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Reliability improvement of Modular Multilevel Converter in HVDC systems 144
A novel Direct Torque Control strategy for high power induction motor drives 131
A novel approach for dc-link voltage ripple reduction in cascaded multilevel converters 128
A sensorless PMSM drive with inductance estimation based on FPGA 123
Effects of the 2nd order harmonic leg current in a MMC converter 122
Modular Multilevel Converter in HVDC systems under fault conditions 118
Design of a pulse generator for wideband applications 114
FPGA implementation of a sensorless PMSM drive control algorithm based on algebraic method 114
Fault-tolerant cascaded multilevel converters using space vector and phase-shifted PWM techniques 113
Extending the operating range in diode-clamped multilevel inverters with active front ends 110
Capacitor current minimization and losses analysis in modular multilevel converter for HVDC applications 109
Study of the MMC circulating current for optimal operation mode in HVDC applications 108
A new balancing technique with power losses minimization in diode-clamped multilevel converters 102
NPFC: Inverter polifase a tre livelli di tipo NPC con capacità di controllare la tensione del punto centrale e/o il fattore di potenza 101
Advances in locomotive Power Electronic systems directly fed through AC lines 100
Supercapacitor storage sizing analysis for a series hybrid vehicle 99
Adjustment of machine voltage in drives operating at constant power: consequences for the inverter 98
A new generalized fault tolerant space vector modulator for cascaded multilevel converters 97
A Rogowski coil for high voltage applications 96
A new N-level space vector modulator for cascaded multilevel converters 94
A soft switching modular multilevel converter for railway traction systems 94
Energy efficiency improvement in AC/DC/AC Diode-Clamped Multilevel conversion systems 91
Optimal operation mode for Modular Multilevel Converter based HVDC 90
Soft-Switching Power Converters for Efficient Grid Applications 88
Soft-switching cells for Modular Multilevel Converters for efficient grid integration of renewable sources 85
Capacitor voltage ripple minimization in voltage source converter for HVDC applications 84
Induction motor Direct Torque Control with improvement in low frequency torque harmonic content 83
A new cascaded multilevel converter based on NPC cells 83
Operating limits in multilevel MPC inverters with active front ends 80
Modular multilevel converter: theoretical analysis and capacitor voltage ripple effects 72
A new modular multilevel conversion structure with passive filter minimization 71
A new capacitor balancing technique in diode-clamped multilevel converters with active front end for extended operation range 70
A refined loss evaluation of a three-switch double input DC-DC converter for hybrid vehicle applications 69
A new common mode voltage reduction method in a generalized space vector modulator for cascaded multilevel converters 66
Fuel Economy and EMS for a Series Hybrid Vehicle Based on Supercapacitor Storage 65
A new sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motor algorithm based on algebraic method 63
Solid-state transformers in locomotives fed through AC lines: A review and future developments 61
Low speed performance improvement in a self-commissioned sensorless PMSM drive based on rotor flux observer 61
An Improved Low-Noise Sensorless PMSM Drive able to Face Highly Intermittent Load Torque 61
Turbocompound power unit modelling for a supercapacitor-based series hybrid vehicle application 59
A High-Efficiency Control of a Double-Input Converter for Renewable Energies and Hybrid Vehicles 58
Low Frequency Controlled (LFC) boost per inverter polifase modulari a ponte-H 56
Performance improvement in a sensorless surface-mounted PMSM drive based on rotor flux observer 49
Soft-switching modular multilevel converters for efficient grid integration of renewable sources 48
Strutture di conversione multilivello modulari per azionamenti di motori in ca in media tensione: miglioramento delle prestazioni 45
Transformer Inrush Currents in a NPC Based Converter System for Cold Ironing Applications 45
NFC: Inverter polifase modulare a moduli NPC (n) con circuito boost set up per low frequency control (FC) 43
An improved control strategy for an innovative DC-DC converter for interfacing energy storage systems 41
A New Modulation Strategy for Exploiting Discontinuous Conduction Mode in a Double-Input Three-Switch Bidirectional DC-DC Converter 41
Experimental Low-Speed Performance Evaluation of Sensorless Passive Algorithms for SPMSM 39
Stability Analysis of Open-Loop V/Hz Controlled Asynchronous Machines and Two Novel Mitigation Strategies for Oscillations Suppression 36
Modulating Signals Effect on Capacitor Voltage Ripple in Full Bridge Modular Multilevel Converters 35
Currents and Torque Oscillations Mitigation in High Power Induction Motor Drives 35
Development and evaluation of sensorless control systems for SPMSM drives in the extreme low-speed region 35
Induction motor direct torque control with synchronous PWM 34
Series architecture on hybrid electric vehicles: A review 34
Sensorless Control with Switching Frequency Square Wave Voltage Injection for SPMSM with Low Rotor Magnetic Anisotropy 32
Comparative Study of Passivity, Model Predictive, and Passivity-Based Model Predictive Controllers in Uninterruptible Power Supply Applications 29
Fast MPC algorithm for a grid tied photovoltaic system based on a multilevel inverter 28
State‐space approach for spmsm sensorless passive algorithm tuning 26
Induction Motor Field-Oriented Sensorless Control with Filter and Long Cable 26
Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors’ Passive Sensorless Control: A Review 25
A fast control for a three-switch multi-input DC-DC converter 24
Sensorless Control Exploiting PWM Ripple in PMSM with Low Anisotropy 19
Stability Issues in V/f Controlled Medium Voltage Induction Motor Drives Considering Magnetizing Inductance Variation 16
null 15
Conversione statica di energia nella trasmissione HVDC 14
H2-LMI-Based High Performance Control for Matrix Converter 8
Analysis of the energy matrix decarbonization in the operation of the large mining power distribution systems: The Chilean case 8
Experimental Assessment of Power Converters Control Strategies for Shipboard Microgrids 7
Analysis of the Chilean Power System Performance Considering a Long-Distance HVDC Transmission Line 5
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