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Woody species diversity as predictor of vascular plant species diversity in forest ecosystems 157
Climate change hastens the urgency of conservation for range-restricted plant species in the central-northern Mediterranean region 124
Reproductive biology of an Alpic paleo-endemic in a changing climate 122
Do floral and niche shifts favour the establishment and persistence of newly arisen polyploids? A case study in an Alpine primrose. 116
Natural hybridization in Saxifraga callosa Sm. 113
Data Mining for floral distribution pattern detection 109
null 106
null 100
null 99
Strategy to improve the quality, the acclimatization and the ex vitro re-introduction of micropropagated plants of Limonium cordatum (L.) Mill., a Mediterranean endemism. 98
Genetic variability of the narrow endemic Rhamnus persicifolia Moris (Rhamnaceae) and its implications for conservation 97
Molecular phylogeny of the Caryophyllaceae (Caryophyllales) inferred from chloroplast MATK and nuclear rDNA its sequences 95
Analysis of in vitro performances and genetic variability of several Campanula sabatia populations in Italy. 95
null 94
The plant endemism in the Maritime and Ligurian Alps 94
null 92
Spatial genetic structure of Campanula sabatia a threatened narrow endemic species of the Mediterranean basin. 92
Moehringia argenteria (Caryophyllaceae) a new species in the Maritime Alps (Italy). 91
Are the responses of plant species to Quaternary climatic changes idiosyncratic? A demographic perspective from the Western Alps 91
Polyploid evolution and Pleistocene glacial cycles: a case study from the alpine primrose Primula marginata (Primulaceae). 90
The role of polyploidy evolution in flowering plants: a case study from the alpine species Primula marginata 88
Distribution pattern and richness of endemic plant species in Maritime and Ligurian Alps 86
Population decrease of Thymelaea hirsuta (L.) Endl. in Liguria: conservation problems for the North Tyrrhenian sea. 85
Data Mining for endemic plant species distribution pattern identification 85
Divergence is not enough: the use of ecological niche models for the validation of taxon boundaries 84
Sequence capture using RAD probes clarifies phylogenetic relationships and species boundaries in Primula sect. Auricula 84
Phylogeography of Primula allionii (Primulaceae), a narrow endemic of the Maritime Alps. 83
Distribution range and ecological niche of Primula marginata Curtis (Primulaceae) 83
A critical evaluation of different methods for the determination of areas of endemism and biotic elements: an Alpine study. 83
Phylogeographic insights into a peripheral refugium: the importance of cumulative effect of glaciation on the genetic structure of two endemic plants 83
Sexual polymorphism and spatial segregation of Thymelaea hirsuta in Liguria (north-west Italy) 82
Genetic structure of Rhamnus glaucophylla Sommier endemic to Tuscany 82
null 82
null 81
Ecogeographic and genetic evaluation of endemic species in the Maritime Alps: the case of Moehringia lebrunii and M. sedoides (Caryophyllaceae) 80
Thorn, spine and prickle patterns in the Italian flora 80
Climate change fosters the decline of epiphytic Lobaria species in Italy 78
The abundance & diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are linked to the soil chemistry of screes & to slope in the Alpic paleo-endemic Berardia subacaulis 77
Ecological and historical factors affecting distribution pattern and richness of endemic plant species: the case of the Maritime and Ligurian Alps hotspot 77
null 76
Phylogeographical investigation on Silene cordifolia and Viola argenteria endemic to the Maritime Alps: similitude in their genetic history. 76
Applying a hierarchisation method to a biodiversity hotspot: Challenges and perspectives in the South-Western Alps flora 76
Allopatric divergens and secondary contact observed in Euphorbia spinosa L. 75
Allopatric divergence and secondary contacts in Euphorbia spinosa L.: influence of climatic changes on the split of the species. 75
Reproductive biology of the threatened Lilium pomponium (Liliaceae), a species endemic to Maritime and Ligurian Alps 72
Recent biogeografical studies about Maritime and Ligurian Alps. 71
Biogeographic and genetic aspects on the relationship between two endemic Moehringia sp. (Caryophyllaceae) of Provence and Liguria. 71
Pollen vector in Thymelaea hirsuta (L.) Endl. 70
Haplotype richness in refugial area of Marittime Alps: phylogeographical structure of Saxifraga callosa. 69
Species distinction within Campanula sect. Heterophylla in the SW Alps: molecular, morphological and chemotaxonomic evidences. 68
Piano d’azione per la conservazione di Campanula sabatia in Liguria 66
Haplotype richness in refugial area of Maritime Alps: phylogeographical structure of Saxifraga callosa. 66
null 66
Allopatric divergens and secondary contact observed in Euphorbia spinosa L. 65
Phylogeography of Euphorbia spinosa L. 65
Pollination strategies in the narrow endemic species Primula allionii Loisel. (Primulaceae). 64
Strategy to improve the quality, the acclimatization and the ex vitro re-introduction of micropropagated plants of Limonium cordatum (L.) Mill., a Mediterranean endemism 64
Biotic elements and areas of endemism approach applied to endemic plant species of Maritime and Ligurian Alps hotspot 62
null 62
Prime esperienze di reintroduzione in Liguria: il caso di Leucojum nicaeense Ard. nel Comune di Ventimiglia (IM). 61
Saxifraga callosa Sm.: a complex taxon resolved by a combination of morphological and molecular approaches 61
null 61
Preliminary survey of the nutritional and palynological traits of honey bee-foraged pollen from Liguria (Italy) 60
Future adaptations of plant species to environmental changes. 59
Learning from the past to forecast the future: a case study on Berardia subacaulis, a paleo-endemic species of the SW Alps 59
null 58
Between past and future: legacy and fate of an important centre of endemism for the Mediterranean region 58
Conservazione della diversità vegetale in Liguria. Attività ed iniziative in Liguria. 56
null 55
Thorns, spines and prickles in the Italian flora. 55
Esperienze di studi demografici e genetici di popolazioni vegetali in Liguria. 55
Phylogeographical structure of Saxifraga callosa Sm. 54
Phylogenetic and Phylogeographical structure of Saxifraga callosa: Haplotype richness and identification of hybrids in refugial areas 53
Comparazione fra differenti metodi per la determinazione delle aree di endemismo e per gli elementi biotici: un esempio nelle Alpi Marittime e Liguri 52
Daphne gnidium L. (Thymelaeaceae): una specie androdioica? 52
Climate change and the future of endemic flora in the South Western Alps: relationships between niche properties and extinction risk. 51
Studi sulla biodiversità delle Alpi Marittime. 50
Dati preliminari sulla biologia riproduttiva di Thymelaea hirsuta (L.) Endl. nella popolazione ligure. 50
Specie patrimoniali dei M. Toraggio e Pietravecchia (Liguria occidentale) 50
The role of polyploidy evolution in flowering plants: a case study from the alpine species Primula marginata. 50
Campanula sabatia De Not.: primi risultati di propagazione in vitro per una specie protetta. 49
Priority species and sites for plant conservation in the Mediterranean Alps: an example of a cross-border approach 49
Niche divergence between putative taxa: ecological niche models in taxonomic researches 49
Biotechnological approaches for the conservation of Campanula sabatia De Not., a endangered Italian species 48
An integrative taxonomic approach in the genus Erysimum (Brassicaceae). 48
Biodiversità senza frontiere. Progetto ALCOTRA 016. Natura 2000 A.d.M. Rapporto finale 48
Fattori che influenzano i modelli di ricchezza degli endemismi vegetali delle Alpi Occidentali 47
Caratteristiche ecologiche e rarità delle piante endemiche delle Alpi Marittime italiane 47
Hotspots within hotspots: insight of biogeographical conservation strategies in a transboundary territory (South-western Alps). Mission Bodiversity: Choosing New Paths for Conservation 47
Evoluzione verso il dioicismo in Thymelaea hirsuta (L:) Endl.: prime osservazioni in Liguria 46
Didattica e conservazione: l'esperienza pilota diAndora (Ponente Ligure) 45
Influence of lower Pleistocene on the split of Euphorbia spinosa L. 45
Genetic variation in the Sicilian endangered Brassica rupestris. 45
Knowing the past to forecast the future: a case study on a relictual, endemic species of the SW Alps 45
Thymelaea hirsuta(L.) Endl.: monitoraggio della popolazione ligure 44
The importance of stability throughout time in affecting the geographical pattern of endemism richness 44
Relationships between phenotypic plasticity and environmental variables. 44
Effects of environmental heterogeneity on phenotypic variations of Lilium pomponium L. 44
Il seme, culla della diversità vegetale 43
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