next-generation neuroprostheses 90
In vitro homogeneous and heterogeneous interconnected neuronal cultures: exploring expressed dynamics and functional connectivity 89
Cultured neurons coupled to microelectrode arrays: Circuit models, simulations and experimental data 87
Investigation of Extracellular Signal Shapes Recorded by Planar Metal Microelectrodes Covered With Carbon Nanotubes: Modeling and Simulations 86
A new connectivity toolbox to infer topological features of in-vitro neural networks 86
null 85
Partial correlation analysis for functional connectivity studies in cortical networks 85
A topological study of repetitive co-activation networks in in vitro cortical assemblies 85
Reconstruction of Functional Connectivity from Multielectrode Recordings and Calcium Imaging 84
null 82
An FPGA platform for real-time simulation of spiking neuronal networks 82
Modeling the neuron-to-carbon nanotubes interface 82
Modular versus uniform cultured neuronal networks: a modeling study 80
Multi-program approach for simulating recorded extracellular signals generated by neurons coupled to microelectrode arrays 80
Criticality in cortical ensembles is supported by complex functional networks 79
Structurally and functionally interconnected 3D in vitro neuronal assemblies coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays 79
Modelling small-patterned neuronal networks coupled to micro-electrode arrays 78
Simplicial complex and Betti numbers to characterize co-activation patterns in cortical cultures 78
Neuronal cultures coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays as a new tool for neurotoxicological evaluation 77
Functional connectivity in in vitro neuronal assemblies 75
Equivalent Circuit of the Neuro-Electronic Junction for Signal Recordings From Planar and Engulfed Micro-Nano-Electrodes 75
High-frequency electrical stimulation promotes reshaping of the functional connections and synaptic plasticity in in vitro cortical networks 73
A single Markov-type kinetic model accounting for the macroscopic currents of all human voltage-gated sodium channel isoforms 72
null 68
Local extracellular recordings from high density microelectrode arrays coupled to dissociated cortical neuronal cultures. 66
A toolbox for dynamic and connectivity CP analysis of neuronal spike trains data 50
null 49
Loopomics: explaining the complexity of life by conjugating physiology and control theory 48
Neurotossicità: nuovi metodi basati su colture neuronali e matrici di microelettrodi 43
Dinamica e connettività in reti corticali in-vitro 34
Nanomaterial-Assisted Acoustic Neural Stimulation 26
Three-dimensionality shapes the dynamics of cortical interconnected to hippocampal networks 23
Driving neuronal network connectivity with a modular alginate mask 22
On the road to the brain-on-a-chip. A review on strategies, methods, and applications 21
Thresholding Functional Connectivity Matrices to Recover the Topological Properties of Large-Scale Neuronal Networks 20
Exploring the Contribution of Thalamic and Hippocampal Input on Cortical Dynamics in a Brain-on-a-Chip Model 19
Characterization of the spiking and bursting activity of the subthalamic nucleus in patients with Parkinson's disease 19
Functional Inhibitory Connections Modulate the Electrophysiological Activity Patterns of Cortical-Hippocampal Ensembles 16
Approximate Entropy of Spiking Series Reveals Different Dynamical States in Cortical Assemblies 15
Neural response to acoustic stimulation mediated by piezoelectric nanoparticles 14
Brain-on-a-Chip: Dream or Reality? 12
Network dynamics of 3D engineered neuronal cultures: a new experimental model for in-vitro electrophysiology 6
In vitro large-scale experimental and theoretical studies for the realization of bi-directional brain-prostheses 6
Modelling recurrent discharge in the spinal alpha-motoneuron: Reappraisal of the F wave 5
Thalamocortical bistable switch as a theoretical model of fibromyalgia pathogenesis inferred from a literature survey 4
Low-noise low-power CMOS preamplifier for multisite extracellular neuronal recordings 4
NEUVISION: A novel simulation environment to model spontaneous and stimulus-evoked activity of large-scale neuronal networks 4
Selective modulation of chemical and electrical synapses of Helix neuronal networks during in vitro development 1
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