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Performance evaluation of Wavewatch III in the Mediterranean Sea 177
An integrated PM2.5 source apportionment study: Positive Matrix Factorisation vs. the Chemical Transport Model CAMx 160
Numerical simulations of Mediterranean heavy precipitation events with the WRF model: A verification exercise using different approaches 144
Problems in RMSE-based wave model validations 133
PM2.5 chemical composition in five European Mediterranean cities: A 1-year study 126
Multi-wavelength optical determination of black and brown carbon in atmospheric aerosols 120
An experimental study on statistics of temperature fluctuations in the atmospheric boundary layer 119
PM10 source apportionment applying PMF and chemical tracer analysis to ship-borne measurements in the Western Mediterranean 118
Implementation and validation of a wave hindcast/forecast model for the Western Mediterranean 117
The role of the sea on the flash floods events over Liguria (northwestern Italy) 116
Wind speed and wind energy forecast through Kalman filtering of Numerical Weather Prediction model output 109
Multi-wavelength optical determination of black and brown carbon in atmospheric aerosols 109
Developing air quality forecast and evaluation in the city of Genoa and in the Liguria Region (Italy) 108
Developing and validating a forecast/hindcast system for the Mediterranean Sea 106
A methodology to improve renewable electrical generation day-ahead scheduling combining resource forecasting and energy storage integration 98
Spatio-temporal modelling of extreme wave heights in the Mediterranean Sea 97
A synergic approach for PM2.5 source apportionment through receptor modelling and chemical transport model simulations 96
Size distribution and optical properties of African mineral dust after intercontinental transport 96
Size distribution and optical properties of mineral dust aerosols transported in the western Mediterranean 96
Extreme waves seasonality analysis: An application in the Mediterranean Sea 90
Why NRMSE is not completely reliable for forecast/hindcast model test performances 86
Evaluation of the offshore wind potential along the Italian coasts. 85
Downscaling mesoscale wind fields through a mass-consistent model to drive dispersion simulations with ADMS 85
Una catena modellistica per la simulazione della concentrazione di particolato in atmosfera sulla Liguria e nell’area urbana di Genova 84
Optimisation of the regional spatial distribution of wind power plants to minimise the variability of wind energy input into power supply systems 81
Optimized wind and wave energy resource assessment and offshore exploitability in the Mediterranean Sea 79
Comparison between two diagnostic models of atmospheric flow above complex terrain: the evaluation of the wind potential of La Ventosa 77
Evaluation of the impact of harbour activities on airquality in the urban area of Genoa (Italy) 75
Optimisation of the spatial distribution of wind power plants over Corsica. 74
Intercomparison of source apportionment approaches within the APICE-MED project 71
Use of Kalman filters for surface wind forecasts adjustment and energy resource assessment 70
Summertime surface PM1 aerosol composition and size by source region at the Lampedusa island in the central Mediterranean Sea 70
Numerical Simulations of Severe Precipitation Events over Liguria (Italy) with the WRF Model and Analysis of the Sensitivity to Different Cloud Microphysics Parameterizations 67
Downscaling NWP wind fields by means of a diagnostic mass-consistent model 66
Air quality modelling in the Liguria region and in the urban area of Genoa (Italy) 66
Properties of transported African mineral dust aerosols in the Mediterranean region 66
Mitigation of the impact of wind power plants on power supply systems 65
Size distribution and optical properties of long-range transported African dust 63
Caratterizzazione dimensionale del particolato nell’isola di Lampedusa 60
Implementazione e validazione di un modello di previsione e reanalisi del moto ondoso per il Mediterraneo Occidentale 58
Improving wave model validation based on RMSE 57
Confronto tra il potenziale eolico di “La Ventosa” calcolato mediante un modello mass-consistent ed un BZ-model lineare 56
Dalla scala regionale alla microscala: accoppiamento di un modello fotochimico euleriano a un modello gaussiano di dispersione atmosferica 53
Sviluppo e applicazioni di una catena modellistica per la qualità dell'aria in Liguria - Source apportionment e confronto fra modelli a recettore e modelli chimici di trasporto 51
Ship aerosol quantification in central Mediterranean Sea from chemical composition of PM10 sampled at Lampedusa (35.5°N, 12.6° E) and Capogranitola (36.6°N, 12.6° E) 50
Un modello di re-analisi del moto ondoso nel Mediterraneo: prestazioni ed affidabilità. 49
Valutazione probabilistica dei venti intensi lungo le linee ferroviarie AV/AC italiane 49
Size distribution and optical properties of long-range transported African dust 48
Applicazione del filtro di Kalman per la correzione locale della previsione numerica del vento 47
An integrated source apportionment study: Positive Matrix Factorization vs. the Chemical Transport Model CAMx 46
Rainfall fields monitoring based on satellite microwave down-links and traditional techniques in the city of genoa 46
The impact of harbour activities on the air quality of the city of Genoa: source apportionment and simulation by dispersion models 45
The Italian Wind Atlas – status and progress. 43
Impact of model resolution and initial/boundary conditions in forecasting flood-causing precipitations 37
Simulazione della dispersione delle emissioni di una centrale elettrica 31
Prediction of severe thunderstorm events with ensemble deep learning and radar data 29
RANS and LES face to face for forecasting extreme precipitation events in the Liguria region (northwestern Italy) 24
Hybrid AI-enhanced lightning flash prediction in the medium-range forecast horizon 16
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