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Molecular Ordering and Adsorbate Induced Faceting in the Ag{110}-(S)-Glutamic Acid System 180
How Growing Conditions and Interfacial Oxygen Affect the Final Morphology of MgO/Ag(100) Films 175
Anisotropic Dispersion and Partial Localization of Acoustic Surface Plasmons on an Atomically Stepped Surface: Au(788) 170
Dynamics of the interaction of O2 with stepped and damaged Ag surfaces 167
Chemisorption dynamics in presence of well defined surface defects 163
Coverage dependence of the sticking probability of ethylene on Ag(410) 156
Oxygen interaction at Ag(511): from chemisorption to the initial stages of oxide formation 154
Morphology of Monolayer MgO Films on Ag(100): Switching from Corrugated Islands to Extended Flat Terraces 152
Stereoselectivity in catalytic reactions: CO oxidation on Pd(100) by rotationally aligned O2 molecules 150
Comment on “Adsorption of hydrogen and hydrocarbon molecules on SiC(001)” by Pollmann et al. (Surf. Sci. Rep. 69 (2014) 55–104) 144
S)-Glutamic Acid on Ag(100): Self-Assembly in the Nonzwitterionic Form 142
Substrate reconstruction and electronic surface states: Ag(001) 142
From adsorption at the surface to incorporation into subsurface sites: the role of steps for O/Ag 140
CO chemisorption at vacancies of supported graphene films: a candidate for a sensor? 139
Phase Transition of dissociatively adsorbed oxygen on Ag(001) 138
Accretion disc origin of the Earth's water 136
Interaction of rotationally aligned and of oriented molecules in gas phase and at surfaces 135
Influence of growing conditions on the reactivity of Ni supported graphene towards CO 133
Spontaneous Oxidation of Ni Nanoclusters on MgO Monolayers Induced by Segregation of Interfacial Oxygen 133
Morphology of monolayer MgO films on Ag(100): Switching from corrugated islands to extended flat terraces 132
Hydrogen-induced nanotunnel opening within semiconductor subsurface 132
Coverage dependence of the dynamics of ethylene adsorption on Ag(210) 132
Surface plasmon dispersion on sputtered and nanostructured Ag(001) 130
Common fingerprint of hydroxylated non-polar steps on MgO smoke and MgO films 130
Effect of surface interband transitions on surface plasmon dispersion: O/Ag(001) 129
Enhanced hydrolysis at monolayer MgO films 129
Spectroscopic Evidence for Neutral and Anionic Adsorption of (S)-Glutamic Acid on Ag(111) 129
High resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy study of O-Cu(410) 128
Subsurface Oxygen Stabilization by a Third Species: Carbonates on Ag(210) 128
Low-energy acoustic plasmons at metal surfaces 127
Sticking Probability and Reactivity of Hyperthermal O2 Molecules Impinging on CO Pre-covered Pd(100): Effect of Rotational States with K > 1 125
Unravelling the Role of Steps in Cu2O Formation via Hyperthermal O2 Adsorption at Cu(410) 124
Dynamics of Ethene Adsorption on Clean and C-Contaminated Cu(410) 123
Tuning the Stoichiometry of Surface Oxide Phases by Step Morphology: Ag(511) versus Ag(210) 121
Switching from molecular to dissociative adsorption with vibrational energy: ethylene on Ag(001) 119
Correlating hydrophobicity to surface chemistry of microstructured Aluminium surfaces 119
X-Ray photoemission study of the temperature-dependent CuO Formation on Cu(410) using an energetic O2 molecular beam 119
Formation of channels for oxygen migration towards subsurface sites by CO oxidation and growth of the surface oxide phase on Ag(001) 118
Dynamics of the gas-surface interaction in presence of well defined defects 116
Oxygen interaction with disordered and nanostructured Ag(001) surfaces 115
Unraveling the Self-Assembly of the (S)-Glutamic Acid “Flower” Structure on Ag(100) 115
O2 dissociation before the onset of added row nucleation on Ag(110): an atomistic scanning tunnelling microscopy view 115
Interaction of ethylene and oxygen with stepped Ag surfaces 112
Enhanced reactivity at metal-oxide interface: water interaction with MgO ultrathin films 111
Coupling scanning tunneling microscope and supersonic molecular beams: A unique tool for in situ investigation of the morphology of activated systems 111
Carbon Dioxide hydrogenation on Ni(110) 110
Dynamics of propene adsorption on Ag(001) 110
Acoustic Surface Plasmon Dispersion on Nanostructured Cu(111) 109
Role of Rotational alignment in Dissociative Chemisorption and Oxidation: O2 on bare and CO -precovered Pd(100) 109
Adatom Extraction from Pristine Metal Terraces by Dissociative Oxygen Adsorption: Combined STM and Density Functional Theory Investigation of O/Ag (110) 109
DFT Atomistic Thermodynamics Applied To Elucidate the Driving Force behind Glutamic Acid Self-Assemblies on Silver (100) Surface 109
Steering in non dissociative chemisorption: ethylene on Ag(410) 108
Heterolitic photolysis of O2 on Ag(001) 107
Stoichiometry-Dependent Chemical Activity of Supported MgO(100) Films 106
Pressure and temperature dependence of cuprous oxide nucleation on Cu(410) 105
Synthesis of corrugated C-based nanostructures by Br-corannulene oligomerization 104
Role of steps and terrace width in gas-surface interaction: O2 /Ag(410) 103
High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (HREELS): a sensitive and versatile surface tool 103
STM study of hydroxyl formation at O/Ag(110) 103
Initial sticking probability of O2 on Cu(410) 101
Selective Production of Reactive and Nonreactive Oxygen Atoms on Pd(001) by Rotationally Aligned Oxygen Molecules 100
Ethylene adsorption on clean and oxygen covered flat and stepped Ag(001) 99
Real time XPS investigation of the impact energy dependence of C2H4 adsorption on Ag(100) 98
Deciphering complex features in STM images of O adatoms on Ag(110) 98
From Vanadia Nanoclusters to Ultrathin Films on TiO2(110): Evolution of the Yield and Selectivity in the Ethanol Oxidation Reaction 93
“Bridging the structure gap: Surface Chemistry at well defined defects” 91
Self-Assembly of (S)-Glutamic Acid on Ag(100): A Combined LT-STM and Ab Initio Investigation 91
MgO/Ag(100): confined vibrational modes in the limit of ultrathin films 90
Supersonic Molecular Beams Studies of Surfaces 89
Direct Access to Subsurface Sites in Gas-Surface O2/Ag(210) interaction using supersonic molecular beams 89
Transient CO adsorption and the catalytic properties of surfaces 88
Phonons in Thin Oxide Films 87
Morphological characterization and electronic properties of pristine and oxygen-exposed graphene nanoribbons on Ag(110) 86
Monitoring super and subsurface oxygen on Ag(210) by high resolution XPS: subsurface diffusion and segregation 86
Carbon Dioxide activation and hydrogenation on Ni surfaces for organic synthesis 81
Vibrational fingerprint of the catalytically-active FeO2-x iron oxide phase on Pt(111) 80
Fabrication of Cu Oxides on Single Crystal Cu Surfaces using Hyperthermal O2 Molecular Beam 79
Hydrogen-assisted transformation of CO2 on nickel: the role of formate and carbon monoxide 78
Synthesis of graphene nanoribbons with a defined mixed edge-site sequence by surface assisted polymerization of (1,6)-dibromopyrene on Ag(110) 72
Tuning surface reactivity by in situ surface nanostructuring 72
Selective production of reactive and non reactive oxygen atoms on Pd(001) by rotationally aligned O2 molecules. 71
Oxygen vibrations in O-Ag(001) 61
Graphene growth on Ni(111) by CO exposure at near ambient pressure 56
Prominence of Terahertz Acoustic Surface Plasmon Excitation in Gas-Surface Interaction with Metals 50
Formation of diphenyl-bipyridine units by surface assisted cross coupling in Pd-cyclometalled complexes 44
Is graphene chemically inert? 43
Well-ordered surface metal atoms complexation by deposition of Pd cyclometallated compounds on Ag (1 1 0) 29
Intercalation and reactions of CO under single layer Graphene/Ni(111): the role of vacancies 23
REWoD-based Vibrational Energy Harvesting exploiting saline-solutions loaded PAAm hydrogels on micro-structured aluminium oxides electrodes 21
CO2 methanation vs reverse WGS activity on Co/γ-Al2O3 catalysts at atmospheric pressure: effect of cobalt loading and silica addition on selectivity and stability 20
3D conductive monolithic carbons from pyrolyzed bamboo for microfluidic self-heating system 19
Zr:CeO2 buffer by CSD on Ni-W substrate for low-cost Fe(Se,Te) coated conductor 7
3D Conductive monolithic carbons from pyrolyzed bamboo for microfluidic self-heating system 2
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