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A Fast Object Orientation Estimation and Recognition Technique for Underwater Acoustic Imaging 148
A Classification Approach for Model-Based Fault Diagnosis in Power Generation Systems Based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 143
Design of a sparse planar array for optimized 3D medical ultrasound imaging 143
Extraction of 3-D Information from Sonar Image Sequences 141
On the Shaping of the Main Lobe in Wide-Band Arrays 140
Combining Multi-Pulse Excitation and Chirp Coding in Contrast Enhanced Echographic Imaging 137
3-D Underwater Acoustic Imaging by an Efficient Frequency Domain Beamforming 133
On the stability of wideband beam patterns with respect to weighting and envelope fluctuations 131
Harmonic Beamforming: Performance Analysis and Imaging Results 131
A Stochastic Approach for the Apodization of Very Short Arrays 128
Estimating the performance of a superdirective microphone array with a frequency-invariant response 127
Image Projection and Composition with a Front-Scan Sonar System: Methods and Experimental Results 125
Three-dimensional underwater acoustical imaging and processing 125
Acoustical Imaging in Air by a Low-Cost System Working in Audio Band 125
From 3-D Sonar Images to Augmented Reality Models for Objects Buried on the Seafloor 124
A method for estimating the microbubble concentration in contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging 121
Environmental acoustic noise observations in Tethys Bay (Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea, Antarctica) 120
Ultrasound assessment of polymer-shelled magnetic microbubbles used as dual contrast agents 120
Advanced Generation of Ultrasound Beams for the Measurement of the Contrast Agent Responses 120
Synthesis of Unequally Spaced Arrays by Simulated Annealing 120
A Preliminary In Vitro Assessment of Polymer-Shelled Microbubbles in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging 119
A Probabilistic Approach to the Coupled Reconstruction and Restoration of Underwater Acoustic Images 118
A Comparative Analysis of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging Techniques 118
On Nonlinear Effects of Envelope Detection in Beamforming Systems 118
A Voting-Based Approach for Fast Object Recognition in Underwater Acoustic Images 118
Fault Diagnosis Strategies for SOFC-Based Power Generation Plants 118
3D acoustical image analysis and feature extraction 117
A data extraction system for underwater particle holography 117
A Simulation Method for the Design of a 3-D Acoustical Imaging System for Sub-Bottom Investigation 117
Focused Beamforming for Underwater Imaging: Depth of Field and Range Resolution Optimization 116
Projection and Mosaicking of Real Data Gathered with a Front-Scan Sonar System 116
Fault diagnosis in fuel cell systems using quantitative models and support vector machines 116
Spectral analysis of the underwater acoustic noise radiated by ships with controllable pitch propellers 116
An Efficient Digital CZT Beamforming Design for Near-Field 3-D Sonar Imaging 115
Thinning and Weighting of Large Planar Arrays by Simulated Annealing 115
Devising an Affordable Sonar System for Underwater 3-D Vision 115
Beam Pattern Formulation and Analysis for Wide-Band Beamforming Systems Using Sparse Arrays 114
A Weighted Fresnel Approximation for the Delays Used in Focused Beamforming 114
On the Robustness of Multi-Pulse Techniques Against Undesired Effects in Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging 114
Remote Measurement of the Ultrasound Contrast Agent Concentration 113
Experimental Assessment of Image Enhancement and Object Detection Methods Applied to Mechanically Scanned Sonar Systems 113
A Stochastic Approach to Optimizing the Aperture and the Number of Elements of an Aperiodic Array 112
Segmentation of Underwater 3D Acoustical Images for Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications 112
Optimizing Enhanced Hybrid Medical Imaging Through Dual-Mode Contrast Agents 112
Tuning the performance of the superdirective frequency-invariant beamforming applied to end-fire arrays 112
Frequency Invariant Beamforming in Very Short Arrays for AUVs Instrumentation 111
Object Pose Estimation in Underwater Acoustic Images 111
Three-Dimensional Acoustic Imaging by Chirp Zeta Transform Digital Beamforming 110
A Non-Coherent Approach for Focused Underwater Imaging 110
A Confidence-Based Approach to Enhancing Underwater Acoustic Image Formation 109
A Least-Squares Approximation for the Delays Used in Focused Beamforming 109
Aperture and Element Minimization in Linear Sparse Arrays with Desired Beam Patterns 109
Characterizing the Objects Embedded in the Sea-Bottom by Processing 3-D Acoustic Images 109
Underwater 3D Imaging by FFT Dynamic Focusing Beamforming 109
Combining Multi-Pulse Excitation and Chirp Coding in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging 109
Chirp Coding for Ultrasound Imaging of Polymer-Shelled Microbubbles 109
Ultrasound Pulse Optimization for the Measurement of the Contrast Agent Responses 109
Maximum Constrained Directivity of Oversteered End-Fire Sensor Arrays 108
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic imaging using acoustic beamforming 107
Synthesis of Sparse Planar Arrays 107
Assessing Robustness of Superdirective, Frequency Invariant Arrays for Underwater Applications 107
On the Analysis of Buried Objects by Processing 3-D Acoustic Images 107
Energy and Feature-Based Strategies for Estimating the Contrast Agent Concentration in Ultrasound Medical Imaging 107
Feature Tracking and Depth Estimation in Front-Scan Sonar Image Sequences 107
Concentration Estimation of Ultrasound Targeted Microbubbles for Improving Cancer Detection: a Preliminary in Vivo Study 107
A Computationally Efficient Procedure for the Design of Robust Broadband Beamformers 106
Simulation of non-White and non-Gaussian Underwater Ambient Noise 106
Parametric analysis of ship noise spectra 106
Passive Underwater Imaging Through Optimized Planar Arrays of Hydrophones 106
Data-driven techniques for fault diagnosis in power generation plants based on solid oxide fuel cells 106
Flattening the Side-Lobes of Wide-Band Beam Patterns 106
Digital Near Field Beamforming for Efficient 3-D Underwater Acoustic Image Generation 104
A holographic system for subsea recording and analysis of plankton and other marine particles (HOLOMAR) 102
Improving Harmonic Imaging by a Novel Beamforming Process for Ultrasound Medical Scanners 102
Experimental assessment of a direct sequence spread spectrum underwater acoustic communication method 102
Magnetic resonance and ultrasound contrast imaging of polymer-shelled microbubbles loaded with iron oxide nanoparticles 102
A Co-operative Approach to Feature Extraction from Acoustic Images 102
A New Beamforming Technique Aimed at Improving the Ultrasound Harmonic Imaging 101
Synthesis of Aperiodic Planar Arrays by a Stochastic Approach 101
Interpolation of medical ultrasound images from coherent and non-coherent signals 101
An analytical formulation for wide-band beam patterns using sparse arrays 100
High-Resolution 3-D Imaging by a Sparse Array: Array Optimization and Image Simulation 100
A noncoherent correlation technique and focused beamforming for ultrasonic underwater imaging: a comparative analysis 100
Low-Cost Acoustic Cameras for Underwater Wideband Passive Imaging 99
Edge/Region-based Segmentation and Reconstruction of Underwater Acoustic Images by Markov Random Fields 99
Spread spectrum modulation for acoustic communication in shallow water channel 98
A Flexible Method to Simulate 3-D Underwater Sub-Bottom Images 98
Joint Feature and Model Selection for SVM Fault Diagnosis in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems 98
Stochastic Optimization of Linear Sparse Arrays 98
On the Acoustic Detection of Objects Buried in the Seafloor 97
Experimental validation of a chirp-based underwater acoustic communication method 97
A Comparative Analysis of Multi-Pulse Techniques in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Medical Imaging 97
Design of Robust Superdirective Arrays with a Tunable Tradeoff Between Directivity and Frequency-Invariance 97
Diagnostics and Prognostics-Oriented Modeling of an NGSR Fuel Processor for Application in SOFC Systems 96
Data-driven fault diagnosis in SOFC-based power plants under off-design operating conditions 96
Three-Dimensional Image Generation and Processing in Underwater Acoustic Vision 95
Synthesizing Asymmetric Beam Patterns 95
Experimental Results on the Detection of Embedded Objects by Prewhitening Filtering 94
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