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Postural control after a strenuous treadmill exercise 146
Sensorimotor skills impact on temporal expectation: Evidence from swimmers 141
Effects of treadmill training on walking economy in Parkinson's desease: a pilot study 137
Effects of fatiguing treadmill exercise on body balance 129
Calpain-1 resident in lipid raft/caveolin-1 membrane microdomains plays a protective role in endothelial cells. 126
Age-related analysis of insulin resistance, body weight and arterial pressure in the Zucker fatty rat 124
Effects of Two Types of 9-Month Adapted Physical Activity Program on Muscle Mass, Muscle Strength, and Balance in Moderate Sarcopenic Older Women 124
IVGTT-based simple assessment of glucose tolerance in the Zucker fatty rat: Validation against minimal models 120
Action observation combined with conventional training improves the rugby lineout throwing performance: A pilot study 108
Boosting the proprioceptive-induced after-effect by combining tendon vibration and repetitive TMS over primary motor cortex. 107
C-peptide-based assessment of insulin secretion in the Zucker fatty rat: A modelistic study 107
The type of ergometer affects functional evaluation in elite rowers. 103
Boosting and consolidating the proprioceptive cortical aftereffect by combining tendon vibration and repetitive TMS over primary motor cortex 103
Ruolo dell'informazione propriocettiva sul mantenimento della postura dopo esercizio massimale 89
Power spectrum analysis of heart rate variability in the young Zucker rat 88
Effects of Two High-intensity Interval Training Concepts in Recreational Runners 84
Effects of fatiguing treadmill exercise on body balance 82
Treadmill traning in subjects with Parkinson's disease: effects on motor performance 81
The role of ankle-foot orthoses on walking parameters 81
Effects of action observation training on the line-out gesture training in rugby players 76
The effect of action observation training on the reaction of the motor system during observation of movements performed at different velocities. 73
Tendon vibration combined with rTMS can reinforce a pattern of unbalanced M1 excitability between agonist and antagonist muscles 70
Treadmill training improves functional ability and cardiopulmonary capacity in stable Parkinson's Disease 70
Effects of fatiguing treadmill exercise on body balance 69
Vascular reactivity in young hyperinsulinemic, insulin-resistant Zucker rats 68
Movement lateralization in performing hand motor task in tennis players 68
Yoga and adapted physical activity: effects of a 6 months program on balance and joint mobility in older women. 62
Minimal model assessment of insulin resistance in relation to body weight in the Zucker fatty rat 57
Vascular reactivity in young hyperinsulinemic insulin-resistant Zucker rats 55
Temporal expectation in swimming 52
Muscle Fatigue and Swimming Efficiency in Behind and Lateral Drafting 52
Movement lateralization and bimanual coordination in tennis players 49
Incrementare l'after-effect propriocettivo combinando la vibrazione del tendine con TMS ripetitiva sopra la corteccia motoria primaria 48
Prevention of covid-19 infection and related complications by ozonized oils 48
Timing abilities in executing motor tasks in tennis players and rowers 46
Surface Electromyography Spectral Parameters for the Study of Muscle Fatigue in Swimming 46
Acute and chronic catabolic responses to crossfit® and resistance training in young males 43
Cross-Sectional Differences in Race Demands Between Junior, Under 23, and Professional Road Cyclists 40
Not Breathing During the Approach Phase Ameliorates Freestyle Turn Performance in Prepubertal Swimmers 36
Effectiveness and safety of a thermal insulating coverage on the top of the cryo-cabin during a partial-body cryostimulation 32
Do Race Results in Youth Competitions Predict Future Success as a Road Cyclist? A Retrospective Study in the Italian Cycling Federation 30
Motor Cortical Excitability Changes in Preparation to Concentric and Eccentric Movements 29
Evaluation of Explicit Motor Timing Ability in Young Tennis Players 25
Sensorimotor expertise influences perceptual weight judgments during observation of a sport-specific gesture 23
Shuttle Running Within a Small-Sided Game: Effects on Internal and External Workloads, in Young Elite Soccer Players 23
Primary motor cortex excitability as a marker of plasticity in a stimulation protocol combining action observation and kinesthetic illusion of movement 20
Efficacy of Resisted Sled Sprint Training Compared With Unresisted Sprint Training on Acceleration and Sprint Performance in Rugby Players: An 8-Week Randomized Controlled Trial 17
A Bibliometrics-Enhanced, PAGER-Compliant Scoping Review of the Literature on Paralympic Powerlifting: Insights for Practices and Future Research 17
The Weekly Periodization of Top 5 Tour de France General Classification Finishers: A Multiple Case Study 17
Aging deteriorates the ability to discriminate the weight of an object during an action observation task 16
High-Intensity Interval Training for Rowing: Acute Responses in National-Level Adolescent Males 15
The Effect of Static and Dynamic Stretching during Warm-Up on Running Economy and Perception of Effort in Recreational Endurance Runners 14
Effects of Bilateral Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex High-Definition Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation on Physiological and Performance Responses at Severe-Intensity Exercise Domain in Elite Road Cyclists 13
Power Road-Derived Physical Performance Parameters in Junior, Under-23, and Professional Road Cycling Climbers 12
Partial-Body Cryostimulation Increases Resting Energy Expenditure in Lean and Obese Women 10
How do world class top 5 Giro d'Italia finishers train? A qualitative multiple case study 10
Differences in Training Characteristics Between Junior, Under 23 and Professional Cyclists 10
Short intermittent taekwondo test to assess athlete's physiological and metabolic profile 7
Partial-body cryostimulation procured performance and perceptual improvements in amateur middle-distance runners 5
Thermal responses induced by nitrogen and forced convection based partial-body cryostimulation 5
The metronome-based methodology to monitor the stroke length changes in trained swimmers 4
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