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Genotoxic activity and potency of 135 compounds in the Ames reversion test and in a bacterial DNA-repair test 168
Overview of mechanisms of cancer chemopreventive agents 167
Inhibition of lung tumor development by berry extracts in mice exposed to cigarette smoke. 151
Assay of lapatinib in murine models of cigarette smoke carcinogenesis. 141
Chemoprevention of doxorubicin-induced alopecia in mice by dietary administration of L-cystine and vitamin B6. 140
Lack of mutations in K-ras codons 12 and 13 in human atherosclerotic lesions. 137
Antigenotoxic and anticarcinogenic effects of N-acetylcysteine in lung cells (Abstr.) 136
Age-related mortality trends in Italy from 1901 to 2008 136
Formazione di addotti al DNA valutati mediante post-marcatura con 32P e spettrofotometria a fluorescenza sincrona. 135
Cytogenetic analysis of gingival epithelial cells, as related to smoking habits and occurrence of periodontal disease. 133
Genotoxic damage in the oral mucosa cells of subjects carrying restorative dental fillings. 133
Mechanisms of chemoprevention, antimutagenesis and anticarcinogenesis: an overview 133
Mutagenicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon fractions extracted from urban air particulates 131
Mutagenicity of cimetidine in nitrite-enriched human gastric juice. 130
“Angioprevention”: Angiogenesis is a common and key target for cancer chemopreventive agents 130
Modulation by phenethyl isothiocyanate and budesonide of molecular and histopathologic alterations induced by environmental cigarette smoke in mice. 130
Metabolic reduction of chromium by alveolar macrophages and its relationships to cigarette smoke 127
Photoactivation of mutagens 127
UVB- and UVC-dependent genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of halogen lamps (Abstr.) 126
Formation of adducts by bisphenol A, an endocrine disruptor, in DNA in vitro and in liver and mammary tissue of mice. 125
Threshold mechanisms and site specificity in chromium(VI) carcinogenesis 124
Budesonide and phenethyl isothiocyanate attenuate DNA damage in bronchoalveolar lavage cells of mice exposed to environmental cigarette smoke 124
Rationale and approaches to the prevention of smoking-related diseases: overview of recent studies on chemoprevention of smoking-induced tumors in rodent models. 124
Modulation of diethylnitrosamine carcinogenesis in rat liver and oesophagus. 123
Circadian monitoring of gastric juice mutagenicity. 123
Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of the light emitted by artificial illumination systems. 123
Mechanisms of inhibitors of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis. 122
Modulation of the mutagenic response in prokaryotes 122
Modulation by aspirin and naproxen of nucleotide alterations and tumors in the lung of mice exposed to environmental cigarette smoke since birth 122
Carcinogen metabolism in human lung tissues and the effect of tobacco smoking: results from a case--control multicenter study on lung cancer patients. 121
Pulmonary alveolar macrophages in molecular epidemiology and chemoprevention of cancer 121
Experimental databases on inhibition of the bacterial mutagenicity of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide and cigarette smoke 120
Chemoprevention of genome, transcriptome, and proteome alterations induced by cigarette smoke in rat lung 120
Dose-related cytogenetic damage in pulmonary alveolar macrophages from mice exposed to cigarette smoke early in life. 120
Modulation of apoptosis by cancer chemopreventive agents. 120
Cigarette smoke induces DNA damage and alters base-excision repair and tau levels in the brain of neonatal mice. 120
Alimentary restrictions and 131I in human thyroids 119
Antigenotoxic and anticarcinogenic effects of thiols. In vitro inhibition of the mutagenicity of drug nitrosation products and protection of rat liver ADP-ribosyl transferase activity 119
Circadian reduction of chromium in the gastric environment. 118
Detection of the '4977 bp' mitochondrial DNA deletion in human atherosclerotic lesions. 117
Mechanisms of N-acetylcysteine in the prevention of DNA damage and cancer, with special reference to smoking-related end-points 117
N-acetylcysteine inhibits endothelial cell invasion and angiogenesis 117
Upregulation of stem cell antigen–1 in the lung of neonatal mice exposed to environmental cigarette smoke 116
Lack of genotoxic effects in hematopoietic and gastrointestinal cells of mice receiving chromium(VI) with the drinking water 115
Dose-responsiveness and persistence of microRNA expression alterations induced by cigarette smoke in mouse lung. 115
Chemoprevention of smoke-related DNA adduct formation in rat lung and heart 115
Antioxidant activity and other mechanisms of thiols in chemoprevention of mutation and cancer 114
Smoke-induced microRNA and related proteome alterations. Modulation by chemopreventive agents. 114
Effect of solar irradiation on mutagens and impact of sea pollution on the biotransformation of carcinogens in fish livers 114
Mutagenicity of active oxygen species in bacteria and its enzymatic or chemical inhibition 113
Preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions in the lung, liver, and urinary tract of mice exposed to environmental cigarette smoke and UV light since birth 113
What's in a name? The argument for changing the name of IAEMS and its affiliated societies. 112
Enhanced metabolic activation of chemical hepatocarcinogens in woodchucks infected with hepatitis B virus. 112
Mechanistic approaches to chemoprevention of mutation and cancer 112
Attenuation of influenza-like symptomatology and improvement of cell-mediated immunity with long-term N-acetylcysteine treatment. 111
Bacterial genotoxicity of nitrosated famotidine. 111
Relationships between metabolic deactivation of ICR compounds and their differential mutagenicity in bacteria and cultured mammalian cells. 111
The role of the thiol N-acetylcysteine in the prevention of tumor invasion and angiogenesis 111
Genomic and transcriptional alterations in mouse fetus liver after transplacental exposure to cigarette smoke 110
Pharmacological modulation of genome and proteome alterations in mice treated with the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A 110
No effect of treatment with carcinogens on cytosine methylation of mitochondrial DNA isolated from rat organs by phenol-free alkaline extraction. 110
Cytosolic activation of aromatic and heterocyclic amines. Inhibition by dicoumarol and enhancement in viral hepatitis B. 110
Modulation of cigarette smoke–related end–points in mutagenesis and carcinogenesis 109
Alterations of gene expression in skin and lung of mice exposed to light and cigarette smoke 109
Less than additive interaction between cigarette smoke and chromium(VI) in inducing clastogenic damage in rodents 109
Prenatal N-acetylcysteine prevents cigarette smoke-induced lung cancer in neonatal mice 108
The epidemiological revolution of the 20th century 108
Chemopreventive properties and mechanisms of N-Acetylcysteine. The experimental background 107
MicroRNAs as targets for dietary and pharmacological inhibitors of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis. 107
Multigenerational mitochondrial alterations in pneumocytes exposed to oil fly ash metals. 107
Modulation of microRNA expression by budesonide, phenethyl isothiocyanate, and cigarette smoke in mouse liver and lung. 106
Oxidative damage in human epithelial alveolar cells exposed in vitro to oil fly ash transition metals 106
Micronuclei in human alveolar macrophages 106
Release of MicroRNAs into body fluids from ten organs of mice exposed to cigarette smoke 106
Induction, persistence and modulation of cytogenetic alterations in cells of smoke-exposed mice 105
Cancer prevention strategies and mechanisms of chemopreventive agents. 105
Exposing native cyprinid (Barbus plebejus) juveniles to river sediments leads to gonadal alterations, genotoxic effects and thyroid disruption. 105
Coclastogenicity of ethanol with cigarette smoke in rat erythroblasts and anticlastogenicity in alveolar macrophages. 104
Oral chromium(VI) does not affect the frequency of micronuclei in hematopoietic cells of adult mice and transplacentally exposed fetuses 103
Metabolic reduction of chromium as a threshold mechanism limiting its in vivo activity. 103
Genotoxic damage in the oral mucosal cells of subjects carrying restorative dental fillings 103
Inhibition by oral N-acetylcysteine of doxorubicin-induced clastogenicity and alopecia, and prevention of primary tumors and lung micrometastases in mice. 103
Modulation of genomic and postgenomic alterations in noncancer diseases and critical periods of life. 102
Pilot studies evaluating the lung tumor yield in cigarette smoke-exposed mice 102
Upregulation of clusterin in prostate and DNA damage in spermatozoa from bisphenol A-treated rats and formation of DNA adducts in cultured human prostatic cells. 102
Synergism between N–acetylcysteine and doxorubicin in the prevention of tumorigenicity and metastasis in murine models 102
Modulation by metformin of molecular and histopathological alterations in the lung of cigarette smoke-exposed mice 101
Selective induction of gene expression in rat lung by hexavalent chromium 101
The prevention of infection-associated cancers. 101
Inhibition by N-acetylcysteine of carcinogen-DNA adducts in the tracheal epithelium of rats exposed to cigarette smoke. 100
Influence of FHIT on benzo[a]pyrene-induced tumors and alopecia in mice: chemoprevention by budesonide and N-acetylcysteine 100
Formation of a nitro derivative of 2-amino-3,4-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline by photo-irradiation. 99
Modulation of genotoxic and related effects by carotenoids and vitamin A in experimental models: mechanistic issues. 99
Metabolic alterations produced by cigarette smoke in rat lung and liver, and their modulation by oral N-acetylcysteine. 99
Prevention by N-acetylcysteine of benzo(a)pyrene clastogenicity and DNA adducts in rats 99
Assesment from autopsy sources of the internal dose due to 137 cs and 134 cs from the chernobyl accident 99
Interactions between N-acetylcysteine and ascorbic acid in modulating mutagenesis and carcinogenesis. 98
Protection by N-acetylcysteine of the histopathological and cytogenetical damage produced by exposure of rats to cigarette smoke 97
Cardiotoxicity of anticancer drugs: the need for cardio-oncology and cardio-oncological prevention 97
Reduction of chromium(VI) to chromium(V) by rat liver cytosolic and microsomal fractions: is DT-diaphorase involved? 97
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