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Efficient Management of Resources and Entities using the HyVonNe P2P Architecture 138
GridWalker: a visual tool for supporting the advanced discovery of Grid resources 136
Managing Networks of Mobiles Entities using the HyVonNe P2P Architecture 127
SortGrid: a Grid Framework compliant with Soft Real Time Requirements 114
A Local Decision Algorithm for Maximum Lifetime in Ad Hoc Networks 113
Parallel Decimation of 3D Meshes for Efficient Web based Isosurface Extraction 112
Load Balancing and Computing Strategies in Pipeline Optimization for Parallel Visualization of 3D Irregular Meshes 111
A Web-Based Isosurface Extraction System for Heterogeneous Clients 105
An Online Parallel Algorithm for Remote Visualization of Isosurface 102
A distributed approach for structured resource discovery on Grid 102
Using a Structured Programming Environment for Parallel Remote Visualization 100
Resource Selection and Application Execution in a Grid: A Migration Experience from GT2 to GT4 96
Parallel isosurface extraction for 3D data analysis workflows in distributed environments 95
Parallel Compression of 3D Meshes for Efficient Distributed Visualization 69
Parallel Computing for 3D data visualization and transmission in Grid based applications. 67
The THUNDERR portal: a science gateway to share thunderstorm outflow research advances 49
A secure cloud-edges computing architecture for metagenomics analysis 40
Latest advances in parallel, distributed, and network-based processing 23
Editorial: Heterogeneous Computing for AI and Big Data in High Energy Physics 22
Hardware and Software Solutions for Energy-Efficient Computing in Scientific Programming 20
DRIHM (2US): An e-science environment for hydrometeorological research on high-impact weather events 20
An accreting pulsar with extreme properties drives an ultraluminous x-ray source in NGC 5907 18
The EXTraS project: Exploring the X-ray transient and variable sky 17
Special issue on multimedia fog/edge computing systems 17
Advantages of using graph databases to explore chromatin conformation capture experiments 17
Implementing a Space-Aware Stochastic Simulator on Low-Power Architectures: A Systems Biology Case Study 17
Guest Editorial: Special Section on New Trends in Parallel and Distributed Computing for Human Sensible Applications 16
Discovery of Periodic Dips in the Brightest Hard X-Ray Source of M31 with EXTraS 16
A citizen science exploration of the X-ray transient sky using the EXTraS science gateway 15
Advances in distributed computing with modern drug discovery 15
EXTraS discovery of two pulsators in the direction of the LMC: A Be/X-ray binary pulsar in the LMC and a candidate double-degenerate polar in the foreground 15
SoC-based computing infrastructures for scientific applications and commercial services: Performance and economic evaluations 15
The Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources Population of the Galaxy NGC 7456 14
Low-power portable devices for metagenomics analysis: Fog computing makes bioinformatics ready for the Internet of Things 13
Exploiting Docker containers over Grid computing for a comprehensive study of chromatin conformation in different cell types 13
Combining Edge and Cloud computing for low-power, cost-effective metagenomics analysis 13
Using Apache Airavata and EasyGateway for the creation of complex science gateway front-end 13
A science gateway for Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable sky using EGI Federated Cloud 12
Discovery of a 2.8 s Pulsar in a 2 Day Orbit High-mass X-Ray Binary Powering the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source ULX-7 in M51 12
Porting bioinformatics applications from grid to cloud: A macromolecular surface analysis application case study 12
Parallel Computing in Deep Learning: Bioinformatics Case Studiesa 12
A stakeholder consultation into hydro-meteorological e-science environments 10
Json-GUI—A module for the dynamic generation of form-based web interfaces 9
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