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Control strategies for sustainable mobility in freeways 183
A multi-class ramp metering and routing control scheme to reduce congestion and traffic emissions in freeway networks 160
Comparison of solution approaches for the train load planning problem in seaport terminals 146
Optimization model for the design of a smart energy infrastructure with electric mobility 146
Models for Train Load Planning Problems in a Container Terminal 137
Two-class freeway traffic regulation to reduce congestion and emissions via nonlinear optimal control 130
Event-triggered model predictive schemes for freeway traffic control 130
Modeling and solving the train load planning problem in seaport container terminals 130
Exergetic optimization of single level combined gas–steam power plants considering different objective functions 128
Traffic mean speed evaluation in freeway systems 126
A nonlinear optimal control approach to reduce travel times and to improve safety in freeway traffic systems 126
A New Emission Model Including On-ramps for Two-Class Freeway Traffic Control 125
Multi-objective optimization for the train load planning problem with two cranes in seaport terminals 125
A multi-class decentralised event-triggered control framework for congestion and emission reduction in freeway networks 125
A nonlinear optimal control approach for two-class freeway traffic regulation to reduce congestion and emissions 121
The Port as a System of Systems: a System Dynamics Simulation Approach 119
A control scheme for freeway traffic systems based on hybrid automata 118
Freeways as Systems of Systems: A Distributed Model Predictive Control Scheme 118
Optimal Control of Production Processes with Variable Execution Times 117
A hybrid model for optimal control of single nodes in supply chains 116
Economic and Environmental Optimization Model for the Design and the Operation of a Combined Heat and Power Distributed Generation System in an Urban Area 115
Distributed consensus-based switched observers for freeway traffic density estimation 115
An integrated simulation-optimization framework for the operational planning of seaport container terminals 113
Asynchronous regulation of service speed in inventory-production systems with time-varying positive demand 112
DESOD: A mathematical programming tool to optimally design a distributed energy system 111
Design of networked freeway traffic controllers based on event-triggered control concepts 109
Optimization of inventory levels and production effort in Hybrid Inventory-Production (HIP) systems 109
A multi-class model-based control scheme for reducing congestion and emissions in freeway networks by combining ramp metering and route guidance 109
An event-triggered receding-horizon scheme for planning rail operations in maritime terminals 109
Management of intermodal container terminals using feedback control 108
Editorial for the Special Issue on recent trends in traffic modelling and control 107
On an implicit and stable resolution scheme for the Payne-Whitham model 106
A mathematical framework for the planning and control of complex systems 105
Optimal Control for Reducing Congestion and Improving Safety in Freeway Systems 105
Freeway Traffic Control Considering Capacity Drop Phenomena: Comparison of Different MPC Schemes 104
A metaheuristic approach for the operational planning of freight intermodal transportation 103
Optimal ramp metering and variable speed signs for multiclass freeway traffic 103
Model-based event-triggered control for freeway traffic systems 103
On Optimizing Production Nodes in Supply Chain Systems 102
A Model of an Interregional Logistic System for the Statement and Solution of Decision Problems at the Operational Level 102
A receding-horizon planning approach for rail operations in seaport container terminals 102
A mathematical model to evaluate different train loading and stacking policies in a container terminal 102
Optimal Vendor-Managed Inventory policies in distribution systems with discrete-event processes 100
A new Micro-Macro METANET model for platoon control in freeway traffic networks 100
Supervisory multi-class event-triggered control for congestion and emissions reduction in freeways 100
An event-triggered Model Predictive Control scheme for freeway systems 98
Modeling and comparison among different train loading and stacking policies in a container terminal 98
On optimizing replenishment policies in production nodes of supply chain models 97
Case-study based performance assessment of an event-triggered MPC scheme for freeway systems 97
Emerging freeway traffic control strategies 97
Fundamentals of traffic dynamics 97
Model predictive control for multiclass freeway traffic 96
A planning approach for freight transportation operations in railway networks 96
Freeway networks as Systems of Systems: an event-triggered distributed control scheme 96
Time-varying triggering conditions for the robust control of freeway systems 93
Two-class emission traffic control for freeway systems 93
Freight transportation in railway networks with automated terminals: a mathematical model and MIP heuristic approaches 93
Optimal shipment policies for distribution systems with a limited fleet of capacitated vehicles 92
Freeway Traffic Modeling: Extension to Different Vehicle Classes and Numerical Analysis 92
Linear optimal control strategies for production systems with a discrete-event demand pattern 92
Optimization of multi-product nodes in supply chains 91
Closed-loop stability of freeway traffic systems with ramp metering control 91
State estimation in freeway traffic systems 90
Supervisory Model Predictive Control for freeway traffic systems 89
A hybrid automaton for multi-class ramp metering in freeway systems 89
Integer programming and ant colony optimization for planning intermodal freight transportation operations 89
Comparison of multi-objective optimization approaches for the train load planning problem 88
A discrete-time model for optimizing the rail port cycle 87
Distributed model predictive control for MLD systems: Application to freeway ramp metering 87
Event-triggered strategies for the networked control of freeway traffic systems 86
An MILP Optimization Problem for Sizing Port Rail Networks and Planning Shunting Operations in Container Terminals 86
A switched ramp-metering controller for freeway traffic systems 85
The Facility Location Problem in a Reverse Logistic Network: Weeenmodels Project in the City of Genoa 85
Switched observer-based ramp metering controllers for freeway systems 85
Emission models for freeway traffic systems 85
Implementation-oriented freeway traffic control strategies 85
A two-class traffic control scheme for reducing congestion and improving safety in freeway systems 85
Optimization and control of supply chain models 83
Congestion and Emissions Reduction in Freeway Traffic Networks via Supervisory Event-triggered Control 82
An overview of traffic control schemes for freeway systems 82
Service rate optimization in inventory-production systems with time-varying and incomplete deterministic demand 81
First-order macroscopic traffic models 81
Second-order macroscopic traffic models 81
Microscopic and mesoscopic traffic models 80
Multiclass freeway traffic: Model Predictive Control and microscopic simulation 79
Modelling and strategic design of automatic intermodal freight terminals 79
Optimization of container transfers in maritime terminals 79
Inventory optimization of distribution networks with discrete-event processes by vendor-managed policies 79
Order-based freight transportation operation planning in railway networks 79
Optimal control of freeway systems based on a linearized prediction model 78
Integration of electric mobility services within an existing polygeneration microgrid 78
Modelling and optimal receding-horizon control of maritime container terminals 77
Ramp metering control for two vehicle classes to reduce traffic emissions in freeway systems 76
Event-based control of freeway systems 76
Modelling for the optimal sizing of an automatic intermodal freight terminal 76
Hierarchical Centralized/Decentralized Event-Triggered Control of Multiclass Traffic Networks 76
Optimization approaches for the train load planning problem in seaport container terminals 75
Model predictive control with state estimation for freeway systems 75
Multi-class local ramp metering to reduce traffic emissions in freeway systems 75
Operational planning of long-haul intermodal freight transportation 74
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