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Effect of physical constraints on the mechanisms of membrane fusion: bolaform lipid vesicles as model systems. 160
Amyloid fibrils formation and amorphous aggregation in concanavalin A 153
Artificial black membranes from bipolar lipids of thermophilic Archaebacteria. 137
Bipolar lipid vesicles: a model for Archaeobacteria membranes 135
Changes in the anisotropy of oriented membrane dynamics induced by myelin basic protein 135
Stability against temperature and external agents of vesicles composed of archaeal bolaform lipids and egg PC 133
Self-assembled monolayers of a novel diacetylene on gold 128
The (1-63) region of the p53 transactivation domain aggregates in vitro into cytotoxic amyloid assemblies 128
The influence of the lipid-protein interaction on the membrane dynamics 128
Structure and dynamics of a partially folded protein are decoupled from its mechanism of aggregation 128
Different ataxin-3 amyloid aggregates induce intracellular Ca2+ deregulation by different mechanisms in cerebellar granule cells 125
Self-assembled monolayers of organosulphur molecules bearing calix[4]arene moieties 125
Organization of monolayer-formed membranes made from archaeal ether lipids 124
Molecular packing parameters of bipolar lipids 124
Single living cell encapsulation in nano-organized polyelectrolyte shells 124
Photopigment Inducing Pores in Lipid Bilayer Membranes 123
Nanocapsules - a novel tool for medicine and science. 121
Measurement of the surface free energy of streptavidin crystals by atomic force microscopy 120
Electroporation in symmetric and asymmetric membranes 117
Morphology, mechanical properties and viability of encapsulated cells 117
A thermodynamic and structural study of myelin basic protein in lipid membrane models 116
Natively folded HypF-N and its early amyloid aggregates interact with phospholipid monolayers and destabilize supported phospholipid bilayers 116
Encapsulated yeast cells inside Paramecium primaurelia: a model system for protection capability of polyelectrolyte shells 116
An atomic force microscopy investigation of protein crystal surface topography 115
Azurin self-assembled monolayers characterized by coupling electrical impedance spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry 114
Crystals and cells as cores for polyelectrolyte nanocapsules studied by confocal, two-photon and atomic force microscopy 113
Asymmetric black membranes formed by one monolayer of bipolar lipids at the air-water interface 113
Microscopical characterization of nanocapsules templated on ionic crystals and biological cells towards bio-medical applications 112
A protective role for lipid raft cholesterol against amyloid-induced membrane damage in human neuroblastoma cells 109
Protein-membrane interaction: effect of myelin basic protein on the dynamics of oriented lipids 109
Polyelectrolyte fuzzy nanostructured shells for delivering of cells inside biological systems 109
Two-photon photolysis of 2-nitrobenzaldehyde monitored by fluorescent-labeled nanocapsules 107
Frontiers of Multifunctional Integrated Nanosystems 106
Structure and permeability properties of biomimetic membranes of bolaform archaeal tetraether lipids. 106
Linear response of a fluctuating lipid bilayer 106
Trehalose interacts with phospholipid polar heads in Langmuir monolayers 105
Organization of bipolar lipids at the air-water interface 105
Toxic effects of expanded ataxin-1 involve mechanical instability of the nuclear membrane 103
Monolayer black membranes from bipolar lipids of archaebacteria and their temperature-induced structural changes. 102
Encapsulated living cells on microstructured surfaces 101
Mechanical properties of single living cells encapsulated in polyelectrolyte matrixes 100
Non-specific interaction of pre-fibrillar amyloid aggregates with glutamatergic receptors results in Ca2+ increase in primary neuronal cells 100
533-Structure and transport properties of artificial bipolar lipid membranes 99
Total external reflection X-ray absorption spectroscopy reveals a zinc coordination shell in phospholipid Langmuir-Blodgett films 98
Effects of unstirred layers on the steady-state zero-current conductance of bilayer membranes mediated by neutral carriers of ions. 98
Valinomycin acts as a channel in ultrathin lipid membranes 95
The two-fold aspect of the interplay of amyloidogenic proteins with lipid membranes 94
Aggregation phenomena in a system of molecules with two internal states 94
Two-photon excitation and confocal microscopy investigation of nanostructured polyelectrolyte shells 94
Detection of populations of amyloid-like protofibrils with different physical properties 94
Incorporation into lipid bilayer membranes of a photo-sensitive pigment from the honeybee compound eye 93
Multilayer nanoencapsulation. New approach for immune protection of human pancreatic islets 91
Force probing of protein crystals: an atomic force microscopy study 91
What can Atomic Force Microscopy say about Amyloid Aggregates? 88
Azurin immobilisation on thiol covered Au(111) 88
Monitoring the process of HypF fibrillization and liposome permeabilization by protofibrils 88
Interaction of polyelectrolytes and their composites with living cells 88
Response of living cells to nanostructured polyelectrolyte matrices studied by means of 1-, 2-photon excitation microscopy 87
Collagen plays an active role in the aggregation of β2-microglobulin under physio-pathological conditions of dialysis-related amyloidosis 85
Myelin basic protein induces changes in the anisotropy of oriented membrane dynamics: An elastic neutron scattering study 84
Forces between carboxy and amide groups measured by atomic force microscopy 83
Probing the interplay between amyloidogenic proteins and membranes using lipid monolayers and bilayers 82
Ultrastructural organization of ex vivo amyloid fibrils formed by the apolipoprotein A-I Leu174Ser variant: an atomic force microscopy study 82
A major role for side-chain polyglutamine hydrogen bonding in irreversible ataxin-3 aggregation 82
Molecular motions in oriented lipid bilayers containing myelin basic protein: an incoherent neutron scattering study 80
Myelin basic protein reduces molecular motions in DMPA, an elastic neutron scattering study 79
Molecular dynamics simulation of the indentation of a crystalline surface by an atomic force microscope tip 77
Heparin strongly enhances the formation of beta2-microglobulin amyloid fibrils in the presence of type I collagen 77
Lateral Interactions of Lipids 74
Imaging Biostructures with the Atomic Force Microscope 73
Myelin Basic Protein-Lipid complex: an Atomic Force Microscope Study 72
Study of protein dynamisc vs. amyloid formation 72
Protein anchoring on thiol self-assembled monolayers 68
Calcium induced interaction and fusion of bipolar lipid vesicles: a fluorescence study 68
Beta-amyloid is different in normal aging and in Alzheimer's disease 67
Studying the HypF-N fibrillization path and precursors-induced permeability changes in liposomes 66
Membranes: Structures and Functions 65
Tissue specificity of dialysis related amyloidosis can be driven in physiologic conditions by the interaction of beta2-m with collagen and other biologic factors 64
Nanocapsules: coating for living cells 63
Lipid vesicles as model systems for Archaea membranes 60
Effect of Surface Charge on the Electroporation Process in Lipid Bilayers 60
Transport Properties Induced in Lipid Bilayer Membranes by an Insect Photopigment 53
Membrane Models of Archaebacteria 51
Cluster growth with long range interactions 45
Effect of tetracyclines on the dynamics of formation and destructuration of beta2-microglobulin amyloid fibrils 31
Morphologies in two-dimensional growth with attractive long-range interactions 27
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