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GridWalker: a visual tool for supporting the advanced discovery of Grid resources 128
A resource management tool for heterogeneous networks 126
Efficient Management of Resources and Entities using the HyVonNe P2P Architecture 125
Extending PVM with consistent cut capabilities application aspects and implementation strategies 122
A Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Matching Pursuit Signal Decomposition 121
Designing and Prototyping a Middleware for Vehicular Networks 121
Approaches to designing complex dependable systems 118
Managing Networks of Mobiles Entities using the HyVonNe P2P Architecture 118
Beaconing support in Publish-Subscribe Middleware for Vehicular Applications 114
A flexible state-saving library for message-passing systems 111
RAMSES: a mobile computing system for field archaeology. 109
Efficient use of parallel libraries on heterogeneous Networks of Workstations 107
SortGrid: a Grid Framework compliant with Soft Real Time Requirements 107
A Local Decision Algorithm for Maximum Lifetime in Ad Hoc Networks 106
Optimization of LR(k) reduced parsers 106
Parallel Decimation of 3D Meshes for Efficient Web based Isosurface Extraction 105
CPVM - Extending PVM for Consistent Checkpointing 104
Load Balancing and Computing Strategies in Pipeline Optimization for Parallel Visualization of 3D Irregular Meshes 104
SoRTSim: A high-level simulator for the evaluation of QoS models on Grid 103
Data Replication Effectiveness in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks 102
A practical approach to efficient use of heterogeneous PC network for parallel mathematical computation 102
Hybrid learning Experiences with a Collaborative Open Source Environment 101
Efficient Construction of LR(k) States and Tables 99
Programming Pipelined CAD Applications on Message Passing Architectures 98
Channel reification: a reflective model for distributed computation 97
A Web-Based Isosurface Extraction System for Heterogeneous Clients 96
Coupling algorithms for replicated objects and processes 96
An Object Oriented Approach to Fault Tolerant Software 94
Channel Reification: a Reflective Approach to Fault Tolerant Software Development 94
Distributed termination detection in reducible communication graphs 94
Using a Structured Programming Environment for Parallel Remote Visualization 93
Using PVM to implement a Distributed Dependable Simulation System 91
An Online Parallel Algorithm for Remote Visualization of Isosurface 90
A distributed approach for structured resource discovery on Grid 90
A mobile e-health system based on workflow automation tools 88
Parallel isosurface extraction for 3D data analysis workflows in distributed environments 88
Resource Selection and Application Execution in a Grid: A Migration Experience from GT2 to GT4 87
Implementing snapshot protocol for message based communication libraries 85
null 84
Challenges and experiences in the development of a wireless tool: the European perspective of WIH 83
null 83
An Integrated Environment for Scientific Data Entry and Management on mobile systems 83
Wireless connections in a hospital ward: the WARD-IN-HAND Project 82
A hierarchical structure for fault tolerant reactive programs 82
Mobile Computing for real time support in archaeological excavations 82
Wireless Networks for Vehicular Support 80
Architecture of a communication middleware for VANET applications. 80
Quality of Service on Grid: Architectural and methodological issues 80
Structuring Conversation in Operation/ Procedure Oriented Programming Languages 78
Reflective Architectures for Reusable Fault-Tolerant Software 75
Exploiting wireless networks for virtual archaeology: the PAST project 74
Communication Modeling by Channel Reification 74
Peer-to-peer network technology applied to the harbour environment 73
Art Images and Disabled Children: a software tool for therapists 73
Software Fault Tolerance in Concurrent Ada Programs 72
A Hierarchical Program Structure for Concurrent Fault Tolerant Software 70
Programming Concurrent Backward Error Recovery: General Methodologies and Practical Approaches 69
Putting virtual heritage in the field: the PAST project 68
Implementing a Consistent Cut Algorithm in a Message Passing Library 67
Saving Energy and Reducing Latency in MANET File Access 66
Parallelization Analysis for the Matching Pursuit 65
Mobile computing in outdoor environments 65
The Conversation Deadlock Problem in Client-Server Model 65
Parallel Computing for 3D data visualization and transmission in Grid based applications. 63
Parallel Compression of 3D Meshes for Efficient Distributed Visualization 62
Implementing Distributed Reactive Programs in Linda 60
Wireless networking with a PDA: the Ward-In-Hand project 60
Pattern matching algorithms: a comparison between Matching Pursuit and Wavelet Packet for monodimensional signal processing 59
A VANET-based Communication Middleware for Sensing Vehicular Traffic 57
Wireless technologies for archaeology: two experiences 56
Computer suppported Cooperative work in field archaeology: the Ade system 55
The RAMSES experience in archaelogical research 54
Parallel virtual libraries: a system for resource management 54
Fault Tolerant Aspects of the PVM Based Virtual Time Machine PV2M 53
Computer mobili per la gestione dei dati di scavo 48
Porting PVM to a Shared-Memory Industrial Multiprocessor 48
Tecnologie wireless per l'archeologia: 1996-2006 46
Mobile computing in a hospital: the WARD-IN-HAND project 46
Experiencing a parallel mathematical library on a PC network 45
Dal percorso di apprendimento all'itinerario virtuale: esperienze sul Web 2.0 42
Ward-In-Hand: wireless access to clinical records for mobile healthcare professionals 29
ScanBrowser: un ausilio software per disabili gravi 29
Grid Services for 3D Data Analysis in Virtual Laboratories 6
Opportunities, Integration and Issues of Applying new Technologies over e-Learning Platforms 5
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