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1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane-induced early decrease of dolichol levels in rat liver microsomes and Golgi apparatus. 246
Glutathione-mediated antioxidant response and aerobic metabolism: two crucial factors involved in determining the multi-drug resistance of high-risk neuroblastoma 179
PKCδ Sensitizes Neuroblastoma Cells to L-Buthionine-Sulfoximine and Etoposide Inducing Reactive Oxygen Species Overproduction and DNA Damage 156
Heme oxygenase 1 expression in rat liver during ageing and ethanol intoxication 154
Chronic ethanol consumption impairs dolichol levels and glycosylation processes in rat liver microsomes and Golgi apparatus 150
Effects of Agelas oroides and Petrosia ficiformis crude extracts on human neuroblastoma cell survival 140
Cholesterol and amyloid-beta: evidence for a cross-talk between astrocytes and neuronal cells 139
Inactivation of hepatocyte protein kinase C by carbon tetrachloride: involvement of drug's metabolic activation and prooxidant effect. 137
GSH loss per se does not affect neuroblastoma survival and is not genotoxic 136
Mechanisms of hepatocyte protection against hypoxic injury by atrial natriuretic peptide 135
DNA oxidative damage of neoplastic rat liver lesions 133
A novel PDE4D inhibitor increases amyloid-beta deposition in neuronal cultured cells and improves memory in rats 132
PKC delta and NADPH oxidase in neuronal sensitivity to glycoxidative stress 129
Redox Homeostasis and Cellular Antioxidant Systems: Crucial Players in Cancer Growth and Therapy 126
Effect of ethanol administration on the level of dolichol in rat liver microsomes and Golgi apparatus 125
Effects of ethanol metabolism on PKC activity in isolated rat hepatocytes. 125
RAGE Expression and ROS Generation in Neurons: Differentiation versus Damage 123
A physiological role for amyloid beta in the cyclic AMP-stimulated long term potentiation. 121
HO-1 up-regulation: A key point in high-risk neuroblastoma resistance to bortezomib. 121
Modulation of CYP1A1 by PKC Inhibitors and TPA Pre-Treatments in MH1C1 Rat Hepatoma Cells Exposed to 3 -Methylcholanthrene 120
Protein kinase C: An attractive target for cancer therapy 120
Impaired synthesis contributes to diabetes-induced decrease in liver glutathione 120
Supplementation with N-acetylcysteine and taurine failed to restore glutathione content in liver of streptozotocin-induced diabetics rats but protected from oxidative stress 120
The p38MAPK inhibition: A new combined approach to reduce neuroblastoma survival under etoposide treatment 120
Mechanisms of inactivation of hepatocyte protein kinase C isoforms following acute ethanol treatment 117
Role of Nrf2, HO-1 and GSH in neuroblastoma cell resistance to bortezomib 117
Evidence against the overexpression of APP in Down Syndrome 116
A novel mechanism for cyclic adenosine monophosphate-mediated memory formation: role of amyloid beta 113
4-Hydroxynonenal signalling to apoptosis in isolated rat hepatocytes: the role of PKC-delta 112
GEBR-7b, a novel PDE4D selective inhibitor that improves memory in rodents at non-emetic doses. 112
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate as an endogenous modulator of the amyloid-β precursor protein metabolism 111
Resistance of neuroblastoma GI-ME-N cell line to glutathione depletion involves Nrf2 and heme oxygenase-1. 110
Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s disease: a still poorly understood correlation 109
Reactive oxygen species: biological stimuli of neuroblastoma cell response 108
Advanced Glycation End-products in neuronal death: role of RAGE and Nrf-2 108
Human mesangial cells resist glycoxidative stress through an antioxidant response 108
PKC delta and NADPH oxidase in age-induced neuronal death 106
Oxidative stress and protein kinase C activity modulation 106
Etoposide-resistance in a neuroblastoma model cell line is associated with 13q14.3 mono-allelic deletion and miRNA-15a/16-1 down-regulation 105
The Nrf2/HO-1 Axis in Cancer Cell Growth and Chemoresistance 105
Role of glutathione in cancer progression and chemoresistance 105
Free radical-induced impairment of liver glycosylation processes in ethanol intoxication 103
PKC signaling in oxidative hepatic damage 101
A physiological role for amyloid beta in the cyclic AMP-stimulated long term potentiation. 101
Signal pathway responsible for hepatocyte preconditioning by nitric oxide 101
Cholesterol and Amyloid-β: Evidence for a Cross-Talk between Astrocytes and Neuronal Cells. 100
Primary role of alcohol dehydrogenase pathway in acute ethanol-induced impairment of protein kinase C-dependent signaling system 99
Effect of chronic ethanol consumption on glycosylation processes in rat liver microsomes and Golgi apparatus 98
Glutathione depletion induces apoptosis of rat hepatocytes through activation of protein kinase C novel isoforms and dependent increase in AP-1 nuclear binding 98
Oxidative stress induces increase in intracellular amyloid-protein production and selective activation of I and II PKCs in NT2 cells 98
Inactivation of PEMT2 in hepatocytes initiated by DENA in fasted/refed rats. 98
Ethanol-induced effects on expression level, activity and distribution of protein kinase C isoforms in rat liver Golgi apparatus 97
[Changes in lipoglycoprotein metabolism in toxic fatty liver]. 96
Down Regulation of Diacylglycerol Kinase 0 Activity Mediates the Cytoprotective Effect of Hepatic Preconditioning 96
Key role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-mediated signals in hepatic preconditioning 95
PKC delta and NADPH oxidase in retinoic acid-induced neuroblastoma cell differentiation 95
Signal pathway involved in the development of hypoxic preconditioning in rat hepatocytes 94
Role of PKC-dependent pathways in HNE-induced cell protein transport and secretion 94
Effects of vitamin E on dolichol content of rats acutely treated with 1,2-dichloroethane. 93
p38MAPK inhibition: a new combined approach to reduce neuroblastoma resistance under etoposide treatment 93
Different efficacy of iodoacetic acid and N-ethylmaleimide in high-performance liquid chromatographic measurement of liver glutathione. 93
Effects of 1,2-dichloroethane intoxication on dolichol levels and glycosyltransferase activities in rat liver microsomes and Golgi apparatus 93
ATRA-induced neuronal differentiation reduces cell ability to adapt to oxidative stress: role of Nrf2 and HO-1 93
Involvement of myosin II-B and protein kinase C in the processing of APP 92
Role of PKC-delta activity in glutathione-depleted neuroblastoma cells 91
Vitamin E and neurodegenerative diseases. 91
Role of HO-1 in neuroblastoma resistance to Bortezomib. 90
Mechanisms of BSO (L-buthionine-S,R-sulfoximine)-induced cytotoxic effects in neuroblastoma 90
p38MAPK inhibition: a new combined approach to reduce neuroblastoma resistance under etoposide treatment. 90
MYC Expression and Metabolic Redox Changes in Cancer Cells: A Synergy Able to Induce Chemoresistance 90
Impairment of lipoglycoprotein metabolism in rat liver cells induced by 1,2-dichloroethane. 89
Inhibition of the de-myelinating properties of Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome lymphocytes by cathepsin D silencing 89
Effects of CCl4 poisoning on metabolism of dolichol in rat liver microsomes and Golgi apparatus. 88
Activation of PKC-beta isoforms mediates HNE-induced MCP-1 release by macrophages 88
4-Hydroxynonenal signaling to apoptosis in isolated rat hepatocytes: Key role of PCK-delta 88
Inhibition of Heme Oxygenase-1 sensitizes glutathione-depleted neuroblastoma cells to death 88
Retinoic acid-induced neuroblastoma differentiation is dependent from NOX activation 88
4-hydroxy-2-3-nonenal can influence liver secretory pathway by PKC isoform activity modulation 88
Prevention of Lymphocyte Neurotoxic Effects by microRNA Delivery. 88
Involvement of Myosin II-B and Protein Kinase C in the Processing of the Alzheimer Amyloid Precursor Protein 88
PKC delta and NADPH oxidase in retinoic acid-induced neuroblastoma cell differentiation 86
Oxysterol mixture and, in particular, 27-hydroxycholesterol drive M2 polarization of human macrophages 85
Role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in the development of hepatocyte preconditioning. 85
Role of novel protein kinase C isoforms in apoptosis of glutathione-depleted neuroblastoma cells 84
Stimulation of the amyloid-β precursor protein metabolism by cAMP 82
Neutrophil chemotaxis inhibitors: new tools against cancer metastasis? 81
Inhibition of p38MAPK: A Combined Strategy for Sensitizing Neuroblastoma Cells to Etoposide Through the Modulation of Pro-Inflammation Markers. 81
Short exposure to high concentrations of malondialdehyde does not mimic physiological conditions 81
Effects of lipid peroxidation carbonyl products on rat hepatocyte protein kinases 80
Glutathione and the switch of aerobic metabolism collaborate for multi-drug resistance of neuroblastoma 80
Effects of alcohol consumption on liver Golgi glycoprotein metabolism 79
Matrine in association with FD‑2 stimulates F508del‑cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator activity in the presence of corrector VX809 79
PKC delta: a limiting kinase in DNA oxidative damage and apoptosis of neuroblastoma cells 78
Prooxidant events and dolichol decrease in liver microsomes and Golgi apparatus of ethanol intoxicated rats 78
Effects of ethanol metabolism on PKC activity in isolated rat hepatocytes 78
Targeting CD44/xCT is a potential strategy to sensitize human neuroblastoma stem cells to etoposide 78
Growth dynamics and bioactivity variation of the mediterranean demosponges Agelas Oroides (Agelasida, Agelasidae) and Petrosia ficiformis (Haplosclerida, Petrosiidae) 77
Effects of Carbon-tetrachloride On the Regulatory System of Transmembrane Signaling 77
Processing of the amyloid precursor protein: role pf protein kinase C and myosin II B 77
Protein kinase C-dependent {alpha}-secretory processing of the amyloid precursor protein is mediated by phosphorylation of myosin II-B 77
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