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A new route to thiopyran S,S-dioxide derivatives via an overall ring-enlargement protocol from 3-nitrothiophene 163
alpha-Oxohydrazones as Imine Component in the Synthesis of 4-Functionalized Azetidinones by the Staudinger Reaction 147
Naphthylnitrobutadienes as pharmacologically active molecules: evaluation of the in vivo antitumour activity 141
A straight access to functionalized carbazoles by tandem reaction between indole and nitrobutadienes 139
Crystal structure of (1E, 3E)-4-methylthio-2-nitro-3-phenylsulfonyl-1-pyrrolidino-1,3-butadiene, C15H18N2O4S. 137
Highly-substituted pyrazoles and pyridazines by MIRC reactions of hydrazone anions and nitrobutadienic fragments 134
Butadienic building blocks from 2-nitrothiophene as precursors of nitrogen heterocycles: intriguing dichotomic behavior 129
Synthesis of Poly-Functionalized Pyrazoles and Pyridazines from Nitrobutadienes: an Interesting Dichotomy of Practical Relevance 129
On the behavior of bis(sulfonyl)nitrobutadienes towards primary amines: a convenient access to 1-alkyl-2-aryl-4-(phenylsulfonyl)pyrroles 126
Identification of thiol from 11-(9-Carbazolyl)-1-undecyldisulfide by NMR spectroscopy and single step coating of gold nanoparticles. 125
From β-nitrothiophenes to ring-fused nitrobenzenes: an overall ring-enlargement process via a facile, aromatization-driven, thermal 6π electrocyclization 124
Sensitivity of different resistant tumour cell lines to the two novel compounds (2Z,4E)-2-methylsulfanyl-5-(1-naphthyl)-4-nitro-2,4-pentadienoate and (1E,3E)-1,4-bis(2-naphthyl)-2,3-dinitro-1,3-butadiene 124
Design, synthesis, and in vitro evaluation of new naphthylnitrobutadienes with potential antiproliferative activity: Toward a structure/activity correlation 123
Access to 2,3-diaryl-4-nitrothiochroman S,S-dioxides from 3-nitrobenzo[b]thiophene 123
Uncommon 1,2 Migration of a Nitrogroup within a β Nitrostyryl Moiety: Synthetic Scope and Mechanistic Details 122
An Original Route to Newly-Functionalized Indoles and Carbazoles Starting from the Ring-Opening of Nitrothiophenes 121
Synthesis of a disulfide functionalized diacetylenic derivative of carbazole as building-block of polymerizable self-assembled monolayers. 119
Ring-Opening/Ring-Closing Protocols from Nitrothiophenes: Easy Access toN-Fused Pyrroles through a Tandem 1,6-H Shift/6?-Electrocyclization 119
Easy access to 4-nitrothiochroman S,S-dioxides via ring-enlargement from 3-nitrobenzo[b]thiophene 117
Oxidative nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen versus ring-opening in the reaction of 4-R-2-nitrothiophenes with amines. The crucial effect of 4-alkyl groups 113
The reaction of 3,4-dinitrothiophene with Grignard reagents: formation of 2-(3-amino-4-nitrothiophen-2-yl)phenols 112
Novel quaternary ammonium-functionalized diacetylenes: their synthesis and photopolymerization. 111
Nitrobutadienes from β-Nitrothiophenes: Valuable Building-Blocks in the Overall Ring-Opening / Ring-Closure Protocol to Homo- or Hetero-cycles 103
Italian Project: The Museum of Chemistry, From the Past to the Future through the Lab 103
Ring-opening/Ring-closing protocols from nitrothiophenes: six-membered versus unusual eight-membered sulfur heterocycles through Michael-type addition on nitrobutadienes 99
Strategies for improving the water solubility of new antitumour nitronaphthylbutadiene derivatives 99
New Synthetic Routes to Heterocycles from the ring-openingof 2- or 3-nitrothiophenes 97
Museum&Lab Projects at the Museo di Chimica – DCCI, Genoa University 97
Densely Functionalized 2-Methylideneazetidines from Nitrodienic Building Blocks 97
Self-assembly and photopolymerization of a novel quaternary-ammonium functionalized diacetylene on noble metal nanoparticles: A comparative study 96
1,4-bis(1-naphtyl)-2,3-dinitro-1,3 butadiene a novel anticancer compound effective against tumor cell lines characterized by different mechanisms of resistance. 95
Synthesis of indoles and carbazoles from the nitrobutadienic building-blocks deriving from the ring-opening of nitrothiophenes 92
Nitrobutadienes as powerful benzannulating agents: An unprecedented easy access to rare nitroindoles 91
Sequential Annulations to Interesting Novel Pyrrolo[3,2-c]carbazoles 89
Synthesis of fluorescent, triangular gold nanoplates through surface capping by a cationic diacetylene 89
Comportamento Non-benzenoide del 3,4-Dinitrotiofene con Reattivi di Grignard: Formazione di 3-ammino-2-(2-idrossiaril)-4-nitrotiofeni 88
MIRC reactions of hydrazone anions and nitrobutadienes: an easy access to highly-substituted pyrazoles and pyridazines 88
Synthesis, in vitro activity and in vivo toxicity of the new 2,3-dinitrobutadiene derivative (1E,3E)-1,4-bis(2-naphthyl)-2,3-dinitro-1,3-butadiene 88
One more substituent makes the difference! 85
Scienza: dalla storia al futuro 82
Access to ring-fused homo- and hetero-aromatic derivatives via an initial ring-opening of 3-nitro-4-(phenylsulphonyl)thiophene 80
Anticancer activity of 1,4-bis(1-naphthyl)-2,3-dinitro-1,3-butadiene: current state of the research. 80
Dinitrobutadienic Building-Blocks from the Ring-Opening of 3,4-Dinitrothiophene: New Perspectives 80
Comportamento Non-benzenoide del 3,4-Dinitrotiofene con Reattivi di Grignard: Formazione di 3-ammino-2-(2-idrossiaril)-4-nitrotiofeni. 79
Harvesting heterocycles in a field seeded with nitrothiophenes 79
Nitrobutadienes from β-nitrothiophenes: valuable building-blocks in the overall ring-opening / ring-closure protocol to homo- or hetero-cycles 79
Omo- ed Etero-cicli da Building-blocks Nitrovinilici: Nitrotiocromani e Tiocromanoni dal 3-Nitrobenzo[b]tiofene 77
On the Variegate Behaviour of 3-, 4-, and 5-alkyl Substituted 2-Nitrothiphenes Towards Nucleophiles 77
Original Syntheses of Polyfunctionalized N-Heterocycles: in Search for New Pharmacologically-active Molecules 76
2,3-Dinitro-1,3-butadienes as versatile building-blocks from the ring-opening of 3,4-dinitrothiophene 75
Sensitivity of Resistant Tumor Cell Lines to Novel Nitrobutadiene Compounds Deriving from the Ring-opening of Nitrothiophenes 74
Versatile nitrobutadienic building-blocks from the ring opening of 2- and 3-nitrothiophenes 74
Ring-opening / Ring-closure Behaviour of Nitroactivated Thiophenes and Benzothiophenes. Experimental Results and Related Theoretical Calculations 71
Homo and Hetero-cycles via the Ring-Opening / Ring-Closure Protocol from 2-Nitrothiophene. 71
Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMS) of Organic compounds on Metal Nanostructures as a Form of Nanotechnology. 71
Nitrobutadienes From the Ring-Opening of 2-Nitrothiophene: Electronic Effects on their Application as Precursors of Homo- and/or Hetero-cycles 69
Unprecedented 1,2-Migration of a Nitrogrup within an α-Aryl-β-nitroethenyl Moiety. 68
Progetti "Museo & Laboratorio" al Museo di Chimica di Genova 67
Synthesis of Homo- and Hetero-cycles via Ring-Opening / Ring-Closure Processes Exploiting the non-Benzenoid Behaviour of β-Nitrothiophenes 66
Novel metal-organic nanohybrids for plasmonic solar cells 64
Reazioni di 2-nitrotiofeni con ammine secondarie 63
The ‘Museo di Chimica’ of DCCI, Genoa University: A Case for a Multidisciplinary-Based Revitalization of Museum Objects 63
Nuovo approccio sintetico a isossazoline N-ossido 3,4- e 3,5-disostituite a partire da una iniziale apertura d’anello del 2-nitrotiofene 63
17O vs 13C NMR chemical shifts as effective indicators of π-electron-density distribution in hindered methyl benzoates 62
Polymerization studies of a novel ammonium-functionalized diacetylene self-assembled on metal nanoparticles 61
Long-chain Carboxylic Acids Bearing Fluorescent Groups as Building-Blocks of Self-assembled Monolayers (SAMs). 59
An unprecedented “reverse” 1,2-migration of a nitro group within an α-aryl-β-nitroethenyl moiety driven by steric and stereoelectronic effects 58
A quantum chemical investigation of electronic and optical properties of fullerene linked acceptors dyads by conjugated bridges. 58
Building-block derivanti dal 3,4-dinitrotiofene: progressi recenti. 56
Sintesi di composti eterociclici mediante espansione d’anello di nitrotiofeni: 3-aril-4-nitrotiocromani e 3-aril-4-tiocromanoni S,S-diossidi dal 3-nitrobenzo[b]tiofene. 56
Alfa-ossoidrazoni nella sintesi di azetidinoni 4-funzionalizzati attraverso la reazione di Staudinger. 56
Elettrociclizzazione ed addizione di Michael: dicotomia di comportamento nel processo di chiusura d’anello di building-blocks nitrobutadienici. 55
Building-block polifunzionalizzati dall’apertura d’anello del 3,4-dinitrotiofene: nuove prospettive applicative nella sintesi organica. 54
Nitrobutadieni derivati dall’apertura d’anello del 2-nitrotiofene: effetti elettronici nella loro applicazione come precursori di composti omo ed eterociclici. 54
Easy access to ring-fused pyrrole derivatives through a ring-opening/ring-closing protocol starting from 3-nitro-4-(phenylsulfonyl)thiophene 54
Building-block polifunzionalizzati dall’apertura d’anello del 3,4-dinitrotiofene: nuove prospettive applicative nella sintesi organica 53
Nuovo approccio sintetico a isossazoline n-ossido 3,4- e 3,5-disostituite a partire da una iniziale apertura d’anello del 2-nitrotiofene. 53
Comportamento non-benzenoide del 3,4-dinitrotiofene: formazione di 3-ammino-2-(2-idrossiaril)-4-nitrotiofeni per reazione con reattivi di Grignard. 53
Reazioni di 2-nitrotiofeni con ammine secondarie 52
Sintesi di composti eterociclici mediante espansione d’anello di nitrotiofeni: 3-aril-2-fenil-4-nitrotiocromani S,S-diossidi dal 3-nitrobenzo[b]tiofene. 52
Valutazione della tossicità e dell’attività antitumorale in vivo dell’1,4-bis(1-naftil)-2,3-dinitro-1,3-butadiene. 50
Non-Benzenoid Behaviour of 3,4-Dinitrothiophene with Grignard Reagents: Formation of 3-Amino-2-(2-hydroxy)-4-nitrothiophenes 49
Synthesis and Characterization of Long Chain Symmetrical Disulfides Bearing Cyclic-amine End Groups. 49
New synthetic routes to heterocycles from nitrothiophenes: Diels‐Alder processes on nitrobutadienes. 48
Recent advances in the use of conjugated nitro or dinitro-1,3-butadienes as building-blocks for the synthesis of heterocycles 48
Omo- ed Etero-cicli da Building-blocks Nitrobutadienici: Dicotomia di Comportamento di (Metilsolfonil)nitrobutadieni Derivanti dall’Apertura d’Anello di β-Nitrotiofeni 47
Sintesi di omo- ed etero-cicli mediante processi di apertura / chiusura d’anello a partire da nitrotiofeni. 47
New synthetic routes to heterocycles from nitrothiophenes: bis(heterocycles) from 2,3-dinitrobutadienes. 47
An appealing access to otherwise not easily attainable nitro-functionalized indoles 47
Reazioni d’espansione d’anello a partire da β-nitrotiofeni: una versatile metodologia per la sintesi di derivati omo- ed etero-ciclici. 46
Building-block polifunzionalizzati dall’apertura d’anello del 3,4-dinitrotiofene: nuove prospettive applicative nella sintesi organica 46
Building-blocks from 3,4-dinitrothiophene: recent advancements 46
null 45
Reazioni di 2-nitrotiofeni con ammine secondarie. 44
Sintesi di omo- ed etero-cicli attraverso processi di apertura/chiusura d’anello che sfruttano il comportamento non-benzenoide di β-nitrotiofeni 44
2‐Aryl‐3‐Vinyl Substituted Imidazo[1,2‐a]pyridines and Fluorescent Electrocyclization Derivatives therefrom 44
New organic building-blocks for self-assembly on nobile-metal nanostructures. 43
Functionalyzed Pyrazoles via Ring-opening / Ring-closing Protocols from Nitrothiophenes. 43
Synthesis of diacetylene-decorated, variously-shaped gold nanostructures for sensing and biomedical applications 43
On the Polyhedral Behaviour of Some Substituted 2-Nitrothiophenes with Different Nucleophiles 42
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