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Demand side response for frequency control in a regional power system 138
Efficiency Improvement of a Natural Gas Marine Engine Using a Hybrid Turbocharger 138
Experimental Validation of Control Strategies for a Microgrid Test Facility Including a Storage System and Renewable Generation Sets 132
Model of a real medium voltage distribution network for analysis of distributed generation penetration in a SmartGrid scenario 126
Advanced operational functionalities for a low voltage Microgrid test site 126
Information requirements and methods for characterising distributed generation 125
Distributed Energy Resources Management in a Low Voltage Test Facility 125
Performance evaluation of algorithms for the State of Charge estimation of storage devices in microgrid operation 125
An Architecture for Implementing State Estimation Application in Distribution Management System (DMS) 124
A load management algorithm for PCC interface breaker 123
Reliability assessment of distribution systems incorporating feeder restoration actions 121
Dynamic models for Distributed Energy Resources in a Microgrid environment 120
Advanced Load-shedding Methodology and Architecture for Normal and Emergency Operation of the Italian Power System 119
Dynamic Modeling of a Supply Vessel Power System for DP3 Protection System 118
An innovative probabilistic methodology for net transfer capacity evaluation 117
Optimal Management Strategy of a Battery-based Storage System to Improve Renewable Energy Integration in Distribution Networks 116
Load management by advanced protection systems in Low Voltage microgrids 114
Using the Advanced DMS Functions to Handle the Impact of Plug-In Electric Vehicles on Distribution Networks 114
null 114
Optimal Management Strategy of a Battery-based Storage System to Improve Renewable Energy Integration in Distribution Networks 113
null 112
null 111
A Probabilistic Risk Assessment Approach to support the operation of large electric power systems 110
Pseudo-measurements modeling using neural network and Fourier decomposition for distribution state estimation 110
Dynamic modeling of a supply vessel electrical grid for DP3 protection system 110
Short Term Scheduling and Control of Active Distribution Systems with High Penetration of Renewable Resources 108
ANN application for on-line power system security assessment 107
A Gas Turbine Model for Studies on Distributed Generation Penetration Into Distribution Networks 106
Planning and Optimisation of Active Distribution Systems – An Overview of Cigre Working Group C6.19 Activities 104
Stochastic Volt-Var optimization function for planning of MV distribution networks 104
Bidding Strategy Selection in a Day-ahead Electricity Auction System 104
Low Voltage Microgrid under Islanded Operation: Control Strategies and Experimental Tests 103
Optimal Charging Strategy Algorithm for PEVs: a Monte Carlo validation 103
A procedure for automatic scheduling of distributed energy resources in medium voltage networks 102
An Aggregator for Demand Side Management at Domestic Level Including PEVs 102
An analytical method for probabilistic load flow applied to multi-terminal HVDC networks for offshore wind farm integration 102
An extensive Dynamic Security Assessment analysis on a large realistic electric power system 102
Probabilistic assessment of Net Transfer Capacity considering forecast uncertainties 102
Combined Use of Simulation and Test Site Electrical Networks for Assessing and Evaluating Distributed Generation Possibilities and Performances 101
null 101
Day-Ahead Planning and Real-Time Control of Integrated PV-Storage Systems by Stochastic Optimization 101
An innovative pluralistic Load-Frequency Control scheme for the power flow control along corridors on the Italian border 98
Modeling of DFIG Wind Turbine and Lithium Ion Energy Storage System 98
Indices-based Voltage Stability Monitoring of the Italian HV Transmission System 98
An Energy Resource Scheduler Implemented in the Automatic Management System of a Microgrid Test Facility 97
Real time control of a low voltage microgrid through a Distribution Management System 97
A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell model to investigate load following and stability issues in distribution networks 97
A Stochastic Optimization Method for Planning and Real-Time Control of Integrated PV-Storage Systems: Design and Experimental Validation 97
Coordinated micro-generation and load management for energy saving policies 96
null 96
Stochastic modelling of aggregated thermal loads for impact analysis of demand side frequency regulation in the case of Sardinia in 2020 96
Mixed-integer algorithm for optimal dispatch of integrated PV-storage systems 96
Volt/VAR Optimization function with load uncertainty for planning of MV distribution networks 96
Impact of Distributed Generation on network security: effects on loss-of-main protection reliability 94
Intentional islanding of Microgrid by frequency support with building HVAC system 94
Electrical consumption forecasting in hospital facilities: An application case 94
Implementation and Comparison of Different Under Frequency Load-Shedding Schemes 93
Smart management of demand in naval application: Prospects and technologies for distributed control of loads 93
Frequency control services by a building cooling system aggregate 93
An innovative risk control strategy in power systems involving advanced HVDC networks 92
Power and energy control strategies for a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery and wind farm combined system 92
A two-stage margin-based algorithm for optimal plug-in electric vehicles scheduling 92
Indices for Fast Contingency Ranking in Large Electric Power Systems 91
Model validation and coordinated operation of a photovoltaic array and a diesel power plant for distributed generation 91
A Novel Approach to Account for Uncertainty and Correlations in Probabilistic Power Flow 91
Frequency Regulation by Thermostatically Controlled Loads: a Technical and Economic Analysis 91
Evaluation of Some Indices for Voltage Stability Assessment 90
Wind farm contribution to frequency regulation by distributed adaptive kinetic energy control 90
Microturbine Control Modeling to investigate the Effects of Distributed Generation in Electric Energy Networks 89
Optimal Sizing of a Storage System Coupled with Grid Connected Renewable Generation Respecting Day-ahead Dispatch Profile 89
Bifurcation Analysis and Chaos Detection in Power Systems 88
Stochastic electrical plan load Analysis for increasing flexibility in electrical ship system 88
Operation and management of the electric system for industrial plants: an expert system prototype for load-shedding operator assistance 86
Simulation approaches in cascading risk assessment 85
Evaluation of requirements for Volt/Var Control and Optimization function in Distribution Management Systems 85
Stochastic approach for power generation optimal design and scheduling on ships 85
An Efficient Method to Take into Account Forecast Uncertainties in Large Scale Probabilistic Power Flow 85
Implementation of Advanced Functionalities for Distribution Management Systems: Load Forecasting and Modeling through Artificial Neural Networks Ensembles 85
Load Control for Improving System Security and Economics 84
Equivalent modelling of reciprocating engines generators for microgrid frequency response analysis 84
Electricity Market Strategy Characterisation with Fuzzy Logic: Application to Different Types of Power Plants 83
Artificial neural network application to load forecasting in a large hospital facility 83
An Innovative Platform integrating Deterministic and Probabilistic tools for Power System Security Assessment within a Unified Approach 82
Impact Evaluation of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) on Electric Distribution Networks 81
Operation and Management of the Electric System for Industrial Plants: an Expert System Prototype for Load-Shedding Operator Assistance 81
An Insight into Cournot and Nash Equilibria both for a Market Clearing Price and a Pay As Bid Price 80
null 80
Risk-Based Security and Control Framework for Power System Operation Under Significant Amounts of HVDC-connected Wind Power Generation 80
Ship Electrical Load Analysis and Power Generation Optimisation to Reduce Operational Costs 80
Low voltage microgrid islanding through adaptive load shedding 80
Distribution level aggregator platform for DSO support-integration of storage, demand response, and renewables 80
null 80
Modeling of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) equipped wind turbine for dynamics studies 80
Characterization of Wind and Solar generation and their influence on distribution network performances 79
Bifurcation Analysis and Chaos Detection in Power Systems 79
Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage Systems for Shipboard Applications 79
Design and Validation of a Detailed Building Thermal Model Considering Occupancy and Temperature Sensors 79
Applying Full MILP Model to Volt-Var Optimization Problem for MV Distribution Networks 78
Intelligent Load Management for a Shopping Mall Model in a Smartgrid Environment 78
Control and automation functions at the TSO and DSO interface – impact on network planning 78
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