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The role of media in community resilience: Hindsight bias in media narratives after the 2014 Genoa flood 323
Propagation of uncertainty from rainfall to runoff: A case study with a stochastic rainfall generator 174
A Prototype System for Flood Monitoring Based on Flood Forecast Combined with COSMO-SkyMed and Sentinel-1 Data 144
Revisiting Multifractality in Rainfall Fields 142
Experiences of dealing with flash floods using an ensemble hydrological nowcasting chain: implications of communication, accessibility and distribution of the results. 132
The flash flood of the Bisagno Creek on 9th October 2014: An "unfortunate" combination of spatial and temporal scales 128
The structure of convective rain cells at mid-latitudes 120
Vegetation response to rainfall intermittency in drylands: Results from a simple ecohydrological box model 114
The legal status of Uncertainty 113
Quantitative Flood Forecasting on Small and Medium Size Basins: a Probabilistic Approach for Operational Purposes 113
Validation of the Flood-PROOFS probabilistic forecasting system 112
The “Perfect Storm”: From Across the Atlantic to the Hills of Genoa 110
Analysis of the streamflow extremes and long-term water balance in the Liguria region of Italy using a cloud-permitting grid spacing reanalysis dataset 109
Downscaling stream flow time series from monthly to daily scales using an auto-regressive stochastic algorithm: StreamFARM 108
Synoptic and hydrological analysis of a flood event 104
Meteorological uncertainty and rainfall downscaling 104
Triggering and evolution of a deep convective system in the Mediterranean Sea: Modelling and observations at a very fine scale 104
Clutter and rainfall discrimination by means of doppler-polarimetric measurements and vertical reflectivity profile analysis 103
Spatial characterization of raincell horizontal profiles from C-band radar measurements at mid-latitude 100
A hydrometeorological approach for probabilistic flood forecast 100
RainFARM: Rainfall Downscaling by a Filtered AutoRegressive Model. 99
Quantification of flood risk mitigation benefits: A building-scale damage assessment through the RASOR platform 97
An algorithm for real-time rainfall rate estimation by using polarimetric radar: RIME 96
Impact-based flash-flood forecasting system: Sensitivity to high resolution numerical weather prediction systems and soil moisture 96
Stochastic downscaling of LAM predictions: an example in the Mediterranean area 95
Rainfall downscaling and flood forecasting: a case study in the Mediterranean area 91
Regional flood frequency analysis in un-gauged basins 90
null 90
Precipitation nowcasting by a spectral-based nonlinear stochastic model 89
The uncertainty in the prediction of flash floods in the northern mediterranean environment 89
Flood probability analysis for un-gauged watersheds by means of a physically based hydrologic model 88
The Shape of Convective Rain Cells 83
Ensemble cloud-resolving modelling of a historic back-building mesoscale convective system over Liguria: The San Fruttuoso case of 1915 83
A semi-statistical methodology for regional flood risk assessment 82
A comparison of stochastic models for spatial rainfall downscaling 79
Regional flood frequency analysis through a rainfall runoff model: application to a coastal region in northern Italy 78
Real time forecast of extreme meteo-hydrological events: the Italian experience 78
Verification of Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts by Stochastic Downscaling 77
Hydrology application/products in Mediterranean regions 76
Combined use of COSMO-SkyMed derived products and hydrodynamic models to produce physically-based maps of flood extentSAR Image Analysis, Modeling, and Techniques XIV 75
Verification of a probabilistic flood forecasting system for an Alpine Region of northern Italy 72
High resolution COSMO/SkyMed SAR data analysis for civil protection from flooding events 71
Considerations regarding different methods for flood risk mapping 69
Procedimento per la stima di un campo geofisico variabile, in particolare per la previsione di precipitazioni atmosferiche a piccola scala spazio-temporale a partire da dati di misurazione a larga scala, sistema e programma per elaborare relativi. 63
MW/IR satellite data for a combined rainfall estimation of Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta 2000 flood event 62
A method to remove effects of radar beam interaction with the ground in various propagation conditions. impact on data quality 61
An automatic processing chain for near real-time mapping of burned forest areas using sentinel-2 data 61
Flood risk evaluation: do we need complex distributed hydrological models? 58
PROPAGATOR: An Operational Cellular-Automata Based Wildfire Simulator 56
Rain cells in a simplified model of atmospheric convection 53
Previsione del rischio idrologico e procedure di sala oparativa 51
Intermittenza on-off e serie temporali di precipitazione 51
Flood Propagation And Damage Evaluation Integrating Hydraulic Modeling And Satellite Observations 51
On meteorological convectivity of mediterranean storms and rainfall field structure 50
Use of soil moisture monitoring at national scale with assimilation of satellite products for the operational flash-flood forecast of the Italian civil protection. 50
RAIN FARM: un modello di disaggregazione della precipitazione prevista da modelli meteorologici ad area limitata 49
Multifractal downscaling of space-time rainfall fields 48
Risposta della copertura vegetale all’intermittenza temporale della precipitazione: risultati da un semplice modello ecoidrologico 48
Modelli idrologico-idraulici per la previsione operativa delle piene: valutazioni sugli effetti delle scale della modellazione idrologica 47
Spatio-Temporal Properties of convective cells observed by Monte Settepani weather radar over north-western Italy 45
Idrometria della Liguria: revisione dei dati storici per la stima degli estremi 44
Modelli multifrattali di disaggregazione spaziale della precipitazione 44
From language to safety: Hindsight bias in media narratives after the 2014 Genoa floods 44
Statistical downscaling in operational rainfall forecast 43
La gestione del rischio idrogeologico e l'impatto sulla qualità della vita 43
Forma di celle di precipitazione convettiva in campi radar 43
Un modello ecoidrologico a spazio implicito per la risposta della vegetazione all'intermittenza della precipitazione 43
Rainfall Downscaling by a Phase-Conserving, Nonlinearly-Transformed Autoregressive Model: Validation on Radar Precipitation Estimates 42
Sull'incertezza in meteo-idrologia 42
Investigating statistical properties of rainfall fields using radar, TRMM and SSM/I data 41
A. Clutter and anomalous propagation identification using doppler-polarimetric measurements and vertical reflectivity profile 41
Propagation of the uncertainty in the rainfall runoff process 41
The role of limited area ensemble prediction models in a hydrometeorological chain 41
A hydro-meteorological approch for probabilistic flood forecast 41
La Protezione civile nella società del rischio. Procedure, garanzie, resposabilità 41
A hindcast study of the Piedmont 1994 flood: the CIMA Research Foundation hydro-meteorological forecasting chain 41
La previsione delle piene nei bacini montani 40
Downscaling with multifractals: a performance test 39
Sull’origine della multifrattalità nei campi di precipitazione GATE 38
The rain farm: downscaling lam rainfall with a filtered autoregressive model 37
Protezione civile e responsabilità nella società del rischio. Chi valuta chi decide chi giudica. 36
Influence of stage discharge relationships on the annual maximum discharge statistics 34
Casi e questioni in tema di Protezione civile 34
Identification and analysis of convective rain cells in radar fields 32
Studio della dinamica di scala nei campi di Precipitazione 31
Ensemble Rainfall Nowcasting by a Stochastic Phase Diffusion Model 30
Regional flood frequency analysis through a rainfall-runoff model: application to a coastal region in northen Italy 30
The Italian radar network: current status and future developments 30
A Tool for Pre-Operational Daily Mapping of Floods and Permanent Water Using Sentinel-1 Data 30
La sensibilità della risposta idrologica alla struttura spazio-temporale della precipitazione 29
La Protezione civile nella società del rischio. La responsabilità del Sistema e dei diversi attori nelle prospettive di riforma legislativa 29
Feasibility of performing high resolution cloud-resolving simulations of historic extreme events: The San Fruttuoso (Liguria, italy) case of 1915 28
Impact of combined beam blocking and anomalous propagation correction algorithms on radar data quality 27
A Structure of convective rain cells observed by Italian radars 27
The predictive capacity of the high resolution weather research and forecasting model: a year-long verification over Italy 26
Spatial characterization and classification of rainfall fields derived from operational c-band weather radar data 25
Scale ed incertezza 25
Rain FARM: a Phase-Conserving, Nonlinearly-Transformed Autoregressive Model for Downscaling LAMs Rainfall Predictions. 24
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