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An Expert System for Alleviating Overloads in Electric Power Systems: General Concepts and Applications 157
Dynamic performances of AC drives fed from power transistor-thyristor inverters 129
Voltage stability of power systems: links between static and dynamic approaches 127
Synthesis of an equivalent dynamic model for load areas with LTC transformers 127
null 126
An intelligent supporting aid for resolving operations under overload conditions in electric power systems 126
Dynamic index assessment for voltage stability in electric power systems 121
Providing Competitive Ancillary Services through Efficient Market Structures 111
Perturbation identification via voltage phasor monitoring in transmission systems 111
Enhanced economic dispatching in competitive electricity market by optimal location and setting of angle compensation devices 111
A Security Oriented Approach to PMU Positioning for Advanced Monitoring of a Transmission Grid 110
Emergency Operation of Electrical Power Plants: Effects of Thermal Unit Controls on Frequency Transients 110
null 106
Black-start and restoration of a part of the Italian HV network: modelling and simulation of a field test 105
Hierarchical network sectionalizing to improve present defense plans 104
Evaluating Closed Loop Fast Valving Performance in Power Plants 103
Estimating first swing stability of synchronous machines as affected by saturation and controls 100
null 100
The smart microgrid pilot project of the University of Genoa: Power and communication architectures 99
A computer approach to the non linear hysteretic problem of electromagnetic field computation in hard superconductors for loss evaluation 98
Voltage Regulation Issues in a Deregulated Environment 97
Dynamic equivalents of tap-changing-under-load transformers in a transmission system 95
Feedback linearisation oriented approach to Q–V control of grid connected photovoltaic units 93
Steam power plant repowering to provide black-start ancillary service and speed up power system restoration 91
New Issues in Optimization and Control Methods in Open Access Transmission Environment 89
Performance and control of photovoltaic systems supplying both primary and ancillary services 88
A P-Q capability chart approach to characterise grid connected PV-units 85
A frequency response oriented approach to rotor losses evaluation in converter operated synchronous machines 83
A control algorithm for the maximum power point tracking and the reactive power injection from grid-connected PV systems 82
Quantification of the environmental benefits provided by the application of state-of-the-art technologies to T&D grids 81
null 79
Series compensation through static devices for active power control and oscillation damping 78
null 78
Enhancing emergency and restorative controls in electrical power systems via expert systems 77
Remarks on Power System Restoration in Open Electricity Markets 73
Computer Aids in the Design and Development of Industrial Electrical Plants 72
A synchronous generator circuital model for internal faults analysis and protection system design 71
Enhancing Flexibility of Restoration Guidelines through an Integrated Simulator-KB Approach 66
Towards a renewal of Transmission & Distribution infrastructures to meet EU 2020 goals 66
Simulation and Control Techniques of FACTS 65
The application of modern electric systems to T&D infrastructures to achieve EU 20/20/20 climate & energy targets 64
Coordinating Converter Controls and Synchronous Condenser Characteristics in HVDC Back-to-back Links 63
Integrated Market-driven Dispatching of Power Service and Spinning Reserve 62
Guidelines for ISO Operator Aid and Training for Power System Restoration in Open Electricity Markets 62
Modelling and Control of DDPM Wind Generators 62
Feedback linearization control technique for the use of PV units as reactive power providers 61
A KB module to remove real power flow violations while performing load flow calculations 61
Interactions between AC and DC transmission system: modelling for use in power system studies 60
Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Applications for Electric Power Systems: Knowledge-based Approaches to Line Overload Alleviation 60
null 60
Performance Evaluation of HVDC Systems under Fault Conditions 59
Influence of Current Regulator Characteristics on Small Perturbation Stability of HVDC Links 59
null 59
Valuation and Market-based Provision of Ancillary Services: Competitive Allocation of Spinning Reserve by Grid Constrained Auction Models 58
An extended modeling of synchronous generators for internal fault evaluation and protection assessment 56
Sensitivity of Transient Stability to Modelling and Regulation of Synchronous Machines 55
Enhancement of power system performance over different time frames using advanced series compensation 55
Experimental Validation of Synchronous Machine Saturated Models 55
Current standard practice in EHV/HV Italian substation design: Oriented modelling and simulation of lightning protection system for improving design criteria 54
REGES: un Ambiente Integrato Sistema Esperto - Simulatore per Addestramento Operatore nel Processo di Riaccensione di una Rete Elettrica 52
An advanced nonlinear control technique for grid connected generating units - Part I: Theory 51
Evaluating HVDC control system performance under transient conditons 50
An advanced nonlinear control technique for grid connected generating units - Part II: Simulations 50
Sulla possibilita' dell'impiego di reti abduttive per il controllo dei sovraccarichi termici di un sistema elettrico 48
Electric Power System Monitoring: Phenomenon Independent Positioning of a Constrained Number of PMUs 48
Knowledge Based Apporaches to Line Overloads Alleviation: a Comparative Study 48
The security assessment of critical energy infrastructures: an evaluation approach 47
A methodology to quantify the impact of a renewed T&D infrastructure on EU 2020 goals 45
Considerazioni sulla Riaccensione del Sistema Elettrico in un Mercato Libero dell’Energia 43
Produzione fotovoltaica diffusa in reti di distribuzione in bassa tensione: miglioramento della qualità del servizio ed analisi in condizioni perturbate 41
Prove e Simulazioni di Riaccensione di Centrali Termoelettriche mediante Gruppi Idroelettrici 40
La sSicurezza dei sistemi elettrici per l’energia. Aspetti metodologici e tecnologici sviluppati in due progetti Europei: OMASES ed EXaMINE 39
Integrazione della risorsa eolica nella rete di distribuzione 38
Technical Economical Oriented Procedure for Restoration Resources Purchasing 34
Modellistica di generatori sincroni per l’analisi di guasti interni 27
Sicurezza ed Efficienza Economica del Sistema Elettrico in Regime di Libero Mercato 26
An Advanced Droop Control Strategy for Reactive Power: Assessment in Islanded Microgrids 20
Definition and Validation of Key Performance Indicators to Assess the Effectiveness of “Smarting Actions” on a Distribution Network 8
A Set of KPIs to Quantify Environmental & Technical Benefits of Renewing Actions on Transmission Grids 7
A P-Q capability chart approach to characterize grid connected PV-units 7
Classification, Evaluation and Acquisition Criteria of Recovery Resources to provide Ancillary Services in Power System Restoration 7
Improving Power Grids Transient Stability Via Model Predictive Control 5
An integrated active and reactive power control scheme for grid-connected photovoltaic production systems 4
The use of a static series compensator (SSC) for the mitigation of voltage sags in a radial distribution network 3
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