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Towards a Minimal Representation of Affective Gestures 234
Movement Fluidity Analysis Based on Performance and Perception 184
Low-intrusive Recognition of Expressive Movement Qualities 156
Expressiveness and Physicality in Interaction 147
A System for Mobile Active Music Listening Based on Social Interaction and Embodiment 146
Analysis of Expressive Gesture: The EyesWeb Expressive Gesture Processing Library 143
Automated detection of impulsive movements in HCI 143
User-centered evaluation of the Virtual Binocular Interface 142
Automated Analysis of Body Movement in Emotionally Expressive Piano Performances 136
Towards a multimodal repository of expressive movement qualities in dance 136
Human movement expressivity for mobile active music listening 133
The Intersection of Art and Technology 132
Modelling and analysing expressive gesture in multimodal systems 131
Expressive Gesture in Performing Arts and New Media: The Present and the Future 130
Towards a Social Retrieval of Music Content 130
Validation of an algorithm for segmentation of full-body movement sequences by perception: a pilot experiment 127
Analysis of intrapersonal synchronization in full-body movements displaying different expressive qualities 126
A System for Real-Time Multimodal Analysis of Nonverbal Affective Social Interaction in User-Centric Media 125
A goal-directed rational component for emotional agents 125
Computing and evaluating the Body Laughter Index 125
A system for embodied social active listening to sound and music content 125
Extracting Coarse Body Movements from Video in Music Performance: A Comparison of Automated Computer Vision Techniques with Motion Capture Data 125
A serious games platform for validating sonification of human full-body movement qualities 124
Improving the man-machine interface through the analysis of expressiveness in human movement 123
A multimodal dataset for the analysis of movement qualities in karate martial art 121
EyesWeb – Toward Gesture and Affect Recognition in Interactive Dance and Music Systems 120
A system to support the learning of movement qualities in dance: A case study on dynamic symmetry 120
Active and personalized experience of sound and music content 119
Designing multimodal interactive systems using EyesWeb XMI 119
Sound and Music Computing: Research Trends and Some Key Issues 117
Gesture-based Communication in Human-Computer Interaction 117
Multimodal Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Music Performance 117
null 116
Application of multimedia techniques in the physical rehabilitation of Parkinson's patients 115
The MEGA project: analysis and synthesis of multisensory expressive gesture in performing art applications 112
Emotional Entrainment in Music Performance 111
Real-time motion attention and expressive gesture interfaces 111
Technique for automatic emotion recognition by body gesture analysis 111
Sync’n’Move: social interaction based on music and gesture 111
Towards Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Groups of Users: Computational Models of Expressive Social Interaction 111
A system for mobile music authoring and active listening 110
The dancer in the eye: Towards a multi-layered computational framework of qualities in movement 109
Perception of intensity incongruence in synthesized multimodal expressions of laughter 108
Analysis of Social Interaction in Music Performance with Score-Independent Audio Features 108
Modelling and Analysing Creative Communication within Groups of People: The Artistic Event at FET11 107
Improving the believability of virtual characters using qualitative gesture analysis 106
Fundamentals of Agent Perception and Attention Modelling 105
Multimodal analysis of laughter for an interactive system 105
As Wave impels a Wave - Active experience of cultural heritage and artistic content 105
Automated video analysis of interpersonal entrainment in Indian music performance 105
Interactive reflexive and embodied exploration of sound qualities with BeSound 104
Audio Patterns as a Source of Information for the Perception and Control of Orientation 104
Communicating Expressiveness and Affect in Multimodal Interactive Systems 104
Using the Audio Respiration Signal for Multimodal Discrimination of Expressive Movement Qualities 103
Affect, attitude and evaluation of multi-sensory performances 103
Enhancing music learning with smart technologies 103
Automatic Classification of Expressive Hand Gestures on Tangible Acoustic Interfaces According to Laban’s Theory of Effort 102
Automated Laughter Detection from Full-Body Movements 102
Toward Real-time Automated Measure of Empathy and Dominance 102
Multisensory Integrated Expressive Environments: Toward a Paradigm for Multimodal and Distributed Environments for the Performing Arts and New Media 101
Measuring entrainment in small groups of musicians 100
Recognizing Emotion from Dance Movement: Comparison of Spectator Recognition and Automated Techniques 97
Cross-disciplinary approaches to multimodal user interfaces 96
User-Centered Control of Audio and Visual Expressive Feedback by Full-Body Movements 96
Automated analysis of non-verbal expressive gesture 96
New modalities for interactive entertainment 96
Towards automated analysis of joint music performance in the orchestra 96
Exploiting multimodal integration in adaptive interactive systems and game-based learning interfaces 96
Multi-Scale Entropy analysis of Dominance in Social Creative Activities 95
A system to support non-IT researchers in the automated analysis of human movement 95
Enhancing children understanding of mathematics with multisensory technology 95
BeSound: Embodied Reflexion for Music Education in Childhood 93
Perceiving Animacy and Arousal in Transformed Displays of Human Interaction 93
How is your laugh today? 92
Designing a Multisensory Social Serious-Game for Primary School Mathematics Learning 92
Multimodal and cross-modal analysis of expressive gesture in tangible acoustic interfaces 91
Embodied cooperation using mobile devices: presenting and evaluating the Sync4All application 91
Rhythmic Body Movements of Laughter 91
FET11- The European Future Technologies Conference and ExhibitionClosing Session - Performance, 6 May 2011 90
From motions to emotions: Classification of Affect from Dance Movements using Deep Learning 89
Gesture mimicry in expression of laughter 88
Expressive interfaces 86
Graph-Restricted Game Approach for Investigating Human Movement Qualities 86
Teaching by means of a technologically augmented environment: The stanza logo-motoria 85
The 3rd international workshop on social behaviour in music 85
The energy lift: Automated measurement of postural tension and energy transmission 84
Analysis of movement quality in full-body physical activities 83
The role of emotion in movement segmentation 82
Real-time analysis of expressive cues in human movement 81
Theories and Models of Teams and Groups 81
The MIROR Project 79
Implementing and evaluating a laughing virtual character 76
Entertaining listening by means of the Stanza Logo-Motoria: an Interactive Multimodal Environment 76
Expressive gesture analysis and expressive gestural control strategies 75
Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces (eNTERFACE’09) 75
Laugh When You’re Winning 75
Guest Editorial: Towards Machines Able to Deal with Laughter 74
Active listening to a virtual orchestra through an expressive gestural interface: the orchestra explorer 74
Gesture Saliency: a Context-aware Analysis 73
Measuring social interaction in music ensembles 73
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