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Magnetic properties of R3Co8Sn4 (R=Y,Gd) 172
Thermal properties of MgB2: the effect of disorder on gap amplitudes and relaxation times of π and σ bands 169
Synthesis and physical properties of the YNi2B2C superconducting phase 158
Two-band effects in the transport properties of MgB2 142
Al-alloyed MgB2: correlation of superconducting properties, microstructure and chemical composition 141
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of ordered phases in the Eu-Cu-Sn system 138
Physical properties of Ce2CoSn2 136
Neutron irradiation of Mg11B2 : from the enhancement to the suppression of superconducting properties 135
Growth of diborides thin films on different substrates by pulsed laser ablation 134
Critical field of magnesium diboride in substituted and irradiated samples 133
Crystal structure of R3Co8Sn4 compounds (R = Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y) 133
Crystal structure of diytterbium palladium hexagermanide, Yb2PdGe6 133
The tin-rich side of the rare earth-tin systems (R = Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Lu and Y) 132
Superconductivity in metastable bcc γ-La 130
Pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial titanium diboride thin films 129
Magnetic structure of Nd7Co6Al7 129
Thermodynamic, electric and magnetic properties of Pr7Co6Al7 intermetallic compound 128
Yb-Zn-Al ternary system: CaCu5-type derived compounds in the zinc-rich corner 127
The structure and magnetic properties of Th4Mn13Sn5 127
Crystal structure of ytterbium gold stannide, Yb2Au3Sn2 127
In situ film deposition of superconducting borocarbides by pulsed laser ablation technique 126
Study of the δ-Al/Ag superconducting alloy for TES applications 126
Magnetic properties and the magnetocaloric effect in the intermetallic compound GdFeSi 125
Upper critical fields up to 60 T in dirty magnesium diboride thin films 125
Magnetism in R3Co8Sn4 compounds (R=Pr, Nd, Sm) 125
Physical properties of the quasicrystal YbCd5.7 and its approximant YbCd6 123
A Mössbauer study of the new phases Th4Fe13Sn5 and ThFe0.22Sn2 123
The Dy-Ni-Si system as a representative of the rare earth-Ni-Si family: Its isothermal section and new rare-earth nickel silicides 123
R3Au9Pn (R = Y, Gd-Tm; Pn = Sb, Bi): A Link between Cu10Sn3 and Gd14Ag51 123
Normal state magnetoresistivity of polycrystalline HoNi2B2C 122
In situ film deposition of superconducting borocarbides 121
Magnetic and crystal structure of Th-Fe-Sn intermetallics: ThFe0.22Sn2 and Th4Fe13Sn5 121
Crystallographic and magnetic behaviour of RCu9Sn4 and RCu9.4Sn3.6 (R=La to Nd) compounds 121
Crystal structure of the new Thorium intermetallics ThIn and Th6Cd7 121
RZnSn (R=rare earth): a novel series of intermetallic compounds with the YPtAs structure type 118
Structure, transport and magnetic properties of MgNi3B2 118
Ferromagnetic interactions in Nd7Co6Al7 118
New tetragonal derivatives of cubic NaZn13-type structure: RNi6Si6 compounds, crystal structure and magnetic ordering (R=Y, La, Ce, Sm, Gd-Yb) 118
Magnetic structures of Zr6CoAs2-type Ho6xErxMnBi2 solid solutions 117
Magnetic properties of R3Cu4Sn4 (R=La, Pr, Nd and Sm) 117
High-resolution photoemission spectroscopy of Yb2Co3X9 (X=Ga and Al) 117
The phase diagram of the Yb-Si system 117
Contribution to the study of the Th-Ga system 117
Phase equilibrium in the LaMg (0 – 65 at.% Mg) and GdMg systems 116
Experimental investigations and thermodynamic modeling in the ZrB2-Ni section of the B-Ni-Zr system 115
The new series of RZnGe compounds (R = rare earth element) with the YPtAs structure type 114
On the RMgSn rare earth compounds 114
Magnetic structure of the CeScSi-type RScGe compounds(R = Pr, Nd, Tb) 113
Crystal structure and magnetic ordering in dimorphic EuZn2Sn2 113
Enhanced flux pinning in neutron irradiated MgB2 113
Two New Scandium Phases: ScSn2 and Sc6Pb5 113
Disorder, frustration and lattice volume effects in YMnIn, Th0.8R0.2MnAl (R=Sc, Lu and Y), ThMn1.3Al0.7 and ThMnAl1−xInx alloys 113
Exploring the feasibility of Fe(Se,Te) conductors by ex-situ powder-in-tube method 113
Evidence of a Nodal Line in the Superconducting Gap Symmetry of Noncentrosymmetric ThCoC2 113
Role of charge doping and lattice distortions in codoped Mg1-x(AlLi)xB2 compounds 112
Magnetic characterization of sintered MgB2 samples: effect of substitution or 'doping' with Li, Al and Si 112
Electronic, electrical and thermodynamic properties of Ca5Si3 by first principles calculations and low temperature experimental techniques 111
Physical metallurgy of metastable bcc lanthanide-magnesium alloys for R = La, Gd, and Dy 111
R2Sn3 (R=La-Nd,Sm): a family of intermetallic compounds with their own triclinic structure 111
Observation of the Crossover from Two-Gap to Single-Gap Superconductivity through Specific Heat Measurements in Neutron-Irradiated MgB2 110
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of RCu4Be (R= rare earth)compounds 110
Magnetic structure of the YbMn2SbBi compound 110
A reinvestigation of the ScIn system and related (Tm,Lu)In compounds 110
Magnetic structure of the NaCl-type NdSb compound 109
New samarium and neodymium based admixed ferromagnets with near-zero net magnetization and tunable exchange bias field 109
Microwave harmonic emission in MgB2 superconductor: Comparison with YBa2Cu3O7 109
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of RCu5-xPdx (R = Pr, Nd, Sm and Eu) alloys 108
Magnetic anisotropy in single crystalline CeAu2In4 108
Ferrimagnetism in Tb3Co8Sn4 intermetallic compound 108
Anisotropy in c-oriented MgB2 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition 108
The phase diagram of the ScCd system 108
Al-alloyed MgB2: correlation of superconducting properties, microstructure, and chemical composition 108
New phases in the thorium-iron-tin system: ThFe0.22Sn2 and Th4Fe13Sn5 108
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of the compounds Yb(Zn,Al)~6 and YbZn6 107
The phase diagram of the Eu–Sn system 107
Superstructure and magnetic properties of R15X9C compounds (R = rare earth; X = Si and Ge) 106
Structural and magnetic properties of the Mn5Si3-type (Gd1-xScx)5Ge3 compounds 106
The Th-Pb system and the alloying behaviour of Thorium with the group IVb elements 106
Significant enhancement of irreversibility field in clean-limit bulk MgB2 106
Gold in the Layered Structures of R3Au7Sn3: From Relativity to Versatility 106
Structural and transport properties of some UTX compounds where T = Fe, Co, Ni and X = Si, Ge 105
Synchrotron powder diffraction Rietveld refinement of MgB20 crystal structure 105
Some aspects of material preparation in magnesium diboride: Thin films growth and tapes fabrication 105
High resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy – A case study of MgB2 105
Magnetic ordering in CeMg2Si2 and Ce2MgSi2 105
Thermochemistry of ytterbium silicides 105
The absence of valence fluctuations in SmNi 2 Sn 2 105
Direct TEM observation of nanometric-sized defects in neutron-irradiated MgB2 bulk and their effect on pinning mechanisms 104
Magnetic compensation by Nd doping in SmScSi 104
The magnetic ordering in the Ho6FeTe2 compound 104
An up-dating of the Yb–Sn phase diagram 104
Defective structure of the ThFe0.2Sn2 and PrFe0.4Sn2 compounds 104
Pressure and magnetic field tuned quantum critical point in the Kondo antiferromagnet CePtZn 104
The magnetic ordering in the Ho5Si3 and Ho5Ge3 compounds 103
Electron transport properties of MgB2 in the normal state 103
Phase equilibria in the Ca-Pd system 103
Magnetocaloric effect near the second order ferromagnetic transition in superstructure R15Si9C compounds (R=Gd, Tb and Dy) 103
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