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Enantiospecific and Diastereoselective Synthesis of 4,4-Disubstituted-3-amino-2-azetidinones, Starting from D-Serine 184
Multicomponent Synthesis of Novel 2- and 3-Substituted Dihydrobenzo[1,4]oxazepinones and Tetrahydrobenzo[1,4]diazepin-5-ones and Their Conformational Analysis 172
Diastereoselective Ugi reaction of chiral 1,3-aminoalcohols derived from an organocatalytic Mannich reaction 153
Enantio- and Diastereoselective Synthesis of Highly Substituted Benzazepines by a Multicomponent Strategy Coupled with Organocatalytic and Enzymatic Procedures 151
Isonitrili in Reazioni Multicomponente: Sintesi in Fase Solida e Controllo della Stereoselezione nelle Reazioni di Passerini e di Ugi 150
A new highly convergent entry to densely functionalized aziridines based on the ugi reaction 148
Diversity oriented and chemoenzymatic synthesis of densely functionalized pyrrolidines through a highly diastereoselective Ugi multicomponent reaction 143
Formal Synthesis of Telaprevir 142
Conjugation of Hydroxytyrosol with Other Natural Phenolic Fragments: From Waste to Antioxidants and Antitumour Compounds 142
Multicomponent synthesis of dihydrobenzoxazepinones by coupling Ugi and Mitsunobu reactions 142
Diversity-oriented synthesis of intensively blue emissive 3-hydroxyisoquinolines by sequential Ugi four-component reaction/reductive Heck cyclization 141
Tandem Ugi MCR - Mitsunobu cyclization as a short, protecting group free, route towards benzoxazinones with 4 diversity points 139
Synthesis of heterocycles through classical Ugi and Passerini reactions followed by secondary transformations involving One or Two additional functional groups 138
Ugi and Passerini reactions of biocatalytically derived chiral aldehydes: application to the synthesis of bicyclic pyrrolidines and of antiviral agent telaprevir 135
Enzymes in Asymmetric Synthesis: Effect of Reaction Media on the PLE Catalysed Hydrolysis of Diesters 134
Diastereoselective Passerini Reaction of Biobased Chiral Aldehydes: Divergent Synthesis of Various Polyfunctionalized Heterocycles 132
Multicomponent, Fragment-Based, Synthesis of Polyphenol-containing Peptidomimetics and their Inhibiting Activity on Beta Amyloid Oligomerization 132
The Alternative Route to Enantiopure Multicomponent Reaction Products: Biocatalytic or Organocatalytic Enantioselective Production of Inputs for Multicomponent Reactions 126
Coupling isocyanide-based multicomponent reactions with aliphatic or acyl nucleophilic substitution processes 124
A novel intramolecular Ugi reaction with 7-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane derivatives followed by post-condensation acylations: a new entry to azanorbornyl peptidomimetics 124
Ugi multicomponent reaction followed by an intramolecular nucleophilic substitution: Convergent multicomponent synthesis of 1-sulfonyl 1,4-diazepan-5-ones and of their benzo-fused derivatives 124
Indole Alkaloids. Enantioselective Synthesis of (-)-Alloyohimbane by a Chemo-enzymatic Approach 124
Enantiospecific and Diastereoselective Synthesis of cis Monobactams through Electrophilic Amination of Chiral 3-Hydroxyesters 123
A new convergent and stereoselective synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted N-acylpyrrolidines 123
Application of tandem Ugi reaction/ring-closing metathesis in multicomponent synthesis of unsaturated nine-membered lactams 123
Correction to "Diastereoselective Passerini Reaction of Biobased Chiral Aldehydes: Divergent Synthesis of Various Polyfunctionalized Heterocycles" 123
Diversity-oriented Synthesis of Bicyclic Heterocycles from Levulinic Acid through a Fast and Operationally Simple Multicomponent Approach 123
Three in the Spotlight: Photoinduced Stereoselective Synthesis of (Z)‑Acyloxyacrylamides through a Multicomponent Approach 122
Chiral non-racemic isocyanides 122
Lipase Mediated Preparation of Differently Protected Homochiral 2-Aryl-2-fluoro-1,3-propanediols 120
Chemoenzymatic Approach to the AB Ring System of Aklavinone 120
Heteroyohimbine Alkaloids. Stereospecific Conversion of Ajmalicine into 19-Epiajmalicine 120
Passerini reaction - amine deprotection - acyl migration (PADAM): A convenient strategy for the solid-phase preparation of peptidomimetic compounds 120
Synthetic approaches towards a new class of strained “lactenediynes” 120
Tandem Reduction/Intramolecular Hydroxyalkylation of 4-(3-Hydroxyphenyl)-alkanoates: a New Regioselective Approach to 1,8-Dihydroxytetralins 119
Lipase Catalyzed Asymmetrization of Quinolyl Substituted 1,3-Propanediols 119
On the Optimization of Pig Pancreatic Lipase Catalyzed Monoacetylation of Prochiral Diols 119
Sintesi di pepdidomimetici ciclici contenenti sequenze RGD unite a scaffold di tipo azoninonico come potenziali inibitori delle integrine 119
Synthesis of Vinyl Isocyanides and Development of a Convertible Isonitrile 119
Aspidosperma Alkaloids. Conversion of Tabersonine into Vindoline 119
The First Skeletal Rearrangement of Aspidosperma to Melodinus Alkaloids. A Facile Conversion of (-)-Vincadifformine into N-Methyl-tetrahydromeloscine 118
Synthesis and biological evaluation of new conformationally biased integrin ligands based on a tetrahydroazoninone scaffold 118
Efficient chemoenzymatic enantioselective synthesis of diacylglycerols (DAG) 117
Multicomponent approach to the alkaloid-type 2-aza-7-oxabicyclo[4.3.0]nonane framework 117
Remote Control by Protecting Groups in the Diastereoselective Addition of Acetylides to 2-(4-Quinolyl)propanol 116
Synthesis of Novel Isochromene Derivatives by Tandem Ugi Reaction/Nucleophilic Substitution 116
Asymmetrized tris(hydroxymethyl)methane as precursor of N- and O-containing 6-membered heterocycles through ring-closing metathesis 116
Sintesi orientata alla diversità via reazioni multicomponente di Passerini e di Ugi 115
Enantio- and Diastereoselective Synthesis of Highly Substituted Benzazepines by a Multicomponent Strategy Coupled with Organocatalytic and Enzymatic Procedures 115
Zr-mediated synthesis of chiral cyclic imines and their application in Betti reactions 114
Enzymatically Asymmetrised Chiral Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Complex Natural Product Analogues: The Synthesis of Dynemicin Analogues from 2-(Quinolin-4-yl)propane-1,3-diol 113
Asymmetric synthesis of a new simplified dynemicin analogue equipped with a handle 113
Highly convergent synthesis of intensively blue emissive furo[2,3-c]isoquinolines by a palladium-catalyzed cyclization cascade of unsaturated Ugi products 113
Synthesis of Optically Active N-Benzyl-2,4-Bis (hydroxymethyl) Substituted Azetidines by Lipase Catalyzed Acetylations 112
Enzymatic Asymmetrization of Some Prochiral and Meso Diols through Monoacetylation with Pig Pancreatic Lipase (PPL) 111
Application of tandem Ugi multi-component reaction/ring closing metathesis to the synthesis of a conformationally restricted cyclic pentapeptide 111
Access to Polycyclic Alkaloid-like Structures by Coupling the Passerini and Ugi Reactions with Two Sequential Metal-Catalyzed Cyclizations 111
Optimized synthesis of phosphatidylserine 111
A New Diastereoselective Approach to Simplified Dynemicin Analogues 110
Simplified Dynemicin analogues: diastereoselective synthesis and evaluation of their activity against plasmid DNA 110
Ketene Three-Component Reaction: A Metal-Free Multicomponent Approach to Stereodefined Captodative Olefins 110
Enzymatically promoted release of organic molecules linked to magnetic nanoparticles 110
Ugi multicomponent reaction with hydroxylamines: an efficient route to hydroxamic acid derivatives 109
Isocyanides and arylacetic acids: synthesis and reactivity of 3-aryl-2-acyloxyacrylamides, an example of serendipity-oriented synthesis 109
Multicomponent Reactions under Oxidative Conditions 108
Synthesis of seven-membered nitrogen heterocycles through the Ugi multicomponent reaction 108
Multicomponent Synthesis of Polyphenols and Their In Vitro Evaluation as Potential β-Amyloid Aggregation Inhibitors 108
Passerini Reactions on Biocatalytically Derived Chiral Azetidines 107
Highly Convergent Synthesis of Intensively Blue Emissive Furo[2,3-c]isoquinolines by a Palladium-catalyzed Cyclization Cascade of Unsaturated Ugi Products 107
Convergent Synthesis of the Renin Inhibitor Aliskiren Based on C5−C6 Disconnection and CO2H−NH2 Equivalence 106
Synthesis of asymmetrized 2-benzyl-1,3-diaminopropane by a chemoenzymatic route: a tool for combinatorially developing peptidomimetics 105
Beyond Ugi and Passerini reactions: Multicomponent approaches based on isocyanides and alkynes as an efficient tool for diversity oriented synthesis 105
Regioselective Synthesis of 1,8-Dihydroxytetralins through a Tandem Reduction/Intramolecular Hydroxyalkylation of 4-(3-hydroxyphenyl)alkanoates 104
A convergent synthesis of enantiopure bicyclic scaffolds through multicomponent Ugi reaction 104
A new diversity oriented and metal-free approach to highly functionalized 3H-pyrimidin-4-ones 104
Divergent Synthesis of Novel Five-Membered Heterocyclic Compounds by Base-Mediated Rearrangement of Acrylamides Derived from a Novel Isocyanide-Based Multicomponent Reaction 104
Enantio- and diastereoselective synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted pyrrolidines through a multicomponent Ugi reaction and their transformation into bicyclic scaffolds 103
A marriage of convenience: combining the power of isocyanide-based multicomponent reactions with the versatility of (hetero)norbornene chemistry 103
Short synthesis of protease inhibitors via modified Passerini condensation of N-Boc-a-aminoaldehydes 103
Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Various Enantiopure Heterocycles by Coupling Organocatalysis with Multicomponent Reactions 103
Bis(indole) Alkaloids. A Nonbiomimetic Approach to the Blue Pigment Trichotomine Dimethyl Ester 103
O-Protecting groups as long-range stereocontrolling elements in the addition of acetylides to 4-substituted quinolines 103
Enzymatic Resolution of Acetoxyalkenylphosphonates and Their Exploitation in the Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Phosphonic Derivatives of Carbohydrates 102
Organocatalytic asymmetric processes and multicomponent reactions: a fruitful coalition 101
The Structure Elucidation of Pseudothiocolchicine 101
Microbiological Enantioselective Synthesis of (S) and (R) 4-(p-Anisyloxy)-3-hydroxybutyrates as New Chiral Building Blocks for the Synthesis of b-Lactam Antibiotics 101
Potassium triisopropoxyborohydride 100
A Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of the AB Ring System of 11-Deoxy-Anthracyclinones, through a New Highly Regioselective Intramolecular C-C Bond Forming Reaction 99
E Pluribus Unum: A Pluripotent Multicomponent Approach to DOS Libraries 99
Enantio- and Diastereoselective Synthesis of the AB Ring System of Aklavinone by Coupling a Chemoenzymatic Procedure with Organometal Chemistry 99
Straightforward stereoselective synthesis of polyfunctionalised cyclohexenols using a multicomponent approach 99
Enzyme Catalysed Asymmetrization of Pyridyl Substituted 1,3-Propanediols and of the Corresponding Diacetates 98
Rapid Access to the Highly Oxygenated Aspidosperma Alkaloids Vindoline, Vindorosine, and Cathovaline 98
A New Class of cis-Monobactams Derivatives Bearing a Sulfamoyloxymethyl or an N-Alkylsulfamoyloxymethyl Group at Position 4: Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity 97
Applicazione della reazione di Ugi seguita da ciclizzazione alla sintesi di eterocicli azotati 97
Synthesis of triazolo-fused benzoxazepines and benzoxazepinones via Passerini reactions followed by 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions 97
Synthesis and DNA-cleaving activity of lactenediynes conjugated with DNA-complexing moieties 97
A novel application of alpha-azidoaldehydes in multicomponent reactions: synthesis of triazolo-fused dihydrooxazinones via a Passerini reaction – dipolar cycloaddition strategy 96
Asymmetrized tris(hydroxymethyl)methane as precursor of iminosugars: application to the synthesis of isofagomine 95
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