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Note Illustrative al Foglio n. 212 "Spigno Monferrato" sc. 1:50000 della Carta Geologica Regionale della Liguria 259
B, Sr and Pb isotope geochemistry of high-pressure Alpine metaperidotites monitors fluid-mediated element recycling during serpentinite dehydration in subduction melange (Cima di Gagnone, Swiss Central Alps). 142
Alpine olivine- and titanian clinohumite- bearing assemblages in the Erro-Tobbio peridotite (Voltri Massif, NW Italy) 139
The fate of B, Cl and Li in the subducted oceanic mantle and in the antigorite-breakdown fluids. 138
Carbonation of subduction-zone serpentinite (high-pressure ophicarbonate; Ligurian Western Alps) and implications for the deep carbon cycling 136
O-H isotope ratios of high-pressure ultramafic rocks: Implications for fluid sources and mobility in the subducted hydrous mantle. 134
Petrology and trace element budgets of high-pressure peridotites indicate subduction dehydration of serpentinized mantle (Cima di Gagnone, Central Alps, Switzerland) 133
Petrologic and geochemical role of serpentinite in subduction zones and plate interface domains 132
Alpine olivine- and titanian clinohumite- bearing assemblages in the Erro - Tobbio peridotite (Voltri Massif, NW Italy). 129
U-Pb dating of magmatic zircon and metamorphic baddeleyite in the Ligurian eclogites (Voltri Massif, Western Alps) 128
Serpentinite subduction: Implications for fluid processes and trace-element recycling 128
Subduction zone metamorphic pathway for deep carbon cycling: II. Evidence from HP/UHP metabasaltic rocks and ophicarbonates 127
Fossil intermediate-depth earthquakes in subducting slabs linked to differential stress release 124
Fluid escape from subduction zones controlled by channel-forming reactive porosity 124
Intraoceanic subduction of “heterogeneous” oceanic lithosphere in narrow basins: 2D numerical modeling. 123
Salt-rich aqueous fluids formed during eclogitization of metabasites in the Alpine continental crust (Austroalpine Mt. Emilius unit, Italian Western Alps). 122
Different PT paths recorded in a tectonic mélange (Voltri Massif, NW Italy): implications for the exhumation of HP rocks 119
3D Numerical simulations of oblique subduction 119
OH-bearing planar defects in olivine produced by the breakdown of Ti-rich humite minerals from Dabie Shan (China) 118
The exhumation of high pressure ophiolites (Voltri Massif, Western Alps): Insights from structural and petrologic data on metagabbro bodies 117
Boron Isotope Evidence for Shallow Fluid Transfer Across Subduction Zones by Serpentinized Mantle 115
Raman elastic geobarometry for anisotropic mineral inclusions 115
Linking serpentinite geochemistry with tectonic evolution at the subduction plate-interface: The Voltri Massif case study (Ligurian Western Alps, Italy) 115
Comments on the paper ‘Subduction of a fossil slow–ultraslow spreading ocean: a petrology-constrained geodynamic model based on the Voltri Massif, Ligurian Alps, NW Italy’ by G. B. Piccardo 114
Fluid/mineral interaction in UHP garnet peridotite 113
Incompatible element-rich fluids released by antigorite breakdown in deeply subducted mantle. 113
Alpine olivine- and titanian clinohumite-bearing assemblages in the Erro-Tobbio peridotite (Voltri Massif, NW Italy) 113
Polyphase inclusions in Garnet-Orthopyroxenite (Dabie-Shan, China) as monitors for metasomatism and fluid-related trace element transfer in subduction zone peridotite. 112
Fluid-related inclusions in Alpine high-pressure peridotite reveal trace element recycling during subduction-zone dehydration of serpentinized mantle (Cima di Gagnone, Swiss Alps) 111
CO2 fluid and silicate glass as monitors of alkali basalt/peridotite interaction in the mantle wedge beneath Gobernador Gregores, Southern Patagonia 108
The oxidation state of mantle wedge majoritic garnet websterites metasomatised by C-bearing subduction fluids 108
Subduction zone fluxes of halogens and noble gases in seafloor and forearc serpentinites 107
Coupling/decoupling at oblique subduction zones: the sediment effect 107
The importance of serpentinite mylonites for subduction and exhumation of oceanic crust 106
The Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps): a tectonic serpentinitic melange? Insight from structural and petrologic evidences 106
Mg-metasomatism of oceanic gabbros and its control on Ti-clinohumite formation during eclogitization 105
Halogens and noble gases in serpentinites and secondary peridotites: Implications for seawater subduction and the origin of mantle neon 104
Fluid-mobile elements in serpentinites: Constraints on serpentinisation environments and element cycling in subduction zones. 104
Melt migration and intrusion during exhumation of the Alboram lithosphere: the Tallante mantle xenolith record (Betic Cordillera, SE Spain) 103
Retrograde fluid inclusions in eclogitic metagabbros from the Ligurian Western Alps. 103
The fate of B, Cl and Li in the subducted oceanic mantle and in the antigorite-breakdown fluids 103
Deformation partitioning and heterogeneous metamorphic re-equilibration in subduction tectonic melange: the case study of the Voltri Massif (Western Alps) 102
Nitrogen recycling in subducted mantle rocks and implications for the global nitrogen cycle. 102
Serpentinite channel and the role of serpentinite buoyancy for exhumation of HP rocks (Voltri Massif, Western Alps) 101
39Ar/ 40Ar dating of high-pressure rocks from the Ligurian Alps: Evidence for a continuous subduction–exhumation cycle 101
High abundances of noble gas and chlorine delivered to the mantle by serpentinite subduction 101
Deep fluids in subduction zones 100
Majoritic garnets monitor deep subduction fluid flow and mantle dynamics 100
Fluids at extreme P-T metamorphic conditions: the message from high-grade rocks 99
The Variscan garnet peridotites from the Eastern Alps (Ulten Zone). records of subduction metasomatism in the mantle wedge 99
Boron isotope evidence for shallow fluid transfer across subduction zones by serpentinized mantle 98
Oxygen and nitrogen isotopes as tracers of fluid activities in serpentinites and metasediments during subduction 98
Evolution of the Ligurian Tethys: inference from petrology and geochemistry of the Ligurian Ophiolites 97
Redistribution of high-pressure fluids during retrograde metamorphism of eclogite-facies rocks (Voltri Massif, Italian Western Alps) 96
Multistage metasomatism in ultrahigh pressure mafic rocks from the North Dabie Complex (China) 96
Subduction vs intraplate lithospheric mantle: Agents and processes. 96
Subduction-related melts in the Alboran Mantle: The Tallante Xenoliths (B. Cordillera, SE Spain). 94
Subduzione alpina ed esumazione di litosfera oceanica: L’esempio dell’Unità Erro-Tobbio delle Alpi Liguri. 94
B, Pb, Sr isotopic imprint of crustal and mantle rocks from the slab-mantle interface: The Cima di Gagnone example (Central Alps) 94
Comment on “Subduction polarity reversal at the junction between the Western Alps and the Northern Apennines, Italy”, by G. Vignaroli, C. Faccenna, L. Jolivet, C. Piromallo, F. Rossetti. 94
Dehydration of subducting serpentinite: Implications for halogen mobility in subduction zones and the deep halogen cycle 94
High salinity fluid inclusions formed from recycled seawater in deeply subducted alpine serpentinite 93
The deep subduction fluids in high and ultrahigh pressure rocks and their interaction with the overlying mantle wedge 92
Exhumation of alpine high pressure rocks: insights from petrology of eclogite clasts in the Tertiary Piedmontese Basin (Ligurian Alps, Italy) 92
Retrograde fluid inclusions in eclogitic metagabbros from the Ligurian Western Alps 92
Retrograde P-T-t path for the Voltri Massif eclogites (Ligurian Alps, Italy): some tectonic implications. 92
Alpine high pressure evolution of the Erro-Tobbio peridotite body, Ligurian Western Alps, Italy: inferences from gabbroic and basaltic dykes. 91
Multistage metasomatism in ultrahigh pressure mafic rocks from the North Dabie Complex (China). 90
Majoritic garnets monitor deep subduction fluid flow and mantle dynamics 89
Chlorine isotopic composition in seafloor serpentinites and high-pressure metaperidotites. Insights into oceanic serpentinization and subduction processes 89
Pre-alpine extension recorded by deep gabbroic intrusions: evidence from the Fedoz metagabbro (Val Malenco, Italy). 89
Boron and chlorine cycling in the subducted hydrous oceanic mantle 89
Dolomite-bearing orogenic garnet peridotites witness fluid-mediated carbon recycling in a mantle wedge (Ulten Zone, Eastern Alps, Italy). 89
Serpentine dehydration recorded by garnet peridotites and chlorite harzburgites from Cima di Gagnone. 88
Exhumation of alpine high-pressure rocks: insights from petrology of eclogite clasts in the Tertiary Piedmontese basin (Ligurian Alps, Italy) 88
B, Cl, Li Variability in the Subducted Oceanic Mantle and in Antigorite-Breakdown Fluids: Implications for Fluid Processes and Light Element Recycling 88
Mantle wedge peridotites: Fossil reservoirs of deep subduction zone processes Inferences from high and ultrahigh-ressure rocks from Bardane (Western Norway) and Ulten (Italian Alps). 87
Pressure Temperature Fluid Pressure Conditions of Metamorphism 87
The HP-rocks of the Ligurian Alps: a case-study for the subduction channel theory 85
The water and fluid-mobile element cycles during serpentinite subduction. A review 84
Oblique Alpine subduction at the Ligurian transect: evidence from 3D numerical models 83
Metamorphic assemblages in layered amphibolites and micaschsist from the Dessent Formation (Mountaineer Range - Antarctica). 82
Eclogite and blueschist blocks recording different P-T paths in a tectonic mélange (Voltri Massif - NW Italy): implications for the exhumation of HP rocks in accretionary prisms 82
A continuous subduction-exhumation cycle in the Ligurian Alps: new constraints from 39Ar/40Ar dating of alpine high-pressure rocks 82
Coupling and tectonic erosion of plates at oblique subduction zones: hints from numerical modeling 82
The Geisspfad Complex and its relationships with the Monte Leone Nappe (lower Pennine, Western Alps) 81
Development of tectonic mélanges during subduction and exhumation processes: case-study from the ligurian alps (italy) 81
Mafic eclogites from the Valosio crystalline massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy). 80
Chlorine cycling in the subducted oceanic lithosphere. 80
Le meta-ofioliti del Gruppo di Voltri. Alcuni esempi di applicazione di differenti metodologie di indagine petrologica per la ricostruzione della storia metamorfica delle falde di alta pressione. 80
2D numerical models of intercontinental-intraoceanic subduction settings. 80
Superposed sedimentary and tectonic block-in-matrix fabrics in a subducted serpentinite mélange (High-pressure zermatt saas ophiolite, western alps) 80
Petrology and geochemistry of serpentinites associated with the ultra-high Pressure Lago di Cignana Unit (ItalianWestern Alps) 80
Cross-study of different isotopic systems in high-pressure ultramafic rocks reveals mass transfer at subduction zones (Cima di Gagnone, Central Alps) 79
Ophiolite mélange zone records exhumation in a fossil subduction channel 79
The structure and petrology of the Erro-Tobbio peridotite, Voltri Massif, Ligurian Alps. Guidebook for a two-day-excursion with emphasis on processes in the upper mantle. 78
Uplift and exhumation rate of high-pressure metaophiolite units from NW-Alps (Italy): radiometric constraints from the Voltri Group and the Tertiary Piemontese Basin 78
Subduction of water into the mantle: History of an alpine peridotite 78
Alpine titanian clinohumite-bearing assemblages in Fe-Ti-metagabbros as the result of metasomatism: an alternative process to rodingitization 77
2D numerical models of subduction and exhumation processes: case study from the Voltri Massif (Western Alps). 77
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