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Breast Density Assessment Using a 3T MRI System: Comparison among Different Sequences 134
Characterisation of microcalcification clusters on 2D digital mammography (FFDM) and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT): does DBT underestimate microcalcification clusters? Results of a multicentre study 132
Evaluation of background parenchymal enhancement on breast MRI: A systematic review 125
Background parenchymal enhancement assessment: Inter- and intra-rater reliability across breast MRI sequences 125
Breast findings incidentally detected on body MRI 118
Flat Epithelial Atypia: Comparison Between 9-Gauge and 11-Gauge Devices 116
Quantitative evaluation of background parenchymal enhancement (BPE) on breast MRI. A feasibility study with a semi-automatic and automatic software compared to observer-based scores 115
Effects on short-term quality of life of vacuum-assisted breast biopsy: comparison between digital breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography 110
Quantitative Real Time PCR assessment of hormonal receptors and HER2 status on fine-needle aspiration pre-operatory specimens from a prospectively accrued cohort of women with suspect breast malignant lesions. 110
Muscle mass estimation on breast magnetic resonance imaging in breast cancer patients: comparison between psoas muscle area on computer tomography and pectoralis muscle area on MRI 109
Estimation of percentage breast tissue density: comparison between digital mammography (2D full field digital mammography) and digital breast tomosynthesis according to different BI-RADS categories 108
An exploratory radiomics analysis on digital breast tomosynthesis in women with mammographically negative dense breasts 107
Comparative estimation of percentage breast tissue density for digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, and magnetic resonance imaging 105
Breast density percentage assessment using a 3 T MRI system: comparison amongst sequences using IDEAL (iterative decomposition of water and fat with echo asymmetry and least square estimation) sequences as reference standard. (B-0834). 102
Diagnostic performance of contrast-enhanced spectral mammography: Systematic review and meta-analysis 95
3.0 Tesla diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging of the breast: preliminary results. (B-677) 93
Breast cancer Ki-67 expression prediction by digital breast tomosynthesis radiomics features 87
Primary and Secondary Breast Lymphoma: Focus on Epidemiology and Imaging Features 78
Inclusion of Platinum Agents in Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Regimens for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients: Development of GRADE (Grades of Recommendation, Assessment, Development and Evaluation) Recommendation by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM) 76
Mammography and MRI for screening women who underwent chest radiation therapy (lymphoma survivors): recommendations for surveillance from the Italian College of Breast Radiologists by SIRM 68
Mammographic density estimation: one-to-one comparison between digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis using a fully automated software and magnetic resonance imaging calibration. (Poster C-1055) 66
Background parenchymal enhancement on breast MRI: quantitative estimation with semi-automated software: feasibility study. 65
Effects on short-term quality of life of vacuum assissted breast biopsy: comparison between digital breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography (B-0016) 63
Influence of Tumor Subtype, Radiological Sign and Prognostic Factors on Tumor Size Discrepancies Between Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Final Histology 57
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. A Practical Approach 52
Clinical decision-making in atypical and suspicious categories in fine-needle aspiration cytology of the breast 48
Vacuum assisted breast biopsy (VAB) excision of subcentimeter microcalcifications as an alternative to open biopsy for atypical ductal hyperplasia 48
One-to-one comparison between digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis using a fully automated software: breast density underestimation on digital brast tomosynthesis varies in different BI-RADS classes. (B-0688) 46
Comparison between execution and reading time of 3D ABUS versus HHUS 45
Breast imaging and cancer diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic: recommendations from the Italian College of Breast Radiologists by SIRM 43
A very rare case of mycobacterium gordonae infection of the breast 33
Novel imaging techniques and biological methods for breast cancer evaluation: overview and update 32
Breast Metastases: Updates on Epidemiology and Radiologic Findings 31
Development of a hoRizontal data intEgration classifier for NOn-invasive early diAgnosis of breasT cancEr: the RENOVATE study protocol 28
Muscle mass loss after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: estimation on breast magnetic resonance imaging using pectoralis muscle area 21
Muscle mass loss in breast cancer patients of reproductive age (≤ 45 years) undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy 8
A Prospective Comparative Evaluation of Handheld Ultrasound Examination (HHUS) or Automated Ultrasound Examination (ABVS) in Women with Dense Breast 6
Is 9-G DBT-Guided Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy Sufficient to Completely Remove T1 Breast Cancers (below 20 mm)? Analysis of 146 Patients with Histology as Reference Standard 5
Artificial Intelligence in Breast Ultrasound: From Diagnosis to Prognosis—A Rapid Review 4
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for non-invasive multiple biomarkers detection in an academic setting: a critical review of the literature for the RENOVATE study protocol 3
Freehand 1.5T MR-Guided Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy (MR-VABB): Contribution of Radiomics to the Differentiation of Benign and Malignant Lesions 3
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