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Characterizing the input-output function of the olfactory-limbic pathway in the guinea pig 170
A novel algorithm for precise identification of spikes in extracellularly recorded neuronal signals 147
Coding and decoding of information in a bidirectional neural interface 146
Cross-correlation based methods for estimating the functional connectivity in cortical networks 137
A Spike-Based Grammar Underlies Directional Modification in Network Connectivity: Effect on Bursting Activity and Implications for Bio-Hybrids Systems 134
Burst detection algorithms for the analysis of spatio-temporal patterns in cortical networks of neurons 133
Low-frequency stimulation induces stable transitions in stereotypical activity in cortical networks 133
Investigating neuronal activity by SPYCODE multi-channel data analyzer 132
Self-organization and neuronal avalanches in networks of dissociated cortical neurons 128
Interfacing in silico and in vitro neuronal networks 125
Cortical cultures coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays: a novel approach to perform in vitro excitotoxicity testing. 125
A microelectrode array (MEA) integrated with clustering structures for investigating in vitro neurodynamics in confined interconnected sub-populations of neurons 124
Behaviors from an electrically stimulated spinal cord neuronal network cultured on microelectrode arrays 123
Spike Manager: a new tool for spontaneous and evoked neuronal networks activity characterization 121
Development of micro-electrode array based tests for neurotoxicity: assessment of interlaboratory reproducibility with neuroactive chemicals 120
Technological approaches for neurorehabilitation: From robotic devices to brain stimulation and beyond 117
Connecting Neurons to a Mobile Robot: An In Vitro Bidirectional Neural Interface 115
Bioartificial neuronal networks: coupling networks of biological neurons to microtransducer arrays 114
A Neuromorphic Prosthesis to Restore Communication in Neuronal Networks 113
In vitro cortical neuronal networks as a new high-sensitive system for biosensing applications 112
Activity modulation elicited by electrical stimulation in networks of dissociated cortical neurons 109
A multi-laboratory evaluation of microelectrode array-based measurements of neural network activity for acute neurotoxicity testing 109
Dissociated cortical networks show spontaneously correlated activity patterns during in vitro development 108
Neural Signal Manager: a collection of classical and innovative tools for multichannel spike train analysis. 108
Network plasticity in cortical assemblies 107
Low-frequency stimulation enhances burst activity in cortical cultures during development 107
In vitro studies of neuronal networks and synaptic plasticity in invertebrates and in mammals using multielectrode arrays 107
Opposite Changes in Glutamatergic and GABAergic Transmission Underlie the Diffuse Hyperexcitability of Synapsin I–Deficient Cortical Networks 107
New perspectives on the dialogue between brains and machines 106
Editorial: Closed-loop systems for next-generation neuroprostheses 106
Modulating neural networks dynamics: Multi-site electrical stimulation of in-vitro cortical neurons coupled to MEA devices 105
Modular neuronal assemblies embodied in a closed-loop environment: toward future integration of brains and machines. 105
Extracellular recordings from locally dense microelectrode arrays coupled to dissociated cortical cultures 104
Cross-correlation based methods for estimating the functional connectivity in populations of cortical neurons 104
In vitro large-scale experimental and theoretical studies for the realization of bi-directional brain-prostheses 104
Network dynamics and synchronous activity in cultured cortical neurons 103
A self-adapting approach for the detection of bursts and network bursts in neuronal cultures 103
Modulation of electrophysiological activity in neural networks: towards a bioartificial living system 102
Networks of spinal cord neurons cultured on microelectrode arrays: response to stimuli and homeostasis 101
Quantitative estimation of the nonstationary behavior of neural spontaneous activity 100
Bioartificial brains and mobile robots 93
Structurally and functionally interconnected 3D in vitro neuronal assemblies coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays 90
Networks of neurons coupled to microelectrode arrays: a neuronal sensory system for pharmacological applications. 89
Single layer graphene functionalized MEA for enhanced detection of neuronal network development 88
Stimulation triggers endogenous activity patterns in cultured cortical networks 84
Differential effects of open- and closed-loop intracortical microstimulation on firing patterns of neurons in distant cortical areas 84
Electrophysiological activity modulation by chemical stimulation in networks of cortical neurons coupled to microelectrode arrays: a biosensor for neuropharmacological applications 82
Computational analysis in vitro: dynamics and plasticity of a neuro-robotic system 74
Local extracellular recordings from high density microelectrode arrays coupled to dissociated cortical neuronal cultures. 72
A novel algorithm for burst and network burst detection 68
NO-cGMP pathway controls network activity in dissociated cortical neurons coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays 68
Burst on Hurst algorithm for detecting activity patterns in networks of cortical neurons 62
Interaction of electrically evoked responses in network of dissociated cortical neurons 58
Neurotossicità: nuovi metodi basati su colture neuronali e matrici di microelettrodi 58
NO-cGMP pathway controls network activity in dissociated cortical neurons coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays 55
Dinamica e connettività in reti corticali in-vitro 50
Interfacce neurali bi-direzionali: reti di neuroni in coltura e sistemi robotici 44
Modulation of neural oscillations during working memory update, maintenance, and readout: An hdEEG study 41
Investigating the spectral features of the brain meso-scale structure at rest 36
Cell–cell coupling and DNA methylation abnormal phenotypes in the after-hours mice 32
Spike-based analysis of brain injured anesthetized animals undergoing closed-loop intracortical stimulation 31
Yet another artefact rejection study: An exploration of cleaning methods for biological and neuromodulatory noise 27
Entrainment of network activity by closed-loop microstimulation in healthy ambulatory rats 25
User-centered design and development of TWIN-Acta: A novel control suite of the TWIN lower limb exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of persons post-stroke 22
Using robots to advance clinical translation in neurorehabilitation 21
The impact of closed-loop intracortical stimulation on neural activity in brain-injured, anesthetized animals 20
Real-time detection of bursts in neuronal cultures using a neuromorphic auditory sensor and spiking neural networks 20
Spontaneous and perturbational complexity in cortical cultures 20
Small-World Propensity Reveals the Frequency Specificity of Resting State Networks 19
An efficient deep learning approach to identify dynamics in in vitro neural networks 18
Neuromechanical Biomarkers for Robotic Neurorehabilitation 17
SANTIA: a Matlab-based open-source toolbox for artifact detection and removal from extracellular neuronal signals 16
Neuromorphic-Based Neuroprostheses for Brain Rewiring: State-of-the-Art and Perspectives in Neuroengineering 15
Editorial: Women in neuroscience 14
{LFP} Analysis of Brain Injured Anesthetized Animals Undergoing Closed-Loop Intracortical Stimulation 14
Design, surface treatment, cellular plating, and culturing of modular neuronal networks composed of functionally inter-connected circuits 11
Connectivity, excitability and activity patterns in neuronal networks 11
Hannes Prosthesis Control Based on Regression Machine Learning Algorithms 10
Plasticity and Adaptation in Neuromorphic Biohybrid Systems 10
An inhibitory gate for state transition in cortex 9
Deepening the role of excitation/inhibition balance in human iPSCs-derived neuronal networks coupled to MEAs during long-term development 9
LFP based analysis of brain injured anesthetized animals undergoing closed-loop intracortical stimulation 8
Miniature EMG Sensors for Prosthetic Applications 8
Investigating the impact of electrical stimulation temporal distribution on cortical network responses 7
Investigating the reliability of the evoked response in human iPSCs-derived neuronal networks coupled to micro-electrode arrays 7
Model-based online implementation of spike detection algorithms for neuroengineering applications 7
Signal Power Affects Artefact Detection Accuracy in Chronically Recorded Local Field Potentials: Preliminary Results 6
null 6
Heterogeneous subpopulations of GABAAR-responding neurons coexist across neuronal network scales and developmental stages in health and disease 5
Separating burst from background spikes in multichannel neuronal recordings using return map analysis 5
Role of major burst leaders in modular hippocampal networks 5
Emergence of bursting activity in connected neuronal sub-populations 4
Performance Evaluation of Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Upper Limb Prosthetic Applications 3
A Novel Method for Vibrotactile Proprioceptive Feedback Using Spatial Encoding and Gaussian Interpolation 3
A Multimodular System to Study the Impact of a Focal Lesion in Neuronal Cell Cultures 3
Electrical and chemical modulation of homogeneous and heterogeneous human-iPSCs-derived neuronal networks on high density arrays 3
Neuroengineering Tools For Studying The Effect Of Intracortical Microstimulation In Rodent Models 2
Personalized strategies of neurostimulation: from static biomarkers to dynamic closed-loop assessment of neural function 2
Progress in Neuroengineering for brain repair: New challenges and open issues 2
Neural oscillations modulation during working memory in pre-manifest and early Huntington’s disease 2
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