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Analysis of the Belluno industrial district by means of a questionnaire 115
Different Uses of Ozone: Environmental and Corporate Sustainability. Literature Review and Case Study 106
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of ozone therapy supported by agent based process simulation and data mining 103
Destination Strategies to Enhance Secondary and Niche Tourism Products: Literature Review and Case Study 102
Critical events in the tourism industry: factors affecting the future intention to take a cruise 101
Negative Events in the Cruise Tourism Industry: The Role of Corporate Responsibility and Reputation in Information Diffusion 97
Information Technology in Healthcare: HHC-MOTES, a Novel Set of Metrics to Analyse IT Sustainability in Different Areas 93
Enterprise clusters triggered by radical innovation: A modelistic approach 86
The Influence of New Media on Customers Buying Behaviour in the Wine Sector: Empirical Models and Simulation of Information Diffusion among Potential Customers 86
Influence of exogenous phenomena on strategic behavior and organizational culture: An empirical analysis 86
Collaboration strategies in turbulent periods: Effects of perception of relational risk on enterprise alliances 85
How users' participation affects reputation management systems: The case of P2P networks 81
Sub-Optimal Behavior in Family Business Management: The Role of Individual Distorted Perception 78
Virtual Reality and Immersive Simulation Technology Outside Video Gaming: Enterprise Applications and Potential Implications 78
null 78
Regional and Cultural Drivers for Research and Development: a comparative analysis of Scandinavian Countries and Italy 77
The use of ozone as a driver for economic and environmental sustainable development 77
Dynamics of Non-Equity Collaborations Among Small and Medium Enterprises 77
Concentration and aggregation of small and medium enterprises analyzed through a novel paradigm 75
Modeling cognitive distortions of behavioural finance 73
The propensity to innovate in a company: From theoretical models to case studies to simulation 73
Word-of-mouth marketing and entreprise strategies: a bottom-up diffusion model 69
A Managerial Perspective of Technological Cloud Paradigms: its Effects on Enterprise Business, Costs and Strategies 69
Pharmacoeconomics as a Management and Financial Strategy in Healthcare and Simulation as a Decision Making Tool for it: The Case of Ozone Therapy 68
A Novel Study of Project Financing in Sport: Technical Acquisition of Infrastructure Using Financial Investment Simulation 65
The evaluation of effects of blogs on the cruiser’s decision-making process. An empirical analysis 64
GRANDI IMPRESE E STARTUP - Insieme con l’Open Innovation 64
IT Tools and Performance Indicators: A Qualitative Overview of Managerial, Organizational, Financial Strategies within Healthcare Sector 64
Strategie di approvvigionamento e simulazione di processo 63
L'effetto dei blog e del passaparola virtuale sul processo decisionale dei crocieristi: un'analisi con simulazione ad agenti 63
Evaluating the role of individual perception in it outsourcing diffusion: An agent based model 63
Strategie d’ impresa e network collaborativi: un modello di simulazione 61
Negative events and corporate communication strategies in the cruise industry 61
Collaboration and human factor as drivers for reputation system effectiveness 60
Cognitive biased action selection strategies for simulations of financial systems 59
Innovazione "Cloud Based" e Strategie delle Imprese: analisi manageriale di costi, benefici e fattori frenanti - 58
Learning action selection strategies in complex social systems 57
Applicazioni delle tecnologie immersive nell’industria e Realtà Aumentata come innovazione di processo nella Logistica: stato dell’arte ed implicazioni manageriali 53
Social Systems and Enterprise Analysis 48
Impact of process innovation on enterprise networks for competences exchange: E3, a multi agent based model 48
Ricerca e Sviluppo come base di processi innovativi nelle piccole e medie imprese: un’indagine comparativa tra i paesi nordici ed Italia 47
Analisi strategica del modello cloud, inteso come possibile innovazione di servizio e di processo per le imprese 45
Gestione della Conoscenza e Creazione di Valore per l'Impresa. Sistemi Informativi Aziendali al Servizio della Governance 43
Teaching management and finance through simulation: Choosing the proper paradigm 43
Diffusione dell’innovazione ed evoluzione dei sistemi locali complessi: un’analisi attraverso la simulazione ad agenti 42
Strategie collaborative delle imprese e strutture cooperative: analisi di scenario e dinamica dei network 42
Impact of process innovation on enterprise networks for competences exchange: E3, a multi agent based model 42
Management Incentives in Unlisted Companies: an Empirical Investigation 41
Coronavirus: Economic Prospects, Healthcare Policies and a Statistical Model for Italy 40
Novel Cognitive Paradigms to Model Financial Markets and Knowledge Transmission 39
Handbook of Research on Multi-Agent Systems: Semantics and Dynamics of Organizational Models 38
Users collaboration as a driver for reputation system effectiveness: A simulation study 37
Augmented Reality in Logistics: qualitative analysis for a managerial perspective 36
Innovazione e capitale di rischio 34
Data Collection for a Performance Analysis on Working Capital Management 33
Factors Influencing the Consumers’ Expenditure on Wine According to their Own Expectations in a Tourism Perspective: A Statistical Analysis 32
Governo dell’Impresa e Complessità Emergente: Metodologie Innovative a Supporto delle Decisioni 30
The Change in Private Equity Operations and Divestment During the Recent Crisis: an Empirical Analysis of the Italian Market 27
Strategie d'Impresa e Network Collaborativi: un Modello di Simulazione 25
Innovazione di Prodotto, Processo e Strategia: il Caso 3M 25
Evaluation of human factor in reputation management systems, by means of agent-based simulation: Application to P2P networks 21
Modelling & Data Fusion to support Acquisition in Defence 20
Working Capital Management and Financial Sustainability Performance Analysis in SMEs 19
Logistics and Agri‐Food: Digitization to Increase Competitive Advantage and Sustainability. Literature Review and the Case of Italy 16
Management dei servizi e del trasporto. Il caso del continente africano 13
La cultura di marketing nelle principali istituzioni che supportano le start-up innovative tech-based 11
R&D as Enterprise Strategy: Knowledge Management, Drivers and Highlights: Nordic Countries Compared to Italy 9
R&D as Enterprise Strategy: Knowledge Management, Drivers and Highlights: Nordic Countries Compared to Italy 9
Cooperative Strategies of Accommodation Facilities: a Driving Force to Enhance Secondary Tourism Resources? 9
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