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The Robustness and Effectiveness of the Triage System at Times of Overcrowding and the Extra Costs due to Inappropriate Use of Emergency Departments 145
Motivation-based segmentation in the cruise industry: an exploratory study 135
Smart Security: data analysis and inference for evidence-based security policies in the “Smart City” 131
Temporal and Spatial Constructs in Service Firms' Internationalization Patterns: The Determinants of the Accelerated Growth of Emerging MNEs 118
Time, space, and international diversification of service firms: assessing the abnormal growth of container port MNs 115
Destination satisfaction and cruiser behaviour: The moderating effect of excursion package 113
Entry mode choices in international markets: examining the antecedents of service firms' strategies 112
The spatial configuration of urban crime environments and statistical modeling 110
Characterization of the Pall Celeris system as a point-of-care device for therapeutic angiogenesis 106
Word of mouth and satisfaction in cruise port destinations 99
A self-reported work sampling to assess the Emergency Department’s costs 98
Linking growth to performance: Insights from shipping line groups 97
Exploring motivation as a segmentation criterion in the cruise industry 93
A Multivariate Analysis Of The Space Syntax OutputFor The Definition Of Strata In Street SecuritySurveys 92
Circulating miR-33a and miR-33b are up-regulated in familial hypercholesterolaemia in paediatric age 92
Targeting the young criusers market: Motivations and behavioural intentions 90
La creazione di valore di lungo periodo nelle destinazioni crocieristiche: passaparola e soddisfazione del passeggero 89
Entry mode choices of rapidly internationalizing terminal operators:The determinants of the degree of control on foreign ventures 89
Introducing Spatial Configuration in Crime Count Models 88
Deregulation of focal adhesion pathway mediated by miR-659-3p is implicated in bone marrow infiltration of stage M neuroblastoma patients 88
Determinants of the long-term performance of initial public offerings (IPOs) in the port industry 87
L’analisi statistica del crimine 87
Altered erythropoiesis and decreased number of erythrocytes in children with neuroblastoma 86
Patient profile modulates cardiac c-kit(+) progenitor cell availability and amplification potential. 85
Circulating miR-200c is up-regulated in paediatric patients with familial hypercholesterolaemia and correlates with miR-33a/b levels: Implication of a ZEB1-dependent mechanism 76
Lattice Models for the analysis of Urban Crime 75
Attitudes Toward and Use of Over-The-Counter Medications among Teenagers: Evidence from an Italian Study 72
Applicazioni di probabilità e statistica. 71
The Statistical Analysis of Crime Data at Street Level: Models Comparison. 68
A self-reported work sampling to assess the Emergency Department’s costs 68
The 'time factor' in seaports: an empirical analysis. 64
Demographic change and future sustainability of emergency departments: a pilot study for Liguria. 62
Speeding up the clinical pathways by accessing emergency departments 61
Market Orientation, Performance and Innovation in Research Based Spin Offs 60
Word-of-mouth and satisfaction in the cruise industry: building long-term value in port destinations 55
Il massimo assoluto dell'indice chi-quadro di Pizzetti-Pearson 53
Destination satisfaction as a predictor of cruiser expenditures and behavioural intentions 51
Appunti di Probabilità per gli studenti di Economia 48
Applicazioni di probabilità e statistica per gli studenti di Economia. 48
miRNA expression profile of bone marrow resident cells from children with neuroblastoma is not significantly different from that of healthy children 48
L'analisi delle corrispondenze 47
Applicazioni etiche dell'analisi sequenziale. 46
ARGOMENTI DI STATISTICA DESCRITTIVA - Analisi delle relazioni - Vol. II 45
Temi svolti di Statistica per gli studenti di Economia 44
The impact of market orientation on research-based spin off performance: emerging issues from an exploratory study 44
The impact of market orientation on university spin-off business performance 44
Analisi sull’appropriatezza degli Studi di Settore alla professione di psicologo nella regione Liguria 43
Value creation in port destinations: Cruise satisfaction as a determinant of behavioural intentions 43
Smart security: appunti per una policy di prevenzione del crimine 43
Cruise lines searching for legitimacy: Stakeholder relationship management and CSR 43
Trasformazioni di variabili aleatorie 42
Le basi dati di riferimento in un approccio evidence-based di policy di sicurezza 42
Il massimo condizionato dell'indice chi-quadro di Pizzetti-Pearson 41
Esempi di Applicazioni 40
L'inferenza statistica 39
Social Media and customer engagement in tourism: Evidence from Facebook corporate pages of leading cruise companies 39
null 38
Servizi portuali e soddisfazione del diportista: risultati di una indagine pilota 38
Il massimo assoluto dell'indice chi-quadro di Pizzetti-Pearson 35
Il massimo condizionato dell'indice chi-quadro di Pizzetti-Pearson 34
La perdita di informazione 31
Le frontiere esatte del t test sequenziale di Barnard. 31
Port throughput allocation within the portfolio framework 30
Frequent use of emergency departments and chronic conditions in ageing societies: a retrospective analysis based in Italy 30
Competences, skills and career expectations: insight from the Italian seafarers’ labour market 27
Esempi di applicazioni 25
Public university orientation for high-school students. A quasi-experimental assessment of the efficiency gains from nudging better career choices 25
La perdita di informazione 23
Revisiting traffic forecasting by port authorities in the context of port planning and development 17
null 16
Covid-19 and seaborne trade: The Italian perspective 13
Università prima dell’università: i tirocini di orientamento e il rendimento nel primo anno accademico 13
Analysis of the impacts of COVID-19 on selected categories of goods passing through the ports of Genoa and Savona, Italy 13
Industry 4.0 and Digital Innovation in Manufacturing: State of the Art Technology and Future Prospects in the Italian Mechanical Engineering Sector 12
Frequency, characteristics and prognostic impact of hospital readmissions in elderly patients with heart failure: A population study from 2013 to 2017 in Liguria, Northern Italy 4
Mitochondrial DNA in Day 3 embryo culture medium is a novel, non-invasive biomarker of blastocyst potential and implantation outcome. 4
Revisiting traffic forecasting by port authorities in the context of port planning and development 4
The elderly and urban mobility: cost sensitivity of elderly people in the “oldest” Italian city 2
Public guarantees to SME lending: Do broader eligibility criteria pay off? 1
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