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Image guided hypofractionated radiotherapy by helical tomotherapy for prostate carcinoma: toxicity and impact on Nadir PSA. 131
null 119
null 108
Feasibility of helical tomotherapy for radical dose retreatment in pelvic area: a report of 4 cases. 107
null 97
Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and efficacy on pediatric tumors of the glioma radiosensitizer KU60019 96
Chemo-radiation association in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Evidences and criticisms 87
Accelerated partial breast irradiation via the mammosite catheter: preliminary reports of a single-institution experience. 84
Marrow damage and hematopoietic recovery following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for acute leukemias: Effect of radiation dose and conditioning regimen 70
Evaluation of biochemical response in relation to RT schedule for prostate cancer :preliminary experience 67
Stereotactic Body Irradiation (SBRT) in patients with exclusive CTPET based diagnosis of lung malignancies 64
null 64
IMRT with SIB in the treatment of anal cancer: a mono-institutional experience. 63
Evaluation of CT atlas based segmentation of whole body's organsn for large fields irradiation 61
Cancer Stem Cells and response to ionizing radiations 59
null 59
EPP followed by Hemithoracic IMRt-A Multicenter Study on Behalf of the Italian Association for Radiation Oncology Lung Cancer Study Group 58
Intraoperative Radiotherapy for prostate cancer: preliminary mid-term results of a mono-institutional study. 57
Importance of set-up margins and set-up accuracy in Image Guided Total Marrow Irradiation 57
Structural and biomechanical properties of fixed bovine pericardium heart valve prostheses are not affected by ionizing radiation: an in-vitro study 53
Helical Tomotherapy in combined anal cancer treatment: a prospective trial with reduced overall treatment time 52
Dose Distribution and Compliance in NPCtreated by Tomotherapy combined with CT: a monoinstitutional experience. 51
SIB-IMRT with Helical Tomotherapy and CT for anal carcinoma: impact of a new technology on clinical tolerance 51
Once- weekly stereotactic radiotherapy for oligometastatic patients: compliance and preliminary efficacy. 50
null 50
Rapid on line solution for spinal SBRT with helical tomotherapy. 49
Preliminary results from in vivo dosimetry performed with helical tomotherapy - based TMI/TLI treatment 48
TBI and Total marrow Irradiation prior to an allogeneic stem cell transplant for patients with hematologic neoplasms. 48
A biologically competitive 21 days hypofractionation scheme with weekly concomitant boost in breast cancer: short term effects and radiotherapy: feasibility . 47
Nuovi aspetti radioprotezionistici in Radioterapia. DRV ( Deterministic Risk Volume) vs SRV ( Stochastic Risk Volume) 46
Stat-RT: rapido accesso al trattamento IG/IMRT on –line con Tomotherapy Hi-ART System:analisi preliminare delle indicazioni cliniche e delle procedure tecniche. 44
Volumetric Image guided Hypofractionated Total Lymphoid irradiation before Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for high risk Lymphoma 42
Helical Total Lymphoid Irradiation: radiotherapy still works in lymphoma transplantation 42
Irradiazione Totale Linfonodalea intensità modulata con Tomoterapia Elicoidale in associazione a Melphalan come trattamento ablativo seguito da trapianto autologo di cellule staminali nei linfomi: effetti acuti e tardivi da uno studio pilota. 41
Valutazione della tossicità tardiva in pazienti trattati con SBRT dopo pregressa radioterapia toracica 3-D conformazionale: correlazione con la dose media polmonare equivalente (MLDEQD2GY) 40
IMRT Ipofrazionataper il trattamento del carcinoma del canale anale:quale è il migliore imaging per valutare la Risposta? 38
Patient set-up and dose delivery verification for total marrow or total lymphoid irradiation with helical tomotherapy 37
Tecnologia ottimale e costi/beneficio nei trattamenti radianti dei tumori testa collo 36
Radioterapia volumetrica guidata dalle immagini nei trattamenti combinati del carcinoma anale: outcomes e tossicità di uno schema ipofrazionato accelerato in cinque settimane 34
null 28
The prognostic value of the new combined hemo-eosinophil inflammation index (Hei index): A multicenter analysis of anal cancer patients treated with concurrent chemo-radiation 22
Total Marrow Irradiation for Second Allogeneic Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients with Advanced Acute Leukemia 21
Long-term report of total marrow or total lymphoid IMRT in advanced leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma 20
Letter to the Editor regarding ESTRO-ASTRO guidelines on lung cancer radiotherapy during COVID-19 pandemic 18
Exploring Response to Immunotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Delta-Radiomics 16
Advances in the implementation of helical tomotherapy-based total marrow irradiation with a novel field junction technique. 15
Ablative or palliative stereotactic body radiotherapy with helical tomotherapy for primary or metastatic lung tumor. 11
A biologically competitive 21 days hypofractionation scheme with weekly concomitant boost in breast cancer radiotherapy feasibility acute sub-acute and short term late effects. 11
Volumetric total lymphoid hypofractionated irradiation and stem cell transplantation in lymphomas 11
Adjuvant hypofractionated radiotherapy with weekly concomitant boost for women with early breast cancer: the clinical experience at Genoa university. 9
Predictability, efficacy and safety of radiosensitization of glioblastoma-initiating cells by the ATM inhibitor KU-60019. 6
Once-weekly stereotactic radiotherapy for patients with oligometasies: compliance and preliminarY efficacy 4
Multi-institutional feasibility study of a fast patient localization method in total marrow irradiation with helical tomotherapy: A global health initiative by the international consortium of total marrow irradiation 1
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