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Role of the calpain-calpastatin system in the density-dependent growth arrest 137
Evidence for alteration of calpain/calpastatin system in PBMC of cystic fibrosis patients 132
Calpain digestion and HSP90-based chaperone protection modulate the level of plasma membrane F508del-CFTR. 131
null 131
Involvement of exon 6-mediated calpastatin intracellular movements in the modulation of calpain activation. 129
Physiological Roles of Calpain 1 Associated to Multiprotein NMDA Receptor Complex. 126
Abnormal activation of calpain and protein kinase Cα promotes a constitutive release of matrix metalloproteinase 9 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from cystic fibrosis patients 126
Activation of Ca2+-dependent proteolysis in skeletal muscle and heart in cancer cachexia. 124
Calpain inhibition promotes the rescue of F(508)del-CFTR in PBMC from cystic fibrosis patients. 124
null 121
Characterization of the calpastatin defect in erythrocytes from patients with essential hypertension. 120
Regulation of calpain activity in rat brain with altered Ca2+ homeostasis 114
Differential regulation of the calpain-calpastatin complex by the L-domain of calpastatin 114
Involvement of erythrocyte calpain in glycine- and carnitine-treated isovaleric acidemia. 113
The role of calpain in the selective increased phosphorylation of the anion-transport protein in red cell of hypertensive subjects. 112
Unexpected role of the L-domain of calpastatin during the autoproteolytic activation of human erythrocyte calpain. 109
Changes in calpastatin localization and expression during calpain activation: a new mechanism for the regulation of intracellular Ca(2+)-dependent proteolysis. 107
Identification of a novel neutrophil membrane protein involved in modulation of oxidative burst. 106
null 105
Multiple rat brain calpastatin forms are produced by distinct starting points and alternative splicing of the N-terminal exons. 104
Characterization of a new p94-like calpain form in human lymphocytes 103
null 102
A new human calpastatin skipped of the inhibitory region protects calpain-1 from inactivation and degradation 102
The calpastatin defect in hypertension is possibly due to a specific degradation by calpain. 101
“In vivo degradation of Nitric-Oxide Synthase isozymes by Calpain is regulated by HSP90” 98
Role of calpain in the regulation of CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) turnover 96
“Susceptibility of NOS isoforms to calpain digestion is modulated by the expression levels of HSP90” 95
null 93
Degradation of CFTR-generated protein clusters by calpain: A physiological or a pathological role? 91
Cell protection from Ca2+-overloading by bioactive molecules extracted from olive pomace 91
Interference with Ca2+-Dependent Proteolysis Does Not Alter the Course of Muscle Wasting in Experimental Cancer Cachexia. 90
Different susceptibility of red cell membrane proteins to calpain degradation. 89
null 89
null 85
Changes in intracellular calpastatin localization are mediated by reversible phosphorylation 82
Phosphorylation of rat brain calpastatins by protein kinase C. 81
null 81
null 80
Site-directed activation of calpain is promoted by a membrane-associated natural activator protein 79
null 76
null 76
Enhanced activation of the respiratory burst oxidase in neutrophils from hypertensive patients. 75
Properties of calpastatin forms in rat brain 73
Modulation of rat brain calpastatin efficiency by post-translational modifications 73
Role of the regulatory domain of calpastatin in the autoproteolytic activation of calpain 71
null 67
null 66
Cytosolic levels of calpastatin are regulated by limited proteolysis 66
“Involvement of the Calpain/Calpastatin System in Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” 65
null 65
Regulation of the calpain-calpastatin system in rat brain during alteration of Ca2+ homeostasis 63
null 63
"Association of calpastatin with inactive calpain: a novel mechanism to control the activation of the protease?" 63
“Regulation of calpain activity in brain following altered Ca2+ homeostasis” 57
Differential regulation of mu- and m-calpain in rat hearts perfused with Ca2+ and cAMP. 57
null 56
null 55
Modulation of calpastatin specificity in rat tissues by reversible phosphorylation and dephosphorylation. 55
"Cytosolic levels of calpastatin are regulated by limited proteolysis" 53
null 52
Respiratory burst in activated neutrophis is directly correlated to the intracellular level of protein kinase C 51
Specific role of calpain-1 associated to N-methy l-D-aspartate receptor in lipid rafts microdomains 51
Bioactive molecules isolated from olive pomace extract protect cells from calcium mediated damages 51
null 50
"Intracellular calpastatin proteolysis: a salvage mechanism or a prelude to cell damage?" 49
null 49
A Bioactive Olive Pomace Extract Prevents the Death of Murine Cortical Neurons Triggered by NMDAR Over-Activation 49
“Entry in the quiescent G0 cell state requires enhanced calpain activation” 38
The calpain-calpastatin system in human central nervous system tumours: new insight on its prognostic value 29
Identification of potential leukocyte biomarkers related to drug recovery of cftr: Clinical applications in cystic fibrosis 28
GenBank: MF577037.1: Homo sapiens clone hcast 3-25 calpastatin (CAST) mRNA, partial cds 22
GenBank: MK585065.1: Homo sapiens calpastatin (CAST) mRNA, complete cds 20
Calpain-mediated activation of NO synthase in human neuroblastoma SK-N-BE cells 11
Association of calpastatin with inactive calpain: a novel mechanism to control the activation of the protease? 10
Adaptive modifications in the calpain/calpastatin system in brain cells after persistent alteration in Ca2+ homeostasis 9
Age-dependent degradation of calpastatin in kidney of hypertensive rats 8
Calpain3 is expressed in a proteolitically active form in papillomavirus-associated urothelial tumors of the urinary bladder in cattle. 8
In vivo degradation of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) by calpain is modulated by the formation of a NOS-HSP90 heterocomplex 7
Is the Expression of [-G93A(+)] human SOD1 a model to study neurodegenerations? 7
Changes in intracellular localization of calpastatin during calpain activation 7
Interaction between Calpain-1 and HSP90: New Insights into the Regulation of Localization and Activity of the Protease. 6
Role of calpain-1 in the early phase of experimental ALS 5
Proteolytic degradation of nitric oxide synthase isoforms by calpain is modulated by the expression levels of HSP90. 3
Specific degradation of troponin T and I by mu-calpain and its modulation by substrate phosphorylation. 3
“How is alteration in Ca2+ homeostasis controlled in brain? A role for calpastatin” 3
Isolation of endogenous calpastatin 3
Differential degradation of calpastatin by mu- and m-calpain in Ca(2+)-enriched human neuroblastoma LAN-5 cells. 2
Functional role of HSP90 complexes with endothelial nitric-oxide synthase (eNOS) and calpain on nitric oxide generation in endothelial cells 2
Immunoblotting for calpastatin expression 2
Rat brain contains multiple mRNAs for calpastatin 1
Interaction between catalitically inactive calpain and calpastatin: evidence for its occurrence in stimulated cells 1
Production and purification of recombinant calpastatin 1
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