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On-line Space Sculpturing for 3D Shape Manipulation 154
A multi-resolution topological representation for non-manifold meshes 125
Scale-Space Techniques for Fiducial Points Extraction from 3D Faces 125
Multi-VMap: a Multi-Scale Model for Vector Maps 121
null 118
Data structures for simplicial multi-complexes 114
Compressing Multiresolution Triangle Meshes 113
Animation-Aware Quadrangulation 110
An on-line algorithm for constrained Delaunay triangulation 108
On the topological representation of line drawings 108
Automatic construction of quad-based subdivision surfaces using Fitmaps 106
Clustering techniques for out-of-core multi-resolution modeling 104
Tracing Field-Coherent Quad Layouts 104
Selective refinement queries for volume visualization of unstructured tetrahedral meshes 103
null 103
Mosaicing of 3D Sonar Data Sets - Techniques and Applications 102
A representation for abstract simplicial complexes: an analysis and a comparison 102
Statics Aware Grid Shells 101
A survey of data structures for level-of-detail models 100
Dynamic view-dependent multiresolution on a client-server architecture 100
A multimodal dataset for the analysis of movement qualities in karate martial art 99
The Half-Edge Tree: A Compact Data Structure for Level-of-Detail Tetrahedral Meshes 99
A continuous scale-space method for the automated placement of spot heights on maps 97
Multi-Scale Geographic Maps 95
null 95
Implicit hierarchical quad-dominant meshes 95
Variable resolution triangulations 94
Optimal isosurface extraction 94
Non-manifold decomposition in arbitrary dimensions 94
A complete system for on-line modelling of acoustic images 93
Representing vertex-based multiresolution simplicial complexes 92
Adaptive LOD editing of quad meshes 92
A comparison of methods for gradient field estimation on simplicial meshes 92
An algorithm for decomposing multi-dimensional non-manifold objects into nearly manifold components 91
Practical quad mesh simplification 91
Multiresolution representation and visualization of volume data 89
Level-of-Detail for Data Analysis and Exploration: a historical overview and some new perspectives 89
RGB Subdivision 88
Multiresolution Representation of Shapes Based on Cell Complexes 88
Multi-resolution Terrain Modeling 87
Morphology-driven simplification and multiresolution modeling of terrains 87
null 86
Data-driven interactive quadrangulation 86
Stability of Statics Aware Voronoi Grid-Shells 86
Hierarchical triangulation for multiresolution surface description 85
Skeleton-driven Adaptive Hexahedral Meshing of Tubular Shapes 84
Interpolatory Adaptive Subdivision for Mesh LOD Editing 83
Speeding up isosurface extraction using interval trees 83
A multi-resolution topological representation for non-manifold meshes 81
Limbs synchronisation as a measure of movement quality in Karate 80
Volume Visualization of Large Tetrahedral Meshes on Low Cost Platforms 78
Multi-resolution out-of-core modelling of terrain and geological data 76
Data structures for 3D multi-tessellations: an overview 76
Applications of Computational Geometry to Geographical Information Systems 75
Evaluating Movement Quality Through Intrapersonal Synchronization 75
3D environment modeling for underwater applications 72
Fast neighborhood search on polygonal meshes 72
Improving 3D shape retrieval with SVM 71
Fields on Symmetric Surfaces 69
Decomposing non-manifold object in arbitrary dmension 68
3-SHIRT: Three-Dimensional Shape Indexing and Retrieval Techniques 68
Encoding Level-Of-Detail Tetrahedral Meshes through the Half-Edge Tree 67
Non-Manifold Multi-Tessellation: from Meshes to Iconic Representations of 3D Objects 67
Ping to ping registration of 3D sonar data sets 66
Selectively refinable subdivision meshes 66
Skeleton based cage generation guided by harmonic fields 66
Representation of non-manifold objects through decomposition into nearly manifold parts 65
Extraction of the quad layout of a triangle mesh guided by its curve skeleton 64
Efficient on-line mosaicing from 3D acoustical images 63
Dynamic adaptive subdivision meshes 62
Patchwork Terrains 62
Out-of-core Multi-resolution Modeling 61
An Algorithm for Decomposing Multi-dimensional Non-manifold Objects 61
A Library for Multiresolution Modeling of Field Data in GIS 57
null 56
Adaptive Quad Mesh Simplification 53
Shape reconstruction with uncertainty 50
Compressing triangulated irregular networks 49
VARIANT: A System for Terrain Modeling at Variable Resolution 46
Quad Meshing 44
geoTangle: Interactive Design of Geodesic Tangle Patterns on Surfaces 43
Efficient Multi-scale Curvature and Crease Estimation 41
Non-manifold decompositions in arbitrary dimensions 40
Gradient Field Estimation on Triangle Meshes 27
LoopyCuts: Practical Feature-Preserving Block Decomposition for Strongly Hex-Dominant Meshing 26
Real-Time Deformation with Coupled Cages and Skeletons 23
Practical Computation of the Cut Locus on Discrete Surfaces 15
b/Surf: Interactive Bzier Splines on Surface Meshes 14
Overview+ Detail Visual Comparison of Karate Motion Captures 11
Quad-Mesh Generation and Processing: a survey 9
Vector graphics on surfaces using straightedge and compass constructions 9
Visualization to compare karate motion captures 8
A Virtually Continuous Representation of the Deep Structure of Scale-Space 7
Patchwork Terrains: Multi-resolution Representation from Arbitrary Overlapping Grids with Dynamic Update 4
A hardware description language based on a hierarchical graph model 1
Data-parallel algorithm for three-dimensoinal Delaunay triangulation and its implementation 1
3D mosaicing for environment reconstruction 1
Frame Fields: Anisotropic and Non-orthogonal Cross Fields 1
Simple Quad Domains for Field Aligned Mesh Parametrization 1
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