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Breakdown of passivity of aluminium alloys by intermetallic phases in neutral chloride solution 145
Effect of Cold Working in the Passive Behavior of 304 Stainless Steel in Sulfate Media 138
Veratric acid treatment by anodic oxidation with BDD anode 136
Crack-bridging ability and liquid water permeability of protective coatings for concrete 132
null 123
Electrochemical degradation of gallic acid on a BDD anode 121
Characterisation of composite SOFC cathodes using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Analysis of Pt/YSZ and LSM/YSZ electrodes 119
Corrosion behaviour of nanocrystalline Cu90Ni10 alloy in neutral solution containing chlorides 118
Study of the crack-bridging ability of organic coatings for concrete: analysis of the mechanical behaviour of unsupported and supported films 117
Electrochemical oxidation of 2-naphthol with in situ electrogenerated active chlorine 116
null 113
Activation of aluminium anodes by the presence of intermetallic compounds 111
Corrosion fatigue behaviour of iron in different aqueous environments 110
Electrochemical treatment of wastewaters containing organic pollutants on boron-doped diamond electrodes. Prediction of specific energy consumption and required electrode area 110
Electrochemical and morphologic investigation of Al-Mg-Zn alloys in artificial sea water 109
Oxygen evolution on Co3O4 and Li-doped Co3O4 coated electrodes in an alkaline solution 109
null 109
A methodological approach for monitoring the curing process of fairing compounds based on epoxy resins 109
Organic coatings for concrete protection: liquid water and water vapour permeabilities 107
Thermochemical recycling of hydrolyzed NaBH4. Part I: In-situ and ex-situ evaluations 106
Electrochemical and corrosion behaviour of cold rolled AISI 301 in 1 M H2SO4 102
Influence of micro- and nano-fillers on chemico-physical properties of epoxy-based materials 102
Electro-Fenton degradation of anionic surfactants 102
null 101
null 100
Coumaric acid degradation by electro-Fenton process 100
null 100
null 99
Role of intermetallics in the activation of Al-Mg-Zn alloys 98
Electrochemical generation of silver (II) at Boron-doped Diamond electrodes 98
Influence of organic coatings on the stability of macrodefect-free cements exposed to water 98
null 97
null 97
null 97
null 96
The Anodic Oxidation of 2-Naphthol at Boron-Doped Diamond electrodes 95
null 93
kinetics of the oxygen reduction mechanism at a soft cathode: analysis of a symmetric cell 92
Optimization of coil coating systems by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 92
Effect of intermetallic compounds on the activation of aluminium anodes 92
Electrocatalytic aspect of oxygen reduction in solid oxide fuel cell composite electrodes 91
null 91
Nickel -cobalt oxide coated electrodes: influence of the preparation technique on oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in an alkaline solution 90
An infra-red spectroscopic study of the interactions of aminopyridines with iron oxide layers 89
null 88
null 88
null 88
null 87
null 87
null 87
null 86
Effect of the electrochemical passivation on the corrosion behaviour of austenitic stainless steel 86
null 86
null 85
Electrochemical remediation of copper(II) from an industrial effluent. Part III foam cathodes in a single pass reactor 83
Influence of temperature on crack-bridging ability of coatings for concrete 83
optimization of composite electrodes for SOFCs 83
Electro-Fenton Degradation of Anionic Surfactants (LAS) 83
null 83
Study of chemico-physical properties of fluoropolyether coatings 82
Electrochemical oxidation of phenol at boron-doped diamond electrode 82
null 82
Characterisation of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ – Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ composite as cathode for solid oxide fuel cells 81
Electrochemical oxidation of a synthetic dye using a BDD anode with a solid polymer electrolyte 81
Application of Doehlert design to the electro-Fenton treatment of Bismarck Brown Y 80
null 79
Electro-Fenton (EF) Degradation of Anionic Surfactants 78
Effect of composition on the performance of cermet electrodes. Experimental and theoretical approach 78
Electrochemical and chemico-physical characterisation of fluorinated organic coatings for steel and concrete protection: influence of the pigment volume concentration 77
Electrochemical investigation of oxygen intercalation into La2CuO4 phases 76
null 76
Coatings for concrete and reinforced concrete protection 76
null 76
null 75
Characterisation of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ- Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δcomposite as cathode for solid oxide fuel cells 75
Oxidation of 4-Chlorophenol at Boron-Doped Diamond electrodes for Wastewater Treatment 73
Removal of organic pollutants from industrial wastewater by electrogenerated Fenton’s reagent 73
Inflence of structure of TiNi intermetallics in hydrogen production by water splitting 72
Influence of micro- and nano-fillers on chemico-physical properties of epoxy-based materials 72
null 72
A comparative study on direct and indirect electrochemical oxidation of polyaromatic compounds 71
null 71
Study and optimization of composite solid oxide fuel cell cathodes 70
The electrocatalytic synergism in TiM alloy system (M = Fe, Co and Ni) for hydrogen gas evolution in alkaline medium 70
Modelling of the electrochemical data of composite SOFC cathode 70
null 69
Consideration on the optimisation of cermet solid oxide fuel cell electrodes. theoretical and experimental aspects 68
Electrochemical treatment of wastewater containing poliaromatic organic pollutants 68
Electrochemical degradation of sinapinic acid on a BDD anode 67
Fluorinated coatings for concrete protection 67
Electrochemical degradation of anionic surfactants 66
Characterisation of LSM/YSZ porous composite SOFC cathodes using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy EIS2001, 65
null 65
Esercizi di Chimica generale per Ingegneria 64
Performance of Electrode Materials for the Anodic Oxidation of 2-Naphthol 63
Combination of different electrochemical techniques to estimate the sensitisation degree of 304 SS 63
Study of chromate-free pretreatments and primers for the protection of galvanized steel sheets 63
Study of structure-properties relationship of fluoropolyether coatings by EIS 63
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