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Development of PCR for WWTP based on a case study 141
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing of a SOFC system for distributed power generation 128
Investigation of green practices for paper use reduction onboard a cruise ship—a life cycle approach 124
Glass Packaging Design and Life Cycle Assessment: Deep Review and Guideline for Future Developments 120
Hybrid solar power system versus photovoltaic plant: A comparative analysis through a life cycle approach 115
Development of Specific Rules for the Application of Life Cycle Assessment to Carbon Capture and Storage 114
Life Cycle Assessment from food to food: A case study of circular economy from cruise ships to aquaculture 113
Using environmental product declaration as source of data for life cycle assessment: A case study 112
Water supply and sustainability: life cycle assessment of water collection, treatment and distribution service 110
An evaluation of environmental sustainability in the food industry through Life Cycle Assessment: the case study of tomato products supply chain 108
Opportunities and criticisms of voluntary emission reduction projects developed by Public Administrations: Analysis of 143 case studies implemented in Italy 108
Resource productivity enhancement as means for promoting cleaner production: analysis of co-incineration in cement plants through a life cycle approach 103
Optimal planning of sustainable buildings: Integration of life cycle assessment and optimization in a decision support system (DSS) 103
Life Cycle Assessment for eco-design of product-package systems in the food industry€ - The case of legumes 97
University campus waste prevention and reduction: A circular-economy approach 92
Sustainability in Maritime Sector: Waste Management Alternatives Evaluated in a Circular Carbon Economy Perspective 91
Sviluppo di PCR per impianti di trattamento di acque reflue basato su un caso studio 83
“Application of Clean Development Mechanism to animal waste management system (AWMS): a methane recovery project in Serbia as case study”. 83
Development of product category rules for a sector environmental product declaration 81
GHG Accounting for sustainable mega-events: How lessons learnt during the Milan Expo 2015 world fair could lead to less carbon-intensive future mega-events 80
PCR registration number: 2008:7. Approval date: 10 December 2008. “Cleaning inox trolley”.CPC name: Vehicles n.e.c., not mechanically propelled (CPC code: 4993). Issuing body: The International EPD Cooperation (IEC). International EPD® System. 79
PCR registration number: 2011:13. Approval date: 20 May 2011. “Professional cleaning services for buildings”. Product group/service type: Washing, cleaning and dyeing service (CPC code: 872). Issuing body: The International EPD Cooperation (IEC). International EPD® System. 77
Environmental Declaration of Services: LCA applied to various biological treatments of urban landfill leachate 71
L’uso dell’analisi del ciclo di vita per l’identificazione di strategie e tecnologie ottimali nella gestione dei rifiuti 71
Definition of the methodology for a Sector EPD (Environmental Product Declaration): case study of the average Italian cement 70
Waste management in Smart Cities: the application of circular economy in Genoa (Italy) 70
EPD applied to services: the experience of four Italian landfills 69
A survey of life cycle approaches in waste management 69
The application of Life Cycle Assessment to landfill processes: analysis of a case study along a wide time-frame 67
Analysis of potential GHG emissions reductions from methane recovery in livestock farming 67
The Application of the Environmental Product Declaration to Waste Disposal in a Sanitary Landfill - Four Case Studies 67
Communicating LCA results in a reliable way: the case of the food industry 66
Development of Product Category Rules for the application of Life Cycle Assessment to Carbon Capture and Storage 65
Communication through ecolabels: how discrepancies between the EU PEF and EPD schemes could affect outcome consistency 65
AMICE Project - Advanced Manufacturing in Central Europe 64
Circular economy approach to reduce water–energy–food nexus 63
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a tool of sustainable design for waste management 62
LCA-LCC optimization tool for selection of electricity generation technologies in residential buildings 62
Comparative LCA of solid oxide fuel cells (sofc) fueled with methanol for marine applications 62
A comparison between the fourth and the fifth W.W.F.’S research campaign in the ligurian sea 59
Environmental certification in municipalities and companies: a virtuous course 59
Life cycle assessment in the food industry 58
Life cycle assessment of hydrogen-powered city buses in the High V.LO-City project: integrating vehicle operation and refuelling infrastructure 58
Monitoring of carbon dioxide uptake in accelerated carbonation processes applied to air pollution control residues 57
Life cycle assessment of green practices for sustainable tourism: glass vs. plastic onboard a cruise ship 57
Development of milk fermented with Lactobacillus acidophilus fortified with Vitis vinifera marc flour 55
Environmental analysis along the supply chain of dark, milk and white chocolate: a life cycle comparison 55
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a tool of sustainable design for waste management: six Italian case studies. 54
Waste Management under Emergency Conditions: Life-Cycle Multicriteria Analysis as Decision Support System 54
Life Cycle Assessment e valutazione dei potenziali di ecotossicità associati ai metalli pesanti 51
Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Projects: An Assessment of Existing Standards and Methodologies 49
Il sistema EPD: i requisiti per aderire e le prime certificazioni italiane 48
Environmental sustainability of building retrofit through vertical greening systems: A life-cycle approach 48
L’evoluzione degli strumenti di gestione ambientale e i nuovi ambiti di applicazione al settore dei servizi 47
Life Cycle Assessment per la valutazione di strategie di gestione di materiali di imballaggio nel settore crocieristico 44
Use of EPD system for designing new building materials: The case study of a bio-based thermal insulation panel from the pineapple industry by-product 44
Gli strumenti applicabili dagli enti locali nel contesto delle strategie globali di riduzione delle emissioni di gas serra 43
L’EPD applicata al servizio di raccolta, conferimento e smaltimento di RSU in discarica: l’esperienza ligure 43
Certificazioni Ambientali: nuovi strumenti per le logiche Product-oriented 42
Life Cycle Assessment come strumento di valutazione della sostenibilità nel settore agroalimentare: l’esperienza del Marchio Valfrutta 42
La certificazione dei crediti volontari per la riduzione delle emissioni di gas serra 42
“Il mercato volontario dei crediti di carbonio: quali opportunità per le imprese e per gli enti locali?” 40
Analisi del Ciclo di Vita dei combustibili fossili: uno stumento di valutazione dell'impatto dei trasporti sul clima 40
Il Mercato Volontario dei Crediti 39
Quantificazione della Carbon Footprint relativa al servizio di captazione, accumulo, trattamento ed adduzione di acqua potabile: l’esperienza di Siciliacque 39
Linee Guida per la definizione e attuazione di una strategia di riduzione delle emissioni di gas serra da parte delle pubbliche amministrazioni. 39
Analysis, comparisons and potential of a Hybrid Solar Power System through a life cycle approach 36
Sustainable packaging: an evaluation of crates for food through a life cycle approach 35
Carbon-neutral-campus building: Design versus retrofitting of two university zero energy buildings in europe and in the united states 35
Kyoto ed enti locali: lo sviluppo dei meccanismi volontari nazionali e dei crediti VER” 34
Linee Guida per lo sviluppo di politiche e azioni di riduzione dei gas serra nel governo del territorio 34
Sistemi di gestione ambientale, applicati ai porti turistici 33
Verifica delle emissioni di gas serra: obblighi e opportunità per le imprese 31
“Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as decision supporting tool for waste management: analysis of Italian case studies". 30
Progetti di riduzione delle emissioni di CO2. Metodologia e casi studio applicati alle pubbliche amministrazioni 30
Waste to aggregate: an application of circular economy to aquaculture 20
Environmental assessment of vegetable crops towards the water-energy-food nexus: A combination of precision agriculture and life cycle assessment 17
Life Cycle Assessment of a Circular Economy Process for Tray Production via Water-Based Upcycling of Vegetable Waste 11
Bonifica e messa in sicurezza di siti contaminati in Liguria: analisi dello stato attuale alla luce del recente aggiornamento del Piano Regionale 7
La valutazione della sostenibilità lungo il ciclo di vita nella gestione dei rifiuti a seguito della recente approvazione del 'Programma nazionale per la gestione dei rifiuti' 6
Impact of circular measures to reduce urban CO2 emissions: An analysis of four case studies through a production- and consumption-based emission accounting method 6
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