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A numerical approach based on the moment method and Wolfe's procedure for nonlinear electromagnetic scattering in free space 125
Bistatic scattering width computation for nonlinear isotropic infinite multilayer circular cylinders 115
A two-step iterative Inexact-Newton method for electromagnetic imaging of dielectric structures from real data 114
Assessment of the electromagnetic inversion with the multiscaling inexact-Newton method 114
Reconstruction of two-dimensional buried objects by a differential evolution method 113
Optimization of the difference patterns for monopulse antennas by a hybrid real/integer-coded differential evolution method 112
A microwave inverse scattering technique for image reconstruction based on a genetic algorithm 112
A numerical approach for the evaluation of the nonlinear effects on the attenuation constant in high-temperature superconducting transmission lines 110
Optimization procedure based on a statistical cooling method applied to scattering by bounded nonlinear objects 109
A global optimization technique for microwave nondestructive evaluation 109
Iterative numerical computation of the electromagnetic fields inside weakly nonlinear infinite dielectric cylinders of arbitrary cross sections using the distorted-wave Born approximation 109
Short-range image-based method for the inspection of strong scatterers using microwaves 107
Multi-illumination approach based on a memetic algorithm for the electromagnetic imaging of cylindrical inhomogeneities 106
A reconstruction procedure for microwave nondestructive evaluation based on a numerically computed Green's function 105
Numerical computation of the interaction between electromagnetic waves and nonlinear superconducting materials 104
A crack identification microwave procedure based on a genetic algorithm for nondestructive testing 104
A nested multi-scaling inexact-Newton iterative approach for microwave imaging 104
Microwave medical imaging: Potentialities and limitations of a stochastic optimization technique 102
New Results on Electromagnetic Imaging Based on the Inversion of Measured Scattered-Field Data 99
Rytov approximation: application to scattering by two-dimensional weakly nonlinear dielectrics 98
Crack detection in lossy two-dimensional structures by means of a microwave imaging approach 98
A global optimization technique for microwave nondestructive evaluation 98
A reconstruction procedure for microwave nondestructive evaluation based on a numerically computed green's function 98
Approximate Solutions to the Scattering by Nonlilnear Isotropic Dielectric cylinders of Circular Cross-Sections under TM Illumination 97
Improving the numerical effectiveness of a class of microwave imaging techniques for NDE/NDT with the SMW updating formula 96
A numerical solution to electromagnetic scattering by three-dimensional nonlinear objects in free space using a statistical cooling procedure 93
Inversion of EM scattering data through a multiresolution regularization approach within the contrast source formulation 93
Reconstruction algorithms for electromagnetic imaging 91
S. Caorsi, A. Massa, M. Pastorino, "A numerical approach to electromagnetic scattering by bounded weakly nonlinear objects of arbitrary shapes in free space 87
Bistatic scattering width evaluation for nonlinear isotropic infinite circular cylinders 85
A formal solution for wave propagation in rectangular waveguide with an inserted nonlinear dielectric slab 82
Assessment of the effectiveness of iterative techniques for the evaluation of the electromagnetic scattering by weakly nonlinear dielectric cylinders 82
Computation of electromagnetic scattering by nonlinear bounded dielectric objects: a FDTD approach 80
Optimization of the directivity of a monopulse antenna with a subarray weighting by a hybrid differential evolution method 79
A numerical solution to full-vector electromagnetic scattering by three-dimensional nonlinear bounded dielectrics 78
Electromagnetic scattering by nonlinear dielectric cylinders with non-Kerr-like nonlinearities 78
null 74
Bistatic scattering width computation for weakly nonlinear dielectric cylinders of arbitrary inhomogeneous cross-sections shapes under transverse-magnetic wave illumination 73
A numerical approach to the direct scattering problem for nonlinear dielectric objects 70
Numerical approach to the electromagnetic scattering by weakly nonlinear objects by using genetic algorithms 70
Optimization approaches for the detection of subsurface defects 68
Stochastic methods for electromagnetic inverse scattering 65
Interaction between microwaves and nonlinear materials: an optimization procedure based on genetic algorithms 65
An iterative approach to the computation of the bistatic scattering width for a nonlinear dielectric cylinder of arbitrary cross-section under TM illumination 64
Scattering by two-dimensional weakly nonlinear dielectrics using the the iterative Born and Rytov approximations 62
Imaging from real-scattered data using a nonlinear iterative multi-scaling approach 61
Extension of moment-method solutions to vector scattering by three-dimesional non-linear dielectric objects in free space 61
Application of the UMoM for the computation of the scattering by dielectrics coated with weakly nonlinear layers 61
A nonlinear inverse problem for microwave NDE 60
Nonlinear inverse scattering approach for image reconstruction by using a genetic algorithm 60
CSI-CFI formulations of the multiresolution Inexact Newton method - A numerical comparison 58
Computational numerical electromagnetic scattering: The case of superconducting materials 56
3D electromagnetic subsurface imaging by means of a multi-resolution classification approach 56
Microwave imaging of two-dimensional scatterers using an iterative multi-scaling methodology 55
Current trends and future challenges on nonlinear inverse scattering strategies based on optimization algorithms 51
Subsurface detection and imaging by means of the iterative multi-scaling approach 51
Tecniche Numeriche Innovative per la Caratterizzazione del Campo Emesso da Terminali per la Telefonia Mobile ai Fini della Valutazione del SAR in Soggetti Esposti 43
Numerical solution to electromagnetic scattering by nonlinear objects by using genetic algorithms 41
Strategie di risoluzione basate su algoritmi genetici per problemi inversi di diffusione elettromagnetica 30
Tecniche iterative per la determinazione della distribuzione di campo elettromagnetico in presenza di cilindri dielettrici a sezione trasversale arbitraria con caratteristiche nonlineari nel caso di illuminazione TM 23
Imaging buried objects within the second-order Born approximation through a multiresolution-regularized inexact-Newton method 8
Multi-focusing procedure based on the inexact-Newton method for electromagnetic subsurface prospecting 1
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