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Demand side response for frequency control in a regional power system 150
Performance evaluation of algorithms for the State of Charge estimation of storage devices in microgrid operation 135
Dynamic models for Distributed Energy Resources in a Microgrid environment 128
A New Filtering Approach for Continuous-Time Linear Systems with Delayed Measurements 126
A Kalman Filter Approach for Denoising and Deblurring 3-D Images by Multi-view Data 118
Coordinated contribution of wind turbines to frequency regulation by model predictive control 117
Quadratic filtering for non-Gaussian and not asymptotically stable linear discrete-time systems 116
Impact Analysis of Load Control to Frequency Regulation: the case of Sardinia in 2020 116
Internally positive representations and stability analysis of linear delay systems with multiple time-varying delays 113
Mixed-integer algorithm for optimal dispatch of integrated PV-storage systems 113
Robust Planar Tracking via a Virtual Measurement Approach 112
Optimal control of linear systems with large and variable input delays 111
A Stochastic Optimization Method for Planning and Real-Time Control of Integrated PV-Storage Systems: Design and Experimental Validation 111
Day-Ahead Planning and Real-Time Control of Integrated PV-Storage Systems by Stochastic Optimization 110
Feedback quadratic filtering 108
State Feedback Stabilization of Linear Systems with Unknown Input Time Delay 108
Delay identification for a class of nonlinear systems 106
A new method for the simultaneous estimation of state and delay in time delay systems 105
Stochastic modelling of aggregated thermal loads for impact analysis of demand side frequency regulation in the case of Sardinia in 2020 105
Frequency Regulation by Thermostatically Controlled Loads: a Technical and Economic Analysis 105
Joint state estimation and delay identification for nonlinear systems with delayed measurements 104
An efficient solution of the perspective problem via a suitable delay Riccati equation 103
Intentional islanding of Microgrid by frequency support with building HVAC system 102
Wind farm contribution to frequency regulation by distributed adaptive kinetic energy control 101
Frequency Regulation by Management of Building Cooling Systems through Model Predictive Control 100
Stabilization of strict-feedback nonlinear systems with input delay using closed-loop predictors 100
Frequency control services by a building cooling system aggregate 99
Filtering Continuous-Time Linear Systems with Time-Varying Measurement Delay 95
Filtering of Nonlinear Systems with Sampled Noisy Data by Output Injection 94
Output transformations and separation results for feedback linearisable delay systems 94
Memoryless Approach to the LQ and LQG Problems with Variable Input Delay 94
Equivalent modelling of reciprocating engines generators for microgrid frequency response analysis 94
Performance Analysis of Distributed Control Strategies for Frequency Regulation Support by Domestic Thermal Loads 92
Time‐Varying Input‐Output Inoperability Model 91
An Optimal Model-Based Control Technique to Improve Wind Farm Participation to Frequency Regulation 91
A hybrid filtering and maximum likelihood approach to SLAM 91
White Noise Solution for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems: In memory of A.V. Balakrishnan 88
Dynamic equivalent modelling of active distribution networks for TSO-DSO interactions 88
A Kalman Filter Approach for Denoising and Deblurring 3-D Microscopy Images 86
A new approach for planar tracking in a nongaussian setting 85
Mixed-Integer Algorithm for Optimal Dispatch of Integrated PV-Storage Systems 85
Day-Ahead and Intra-Day Planning of Integrated BESS-PV Systems providing Frequency Regulation 84
A new approach for deconvolution and filtering of 3-D microscopy images 83
Optimal polynomial filtering for planar tracking via virtual measurement process 80
Frequency regulation services by a BESS-generator system using predictive control 79
Synthetic Inertia and Primary Frequency Regulation Services by Domestic Thermal Loads 78
A separation theorem for a class of MIMO discrete-time nonlinear systems 74
Operational constrained nonlinear modeling and identification of active distribution networks 74
Controllo dei carichi termostatici per la sicurezza del sistema elettrico 70
Experimental Validation of a Dynamic Equivalent Model for Microgrids 67
Feedback polynomial filtering and control of non-Gaussian linear time-varying systems 64
Filtering of systems with nonlinear measurements with an application to target tracking 61
Characterization Methods for the State of Charge Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries 55
Cooperative Localization and SLAM Based on the Extended Information Filter 55
Experimental Validation of a Dynamic Equivalent Model for Microgrids 41
Optimal management of battery storage system 34
An Optimization Problem for Day-Ahead Planning of Electrical Energy Aggregators 33
Frequency stability assessment of modern power systems: Models definition and parameters identification 31
Filtering linear systems with large time-varying measurement delays 31
Optimal Positioning of PMUs for Fault Detection and Localization in Active Distribution Networks 31
Performance analysis of frequency regulation services provided by aggregates of domestic thermostatically controlled loads 27
Domestic Heat-Pump Water Heater Aggregates: A Contribution to Demand Flexibility 25
Stability analysis of the OSMOSE scenarios: Main findings, problems, and solutions adopted 22
Flexibility Evaluation of Domestic Electric Water Heater Aggregates 18
An Efficiency-Based Power Management Strategy for an Isolated Microgrid Project 15
Optimal linear and quadratic estimators for tracking from distance measurements 15
Optimal Management of a Smart Port with Shore-Connection and Hydrogen Supplying by Stochastic Model Predictive Control 13
Optimal Management of Renewable Generation and Uncertain Demand with Reverse Fuel Cells by Stochastic Model Predictive Control 13
Modelling and optimal management of renewable energy communities using reversible solid oxide cells 11
Coordinated Inertial Response Provision by Wind Turbine Generators: Effect on Power System Small-Signal Stability of the Sicilian Network 11
Equivalent Dynamic Modelling of Active Distribution Networks for TSO-DSO Interactions 10
Approccio probabilistico per la sicurezza 9
Flessibilità di Scaldacqua Elettrici e Pompe di Calore 8
Distribution Network Topology Identification by PMU-based State Estimation 7
Fault Detection and Localization in Active Distribution Networks using Optimally Placed Phasor Measurements Units 7
Methods and Tools for the Management of Renewable Energy Communities: the ComER project 5
Thermostatic load control for the safety of electrical system 5
Small-Signal Stability Analysis of a DC Shipboard Microgrid with Droop-Controlled Batteries and Constant Power Resources 5
Green Smart Port Energy System Design: Optimal Sizing 4
Equivalent dynamic modeling of active distribution networks for TSO-DSO interactions 4
PREDICT: piattaforma adattativa di efficienza energetica 3
Power System Stability Analysis of the Sicilian Network in the 2050 OSMOSE Project Scenario † 1
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