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Relationships among internalizing and externalizing problems, attachment and alexithymia in high-risk and community adolescents: a multi-method comparative study. 120
Disruptive behavior disorder in middle childhood and early adolescence: What is the role of attachment and emotional regulation strategies? 84
null 82
null 72
null 71
Psychiatric adolescents in residential-care: the role of attachment and emotional regulation strategies on psychopathological symptoms 66
null 60
null 52
Bambini adottati tardivamente e attaccamento valutato con il disegno della famiglia: relazioni e confronto altre metodologie. 39
What predict binge eating disorder in non-clinical female adolescents? Exploring peer attachment and emotional regulation 38
Externalizing problems and delinquent behaviors in residential-care male adolescents: associations with peer attachment and alexithymia 37
Emotional and behavioral problems in residential-care adolescents: links with attachment and alexithymia 37
Attachment representations and alexithymia in community adolescents with binge-eating attitudes: a brief report. 36
Adoptive Families: Psychological Adjustment and Emotional Regulation in Adolescents and Their Mothers 35
Attachment and emotional expressive suppression predict aggressive and rule-breaking behaviors in institutionalized male adolescents. 35
Binge Eating Disorder in community girls: exploring the predictive role of attachment and alexithymia 34
Attachment in late-adopted, residential-care and community adolescents: a multi-method comparative study. 33
Binge-Eating Symptoms, emotional-behavioral problems and gender differences among adolescents: A brief report 32
Attachment representations in community girls at risk for binge-eating. 32
Binge eating disorder (BED) and psychopathological symptoms in adolescence: preliminary report from a study in Liguria. 31
A long-term follow-up with late-adopted children: stability and change of attachment models during adolescence 27
Attachment representations in community girls at risk of Binge Eating Disorder. 25
Risk factors for emotional- behavioral problems in residential-care and late-adopted adolescents: a pilot study with narrative interviews for attachment and alexithymia 24
The multimethod assessment of alexithymia and its relations with internalizing and externalizing problems among institutionalized adolescents. 23
Is disorganized attachment a predictor of post-traumatic symptoms in children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders? 22
La Friends and Family Interview per valutare l’attaccamento degli adolescenti italiani: dati psicometrici e utilizzi clinici. 21
Il padre adottivo: vincoli, risorse, opportunità 19
Peer Power! Secure Peer Attachment Mediates the Effect of Parental Attachment on Depressive Withdrawal of Teenagers 16
Alexithymia and internalizing-externalizing problems in late-adopted and community adolescents: a multi-method comparative study 15
Binge eating attitudes in community adolescent sample and relationships with interview-assessed attachment representations in girls: a multi-center study from North Italy 15
Multiple facets of attachment in residential-care, late adopted, and community adolescents: an interview-based comparative study 14
Can the family drawing be a useful tool for assessing attachment representations in children? A systematic review and meta-analysis 12
Relazioni tra sintomi internalizzanti ed esternalizzanti, attaccamento, regolazione emotiva e alessitimia in adolescenti in comunità residenziale 11
Adolescenza in famiglie adottive e biologiche: sintomi psicopatologici e strategie di regolazione emotiva 11
The Friends and Family Interview Converges with the Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment in Community But Not Institutionalized Adolescents 11
Emotional-behavioral problems, attachment and verbal skills in late-adopted adolescents: the role of pre-adoptive adversities and adoption variables 11
The Adverse Childhood Experiences – International Questionnaire (ACE-IQ) in community samples around the world: A systematic review (part I) 11
Adolescents’ Attachment: Content and Discriminant Validity of the Friends and Family Interview 9
How are the adopted adolescents? A comparison with non-adopted peers in attachment, emotional-behavioral problems and verbal skills 9
An attachment perspective on digital youths after the COVID-19 pandemic: research findings, challenges, and opportunities. 9
Attachment and alexithymia as risk factors for emotional-behavioral problems in institutionalized, late-adopted and community teenagers: mixed-method multi-informant prediction models. 8
A narrative review on clinical and research applications of The Mirror Paradigm: body image, psychopathology, and attachment 7
How are the youth? A brief‐longitudinal study on symptoms, alexithymia and expressive suppression among Italian adolescents during COVID‐19 pandemic 6
Attachment, alexithymia and emotion regulation strategies in groups of low-risk and high-risk teenagers 6
Late-adopted children grown up: a long-term longitudinal study on attachment patterns of adolescent adoptees and their adoptive mothers 5
A narrative review on alexithymia in adolescents with previous adverse experiences placed for adoption, in foster care, or institutions. Prevalence, gender differences, and relations with internalizing and externalizing symptoms 5
What's Happened to Italian Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic? A Preliminary Study on Symptoms, Problematic Social Media Usage, and Attachment: Relationships and Differences With Pre-pandemic Peers 4
A pilot study on alexithymia in adopted youths: prevalence and relationships with emotional-behavioral problems 3
Psychometric proprieties of the Italian version of the questionnaire on eating and weight patterns (QEWP-5) and its accuracy in screening for binge-eating disorder in patients seeking treatment for obesity 2
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