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System and method for monitoring a territory 197
Redundant electromagnetic data for microwave imaging of three-dimensional dielectric objects 169
A New Space-Domain Microwave Imaging Approach to Detecting Inhomogeneous Dielectric Objects 149
A numerical approach to electromagnetic dosimetry for the human body 141
Use of redundant testing functions in moment-method solutions for block models 141
A numerical approximation to weak electromagnetic scattering 139
A multiview microwave imaging system for two-dimensional penetrable objects 138
Inverse-scattering method for dielectric objects based on the reconstruction of the nonmeasurable equivalent current density 136
Microwave reconstruction techniques based on numerical inversion of scattered e.m. field data by the method of moments 136
Evaluation of the effects of an external incident electromagnetic wave on metallic enclosures with rectangular apertures 127
A circuital approach to evaluating the electromagnetic field on rectangular apertures backed by rectangular cavities 125
Experimental testing and validation at a user site of an EMI software for radiated interference prediction 124
An approach to focused 2D TM near-field active microwave imaging of dielectric objects 122
Microwave imaging by three-dimensional Born linearization of electromagnetic scattering 120
An analytical approach to the reconstruction of the radiating currents in inverse electromagnetic scattering 119
Shape reconstruction of 2-D dielectric objects by an analytical method 119
Microwave scattering by cylindrical dielectric scatterers buried in a half-space using the moment method 119
A Numerical Approach to Microwave Imaging 118
Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering by a Numerical Integral Equation Solution 118
Space-domain simultaneous reconstruction of scattering potential and total electric field for dielectric objects 118
Microwave imaging method using a simulated annealing approach 118
Active-RFID based vehicular system to help the production cycle of bentonite-coal dust mixtures: A case study 118
An electromagnetic imaging approach using a multi-illumination technique 117
Reconstruction of dielectric permittivity distributions in arbitrary 2-D inhomogeneous biological bodies by a multiview microwave numerical method 116
Integral-equation methods 116
Techniques for Noninvasive Reconstruction of Inhomogeneous Lossy Dielectric Targets using Interrogating Microwaves 114
Electromagnetic imaging of infinite dielectric cylinders using a modified Born approximation and including a priori information on the unknown cross sections 113
An improved electromagnetic imaging procedure using non-radiating sources 113
An approach to microwave imaging using a multiview moment method solution for a two-dimensional infinite cylinder 112
Numerical algorithm for dielectric-permittivity microwave imaging of inhomogeneous biological bodies 111
A moment-method-based approach to electromagnetic scattering computation by a perturbation technique 110
Vivaldi Antennas for Microwave Imaging: Theoretical Analysis and Design Considerations 109
Three-dimensional inverse-scattering numerical solution within the Rayleigh approximation: Preliminary results 109
Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering by Using a Semi-analytical Approach. First Step: Reconstruction of the Radiating Currents 109
Electromagnetic vision-oriented numerical solution to three-dimensional inverse scattering 108
Vivaldi antennas as detectors for microwave imaging: some theoretical results and design considerations 108
Two-dimensional non-radiating currents for imaging systems: theoretical development and preliminary assessment 106
Electromagnetic imaging using closed-form radiating and non-radiating currents 106
Electromagnetic field prediction inside unknown dielectric objects 106
Improved electromagnetic inverse scattering procedure using non-radiating sources and scattering support reconstruction 104
Microwave imaging based on a Markov random field model 104
Noise limitations on the recovery of average values of velocity profiles in pipelines by simple imaging systems 104
Electromagnetic energy deposition in living tissues by an overconstrained moment method 102
Design of printed log-periodic antennas for long range communication modules: preliminary simulation results 102
Equivalent current density reconstruction for microwave imaging purposes 101
Numerical solution to three-dimensional inverse scattering for dielectric reconstruction purposes 101
Evaluations of some pre-filtering and regularization methods for the inversion of experimental scattering data 100
A semianalytical approach for the evaluation of radiated immunity on printed circuit boards in metallic enclosures 99
A model-driven approach to microwave diagnostics in biomedical applications 99
Theoretical and numerical analysis of the self-scaling properties of the exponentially tapered slot-line antenna 99
Active-RFID system operating in heavy environmental conditions to aid the production cycle of bentonite-coal dust mixtures for foundries 98
Microwave imaging in the spatial domain for canonical dielectric objects 98
Two-dimensional microwave imaging by a numerical inverse scattering solution 97
Numerical approach based on the moment method for prediction of electromagnetic energy deposition in living tissues 97
Algorithm for an indoor automatic vehicular system based on active RFIDs 97
Image reconstruction by inverse-scattering solution for multiple microwave views 96
A Bayesian approach to microwave imaging of strong scatterers 96
Overconstrained version of moment method for prediction of electromagnetic energy deposition inside dielectric objects 96
Electromagnetic inverse-scattering solutions for inhomogeneous cross-sections of cylindrical biological bodies by a modified Born approximation and a stochastic Markov random fields approach 95
A comparison of some numerical methods for prediction of electromagnetic energy deposition 94
Further investigations on the capabilities of inverse scattering procedures to recover velocity profiles of cylinders moving in the axial direction 94
Numerical electromagnetic inverse-scattering solutions for two-dimensional infinite dielectric cylinders buried in a lossy half-space 93
Temperature distribution in biological media by microwave radiometry: Preliminary results 93
Results on the reconstruction of scattering objects using a semi-analytical formulation of the equivalent electromagnetic source when limited aperture data are available 92
Numerical methods for 3-D electromagnetic scattering: assessment and comparison 91
A nonlinear inverse scattering method for inhomogeneous dielectric objects based on the nonmeasurable equivalent current density 91
Free and Open Source Software for Electromagnetic Engineering: a Review 91
A Markov-Random-Field-based novel technique for spatial-domain electromagnetic imaging of realistic dielectric targets 89
Microwave imaging by a moment-method solution to two-dimensional inverse scattering: Preliminary experimental results 89
Numerical evaluations of some regularization methods for two-dimensional inverse scattering 89
Microwave sensor network for quantitative characterization of targets: A proof-of-concept 89
Electromagnetic imaging of real targets: a nonmeasurable-current approach 88
Diagnostica elettromagnetica per applicazioni biomediche: un metodo "model-driven" a microonde 88
An innovative approach to electromagnetic imaging systems based on the reconstruction of the nonmeasurable currents 87
A numerical assessment of the microwave absorption prediction in the human head exposed to personal mobile telephones 86
A Gibbs Random Field-based active e. m. method for noninvasive diagnostic in biomedical applications 85
An electromagnetic inverse problem related to the non-invasive reconstruction of dielectric permittivity and electric conductivity in biomedical applications 85
Microwave scattering by cylindrical scatterers in a half-space using the method of moments 85
A technique to improve the accuracy of numerical inverse-scattering solutions for dielectrics 84
Mapping the dielectric properties of unknown targets by using a network of microwave sensors: A proof-of-concept 84
Numerical approaches for microwave bioelectromagnetic applications 83
Numerical approaches based on the moment method for prediction of electromagnetic energy deposition in living tissues 83
Design of Printed Log-Periodic Antennas for Long Range Communication Within a Wireless Sensor Network for Sea Water Quality Monitoring 83
On the use of regularization techniques in numerical inverse-scattering solutions for microwave imaging applications 82
Integral equation approach for dielectric permittivity imaging in microwave hyperthermia 82
Analytical solution to inverse electromagnetic scattering: shape and position reconstruction of dielectric objects 81
Closed-form method for the reconstruction of 2-D objects: Preliminary experimental results 81
Open-Source Software for Electromagnetic Scattering Simulation: The Case of Antenna Design 81
Analytical Approach to Inverse Electromagnetic Problems 80
Sistema e metodo di monitoraggio di un territorio 80
Frequency independent nano-antennas for optical and infrared energy harvesting 80
An experimental set-up for testing the coupling of an incident electromagnetic wave with an automobile harness 79
SAR distribution: integral methods (algorithms, potentialities, limitations, requirement, resolution) 79
Three-dimensional approach to multivision microwave imaging 79
An electromagnetic scattering model for studying the effects of higher-order modes on the coupling of an incident electromagnetic wave with an automobile harness 79
Electromagnetic imaging technique in the assessment of the absorption inside human head exposed to personal mobile telephones 79
Dielectric permittivity estimation inside inhomogeneous biological bodies by using interrogating microwaves 78
Two-dimensional microwave-imaging approaches in the spatial domain using probabilistic concepts 78
A pseudoinversion algorithm applied to three-dimensional moment-method solution of electromagnetic inverse scattering 78
Some thoughts on the design of printed log-periodic antennas for long range communication modules 78
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