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A CASE Tool for Information System Project and Development 126
On representing signalized urban areas by means of deterministic-timed Petri-nets 124
Agent-based Petri net models for AGV management in manufacturing systems 123
Optimal strategies for real-time determination of the next job's class in a single machine with setup times and controllable processing times 122
null 119
On-line Control of Manufacturing Systems represented as Timed Event Graphs 116
A simulated annealing approach for multi-manned assembly line balancing problem type II 114
On using petri nets for representing and controlling signalized urban areas: New model and results 114
A HPN-based control structure for privileged vehicle performance optimisation 113
A dynamic programming-based technique for multi-class job scheduling on a single machine 111
null 110
An Object-Oriented Modeling Approach based on Entity-Relationship Diagrams and Petri Nets 110
A Mathematical Programming Formulation for Cost-oriented Multi-manned Assembly Line Balancing Problem 110
Definitions and applications of deterministic-timed Petri nets (DTPN) 109
On adopting a Petri net-based switching modelling system to represent and control urban areas 108
null 108
null 104
A Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Net Model for Traffic-Responsive Signaling Control in Urban Areas 104
Multiclass job scheduling on a single machine: Updating optimal control strategies when due-dates change in real-time 103
On analyzing the vulnerabilities of a railway network with Petri nets 102
Optimal Routing and Scheduling by Maximum Gap Policies in Manufacturing Systems 101
ISYDES: The Project of a Tool Aimed at Information System Development 98
Integration of Production Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing Systems 98
A relax-and-fix heuristic approach for the capacitated dynamic lot sizing problem in integrated manufacturing/remanufacturing systems 98
Urban traffic control in modular/switching deterministic-timed Petri nets 97
Optimization of inventory levels and production effort in Hybrid Inventory-Production (HIP) systems 97
Optimal Strategies for Multiclass Job Scheduling on a Single Machine With Controllable Processing Times 96
A new result to generalize and extend a single machine scheduling problem solved by dynamic programming 95
Traffic-responsive signalling control through timed Petri nets 95
null 95
A control system for the individual route guidance in traffic flow networks 95
Optimal timing and lot-sizing of jobs on a single machine 94
A simulated annealing approach for the capacitated dynamic lot sizing problem in a closed remanufacturing system 94
Optimal control strategies for single-machine family scheduling with sequence-dependent batch setup and controllable processing times 93
A distributed information system prototype to detect and monitor the Hazardous Material Transport on the road in the territory of Nice-Imperia-Ventimiglia 93
null 93
Optimization of traffic flows in congested metropolitan areas 92
A queue-based macroscopic model for performance evaluation of congested urban traffic networks 92
null 92
Optimization of Manufacturing Systems Modelled by Timed Petri Nets 91
Modeling FMS through PN: the modular structural synthesis 91
A Timed Event Graph Approach for Management and Control of Manufacturing Systems 91
A Petri net model for analysis, optimisation, and control of railway networks and train schedules 91
Integration of decision levels for traffic management in urban areas 90
On controlling privileged vehicles by means of coordinated traffic lights 89
A mathematical framework for the planning and control of complex systems 89
A macroscopic traffic model for real-time optimization of signalized urban areas 89
A Medium-Scale Network Model for Short-Term Traffic Prediction at Neighbourhood Level 89
Urban traffic control structure based on hybrid Petri nets 88
On Optimizing Production Nodes in Supply Chain Systems 88
An Approach to Information System Management based on Relational Databases and Petri Net Integration 88
Simulated annealing algorithms for the multi-manned assembly line balancing problem: minimising cycle time 88
null 87
null 86
On applying Petri nets to determine optimal offsets for coordinated traffic light timings 84
Traffic-responsive signalling control through a modular/switching model represented via DTPN 84
A Model of an Interregional Logistic System for the Statement and Solution of Decision Problems at the Operational Level 82
A decision support system for the evaluation of future scenarios in next-generation hydrogen fuel station networks 79
A mathematical programming approach for real-time control of signalized junctions 79
Service rate optimization in inventory-production systems with time-varying and incomplete deterministic demand 79
Determination of optimal control strategies for TSP by dynamic programming 78
On determining and applying optimal control strategies for optimal delivery of goods to a network of retailers based on inventory levels 77
Task scheduling for multiple forklift AGVs in distribution warehouses 77
Multi-manned Assembly Line Balancing Problem with Skilled Workers: A New Mathematical Formulation 77
Optimal scheduling strategies of jobs belonging to different classes on a single machine with variable processing times 74
Optimization and control of supply chain models 74
Scheduling of different jobs in a single machine with controllable processing times 71
A Mixed-Integer Mathematical Programming Model for Integrated Planning of Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Activities 71
Towards a Decision Support System for Real Time Risk Assessment of Hazardous Material Transport on Road 70
On Modeling the Interactions between Freight Terminal Gates and Road Traffic Flows 70
A System Architecture for Production Planning, Modeling and Control: an Approach based on Integration between Petri Nets and Data Warehouse 69
null 69
null 68
A Spatial Decision Support System prototype for assessing road HAZMAT accident impacts on the population in a dense urban area: a case study of the city of Nice, French Riviera 67
Detection and monitoring of hazardous material transportation on road between France and Italy: Objectives, methodology and first results 67
On Exploiting Ride-Sharing and Crowd-Shipping Schemes within the Physical Internet Framework 66
A Petri Net Model for an Open Path Multi-AGV System 63
Optimal multi-class job scheduling on a single machine with sequence-dependent set-up and variable processing times 62
Modelling and optimization of multi-site production systems in supply chain networks 61
Metodo per la gestione della distribuzione di prodotti o merci 59
Supply chain management and optimization 56
A Matheuristics for the Single-period Lot Scheduling with Component Availability Constraints in a Partially Closed Manufacturing/Remanufacturing System 55
Definizione, progettazione e realizzazione prototipale di un sistema informativo distribuito per l’identificazione, il monitoraggio e la gestione dei flussi veicolari di merci pericolose 54
Optimal control of production sites in a supply chain 53
Method for managing the distribution of products and goods 51
Controllo di produzione con Reti di Petri 49
Optimal control of supply chain models 44
Automation in freight port call process: real time data sharing to improve the stowage planning 44
Instradamento dinamico basato sul rischio nel trasporto di merci pericolose su strada 43
Casi applicativi 42
Modelling and control urban traffic networks by means of hybrid Petri nets 40
Definizione dell’architettura di sistema 39
Tecniche per il Controllo di Processi Manifatturieri tramite Reti di Petri 37
Gestione di flussi di trasporto e regolazione dei sistemi di traffico 37
Traffic management system for smart road networks reserved for self-driving cars 37
Strumenti tecnologici per l’infomobilità 36
A hybrid adaptive variable neighbourhood search approach for multi-sided assembly line balancing problem to minimise the cycle time 33
A hybrid Petri net model for performance analysis of electric transit systems with fast battery charging 31
Towards the Physical Internet with Coloured Petri Nets 30
A mathematical programming model for the management of carriages in virtually coupled trains 27
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