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Towards a history of English resultative constructions: the case of adjectival resultative constructions 119
Quantity, causality and temporality in change constructions 118
B. MacWhinney, A. Malchukov, and E. Moravcsik (eds): Competing Motivations in Grammar and Usage. 118
Tying events tight: A reply to Iwata (2006) 117
The syntax-lexicon continuum 116
Tight metaphors vs. deadly metonymies: A further rebuttal of Iwata's bipartite adjectival resultatives 108
The cognitive basis of adjectival and adverbial Resultative Constructions 107
The relation between hypotactic integration and complementation in Cognitive Grammar 107
The need for the resultative network 105
Watching as-clauses in Late Modern English 104
Motivating the flexibility of oriented –ly adverbs 102
The English Change Network 100
Oriented –ingly adjuncts in Late Modern English 96
The progressive aspect in simultaneity as and while-clauses 94
Do we need scanning in (Cognitive) grammar? 93
Imperfecitivity and transience: The two sides of the progressive aspect in simultaneity clauses. 90
Unsubcategorised Objects in English Resultative Constructions 86
Review of Bertuccelli Papi, Marcella (ed.). 2005. Studies in the semantics of lexical combinatory patterns. Pisa: Pisa University Press 86
Review of Croft, William. 2001. Radical Construction Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press 86
The body, the mind and the arts: An investigation into the major metaphor types used in football match reports 84
The English Resultative Construction: A schematic analysis 84
Abstractness and the verb Give 82
Adjective selection in resultative sentences 81
elaboration site/Elaborationsplatz 81
Review of Guerrero Medina, Pilar (ed.). 2011. Morphosyntactic Alternations in English: Functional and Cognitive Perspectives. Sheffield: Equinox 80
The classification of English accents by advanced L2 students: A preliminary investigation 77
Cognitive linguistic theories of grammar and grammar teaching 75
Cognitive approaches to grammar 75
predication/Prädikation 75
Breve introduzione all'alternanza dativa inglese 74
A radical approach to metonymy 73
Same time, across time: Simultaneity clauses from Late Modern to Present-Day English 72
Review of Schmiedtová, Barbara. 2004. At the Same Time... The Expression of Simultaneity in Learner Varieties. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter 72
Non-causal change constructions 71
Grammatica e Football English 70
Binding theory and its consequences for Minimalist Syntax 68
Imperfectivity and transience: The two sides of the progressive aspect in simultaneity as and while-clauses 67
thing/Ding 66
time-away construction/time-away-Konstruktion 66
conceived time / wahrgenommene Zeit 65
The English simultaneity network: The case of as and while-clauses 64
there-construction/there-Konstruktion 64
valence/Valenz 64
Alignment and Complexity of English Resultative Constructions 63
Review of Gisborne, Nikolas. 2010. The Event Structure of Perception Verbs. Oxford: Oxford University Press 62
Cognitive Grammar 62
The construal of simultaneity in English with special reference to as-clauses 61
A note on the history of power 61
A puzzle for the present: A Cognitive Grammar analysis of present tense simultaneity as-clauses 60
Cognitive Grammar 60
Review of Fauconnier, Gilles and Mark Turner. 2002. The Way We Think. New York: Basic Books 59
Review of Rosenbach, Annette. 2002. Genitive Variation in English. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 58
Allative and ablative at-constructions 55
As-simultaneity clauses as complements of perception verbs: The case of watch 53
The as-copular construction in Middle English 53
Lo sviluppo delle costruzioni resultative aggettivali inglesi: un approccio cognitivo 52
Sintassi 50
Modelling Thought and Constructing Meaning: Cognitive Models in Interaction 47
From symmetric to non-inheriting resultatives: On gradience and conceptual links in Resultative Constructions 47
From the VVINGPP construction to the VVING pattern. A descriptive account. 46
mental scanning/mentales Scannen 45
progressive/Verlaufsform 44
The construal of constructions: Causal and temporal interpretations in change constructions 43
Review of Radden, Günter and Klaus-Uwe Panther (eds.). 2004. Studies in Linguistic Motivation. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 43
linguistic unit/linguistische Einheit 41
Aristocratic Syntax: Interrogative and Relative Who and Whom in 19th and 20th Century Literature 34
Attraction and differentiation in the history of the English dative and benefactive alternations 23
Cognitive Grammar 23
Falling to one's death in multiple landscapes: From blending to typology 18
A new look at word classes in Cognitive Grammar 14
A Cognitive Grammar approach to ‘metonymy’ 9
Contrasting English and Italian simultaneity subordinators as/come, while/mentre, when/quando: A preliminary investigation 8
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